The world has really changed a lot specially with the advancement of technology which is very visible all around us. In most cases makes our lives a lot easier from our day to day activities, making our jobs a lot faster, and our personal to-dos a breeze with just a click or a tap on our different devices with touch screen displays.

Great innovates in PC touch screen technology is changing the way we interact with computers

Computers for instance, thinking over a few decades back we could see huge boxes with a monitor that shows a monochrome display and have to memorize a lot of commands just to have a program run or type in some data either for creating documents or spread sheets. Then it improved to a faster hardware, easier to navigate programs with just a few clicks of the mouse and you can let go of those computer commands and almost anyone without a basic computer background could now operate one. Further advancement on the hardware emerged which likely is an annual thing these days, plus the display became colored and more lifelike with 3D animation, which makes computer operation more fun to visualize.

With the further improvement in touch screen computer technology, the competition has been very steep in the market from touchscreen desktops, laptops, tablet devices and even mobile phone as most devices these days could do the features some devices are capable of and vice versa. So it mostly boils down to how an individual would be more comfortable working with, either on a mobile device which is very handy, or on a tablet that you can bring with you almost anywhere you go, and there are still many who are still very comfortable working with a computer with a physical keyboard and big monitors.

The PC touch screen can do everything a tablet or cell phone can do

With the evolution of computers, now comes the resistive touch display and capacitive touch display where it can mostly do what a tablet can do on your laptop on in a desktop or some other computing devices. This would further make the life of individuals who prefer computers to tablet a lot easier who can now let go of the mouse and can just select the icon or point the cursor on their monitors literally with their fingers. It would be a little less bulky for those working remotely with a laptop as you do not need to bring along a mouse with you and the manufacturers could also let go of the track pad leaving more space for the keyboard. Another positive thing with pc touch screen is that you can use a stylus on it for signing some documents and there is software that recognizes handwriting and translates it to digital form if you happen to write faster than you type.

Potential downsides of PC touch screen technology

One potential downside of PC touch screen technology is that it consumes more energy as compared to the conventional computers and the entry level to mid price range ones are typically heavier and thicker than other computers on that same category. It would also be a disadvantage for those who have big fingers moving, as it would take time and adjustments in moving the cursor especially when you are working with very minute details. With the PC touch screen, it still boils down to the individual’s preference if this technology would work for you or you would rather stay with the conventional computer as you feel that you are more productive with it.

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