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Product name 15.6″ Capacitive Touch Monitor
Article code / EAN number: FT156TMBCAP / 6920734016105

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The faytech NA 15.6″ Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors are created with a sleek appearance and flat IP65 water and dust proof front panels. The mid-sized capacitive touch monitor line is produced with capacitive 10-finger touch technology, a chemical-etched-antiglare-treated glass surface, and a MosH 7 glass front.

faytech NA 15.6″ Capacitive Touch Monitors include numerous connectors: touch USB-B, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, and the standard audio inputs – all lockable (DC-IN included). The faytech capacitive touch displays are equipped with an A+ rated industrial LCD panel. faytech also provides a 100% guarantee for any pixel errors.

The faytech NA 15.6″ Capacitive Touch Monitors are the perfect option for a wide variety of commercial, residential and industrial needs. They can be utilized as point of sale systems, control panels for industrial and manufacturing applications, commercial office areas, commercial and residential automation and security systems, interactive touch digital signage for commercial settings, and in retail areas like chain stores and shopping malls, academic environments, the hospitality and entertainment industries, and plenty of other settings.

Potential Use Case Scenarios

faytech NA 15.6″ Capacitive Touch Monitors would be a great addition to residential systems that are automated, or serving as internal/external interfaces in apartment or condominium lobbies. The faytech touch displys make for stylish directories, security system interfaces, utility controls and any other system that requires a digital interface.

In an educational setting, the faytech NA 15.6″ Capacitive Touch displays would be a solid addition to classrooms for learning interactions, personnel management, scheduling systems, inventory management and digital signage to manage events.

Retail environments like department and mall stores will find the faytech NA 15.6″ Capacitive Touch Monitor mid-sized technologies a great addition as they allow streamlined ways for customers to check inventories without being dependent upon store personnel and to even request items in storage for in-store checkout.. faytech’s capacitive monitors integrate perfectly with a variety of software applications program to facilitate the sales of products or services.

At faytech, it is our mission to manufacture high quality capacitive touchscreen solutions that enhance productivity, increase revenues and optimize performance for our customers. If you can imagine the benefits of integrating our capacitive touch display technologies into your environment but you are not sure what the best solution would be, then just contact us.

Our capacitive touch experts will answer your questions and can help you identify the perfect capacitive touch solution. We know faytech can provide a capacitive touch solution that will be the perfect solution for what you have in mind. Contact us with any questions you might have.

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