Computing in industrial environments has been difficult until recently, mainly due to hardware failures in harsh environments. There are many factors that making industrial grade computers a necessity for a broad range of industries. Dust, excessive light, heat, liquids, corrosives and damaging elements are the challenges that cause common PCs to fail quickly in extreme environments.

Designed for Industrial Use

Computing is critical to nearly every industrial application, be it in management, systems or machine operations. Time has seen standard personal computers easily succumb to the stresses of rough environments. Those computers only last a couple of months in harsh conditions before crashing or requiring major technical repairs.

No Fans Allowed

Industrial computer engineers have come up with fanless computers to work in these environments. They are designed to withstand the harshest of environments and perform by far much better than traditional fan computers.

What is the difference between standard and industrial PCs?

Industrial fanless pcs are for the most part what the name suggests, fanless. They employ the use of SSD technology to eliminate the need for the cooling apparatus traditionally used. This permits a great number of improvements to the computing package as a whole both in terms of size, speed, and technology.

Why Choose Faytech North America?

Our touch screen PCs are designed for industrial environments. Ranging from our embedded PC solutions to our resitive PCs, our IP65 High Brightness monitors, to our capacitive touch screen PCs, they are designed to be conveniently installed and used within demanding environments.

What Sets Faytech North America PC Design Apart?

Withstand harsh conditions – the computers are designed to survive harsh industrial conditions including temperature, water, and even external impacts. Fast – SSD technology has been proven to be a faster, safer and more reliable computer memory. As such, use of SSDs in the manufacture of these computers renders the product by far much faster and reliable. This also eliminated problems associated with hard drive failures on traditional computers. Small and compact – the use of SSDs in place of hard drives and eliminating the fan eaves a small compact computing structure. As such, the computer size has been greatly reduced to a compact more convenient size. This saves on space needed to set up CPUs and makes it easier to manage the industrial environment. Multiple accessories – being the brainchild of a new generation, industrial fanless PCs offer a variety of updated technological accessories associated with computing. The user can experience a new range of capabilities not offered on traditional PCs including better visual output options and resolution capabilities.

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Our world today is becoming more industrialized. In the same way, technology is on a course of constant evolution to fix our existing problems an even those we may be yet to consider. The use of new technologies like those Faytech North America offers to assist in in developing industrial environments is of utmost importance if productivity is the goal. Fanless industrial PCs are the next stage in this evolution. The use of all the latest storage technologies to assure better speeds, power, durability, and storage is the way to go as we step into a new age of computerized industry. The Faytech North America industrial fanless PC solutions are game changers for many industries. Contact us today to learn how the Faytech North America technologies can enhance performance and cut costs in your industry.