All-in-one is a slogan that means something universal, which can replace several other things at once. On the other hand, there is the conviction that what is everything is not suitable for anything. We have checked that buyers of modern desktop computers all in one may be afraid of this stereotype. The new Microsoft System – Windows 8 – introduces a revolutionary change in how people interact with their computer. The Modern UI interface, which replaced the classic Start menu, is a wall with interactive tiles. This makes it easier to work with touch-screen devices but accustomed to a well-organized computer conservatives do not spare criticism, and some describe the Windows Eight as a “non-usable” system. Until now, it was Windows 7 which was indicated as a weak link of modern touch screen computers. But in the end it’s time for a system that makes calling its functions using your finger can be just as effective and convenient as using a mouse and keyboard.

What is the compelling reason for buying all-in-one computer systems for industrial and commercial use?

All-in-one touch screen computers are designed for users who value aesthetics and convenience. The closed and straightforward design makes it the most convenient, like portable computers, for easy operation. Immediately after purchase, simply remove the touch screen desktop computer from the box, connect one power cord, press one switch, and you can start working on the device. The all-in-one design of the PC makes it perfect for both home and entertainment and office applications. Built-in tuners and remote controls are also available for home use, which can be used as a media mixer and TV watching. Office appliances have fewer such features, but for example, more security.

How are all-in-one computers manufactured?

The design of all-in-one computers is compact and uniform. Most of them are just like a touch monitor with a thick base or a cushioned case. The resistive screen usually has a smooth surface, sometimes without frames, which makes the capacitive touch display computer look like a giant tablet. The latest Windows 8-based models feature multi-touch, with the ability to recognize up to 10 touch points on the screen. This is sufficient for both the system itself and the manual capabilities of the user.

For hand gestures, the system requires only five points to recognize, so on this computer, you can play virtual piano in two hands. Although all-in-one computers are the stationary solution, most have external power supplies that multiply the number of cables.

The power of such power supplies reaches 200 watts, so their dimensions are also large. For the whole solution to be elegant, computers are accompanied by a wireless mouse and keyboard, and sometimes also a remote control. The rest of the equipment, such as a webcam or speakers, is integrated into the enclosure. However, there are exceptions, such as the Asus computers with external subwoofers or computers without a webcam.

Features of a good all-in-one industrial computer system

GOOD ACCESS All-in-one expansion options are small, you can add a memory module at most. Therefore, devices must be factory equipped with as many functions as possible.

EFFICIENT EFFICIENCY All-in-one computers are not suitable for some applications, but the processor, memory, and disk drive should be sufficiently powerful and capacious for all other applications. Also, the screen must have at least full HD resolution. E

NERGY SENSITIVE Touch-screen computers can replace a TV or tablet, but also a notebook or photo frame, and so work sometimes for most of the day. They should be energy-efficient and quiet.

AESTHETIC APPEARANCE An all-in-one computer becomes an integral part of your home. It should have a nice design, good materials, and a well-functioning and comfortable wireless keyboard and mouse.

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