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Product name: 15″ Resistive Touch Screen Monitor
Article code / EAN number: FT15TMB / 6920734015115

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The faytech NA 15″ Resistive Touch Monitors can enhance the workflow in practically any environment. The faytech touch technology will make routine processes easier and will increase output and production efficiency. The faytech Resistive Touch Monitors come with the features and durability necessary for most commercial or industrial usage.

These NA 15″ resistive touch displays are manufactured with industrial LCD panels that include back lighting with a 20,000 – 30,000 hour range rated lifespan. The resistive monitor applies 5-wire resistive technology and comes with an anti-glare surface coating to optimize a user’s experience. The resistive displays come with faytech’s 100% guarantee against defective pixels. While these resistive monitors can be attached to a wall, they also are very accessible on desktops or stands.

The faytech NA 15″ Resistive Touch Monitors come with extended current inputs (8-36V), VGA + HDMI ports, 3 video inputs, and an extended temperature range.

This touch display is the perfect choice for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. The 15″ Resistive Touch Monitors can be used in industrial areas, as machine controls, in point of sale systems, as kiosks and in office settings.

Potential Use Case Scenarios

The faytech NA 15″ Resistive Touch Screen Monitor could be installed in an industrial space with limited room in which control panels much be wall mounted to maximize the workspace. The medium size of the resistive displays makes them both accessible and highly visible from a few feet away, and at the same time they will utilize a minimal amount of space.

The resistive touch display interface renders a mouse or a keyboard unnecessary. This helps ensure that a workspace will be uncluttered and reduces the risk of any potential accidents due to unnecessary cables getting in the way of people and/or machinery. The reduction of unneeded cables and cords that clutter a space will make an industrial environment not just safer, but more efficient.

In a commercial setting, the faytech NA 15″ Resistive Touch Monitors could be mounted on stands or fixed to walls in an low profile areas. This would allow for access to the touch interfaces in an streamlined fashion that would be perfect for routine tasks, data entry, POS systems and much more. The medium size of the display is a great solution for lobbies, hallways, board rooms and countless other possibilities. The versatile nature of our resistive touch monitors can be used to facilitate a wide range of industrial and commercial needs.

At faytech, we create high quality and efficient touch interface systems that both enhance productivity and streamline work areas. If your organization is considering an upgrade to resitive touch screen monitor technologies, but you don’t know what the best solution is for your location, then just contact us.

A quick phone conversation, an online chat or a few quick emails with our touch display experts can help you clarify what you need and the best way that we can help you find an effective solution that meets your requirements and fits within your budget. Contact us today with any questions you might have.

Resistive Touchscreen

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