faytech Embedded Touchscreen PCs

faytech’s innovative touch screen embedded PC system is perfect for a wide spectrum of applications

Faytech provides the best solution to the problem of limited space for computer systems. The touch screen desktop computer or PC as you may call it just got smaller, into an updated version of itself. These AIO PCs are built with heavy features for supporting your graphics work or some multiplayer game that might be lagging on your laptop. Though this needs power connection to function, it is built to last long.

These desktop screens have a brighter screen than your old laptop and tablet and are more capable of handling power. The touch screen on the embedded touch screen PCs has amazing control and power. The tiled Start interface in Windows 10 was designed with touch screens in mind, and makes interacting with your various applications as easy as it’s ever been. This adds more value to the interactive fanless embedded PC offered by faytech.

Reasons why the faytech embedded touchscreen PC or computer systems are among the best

faytech offers a wide variety of embedded industrial computers with the following pecifications:

  • The touch-screen embedded desktop PCs come in various sizes. From a 7-inch Desktop PC to 21.5 inch PCs, Faytech has introduced 8 touchscreen computers. These computers have a size of 7 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 10.1 inch, 13.3 inch, 15 inch, 17 inch and 21.5 inches.
  • These computers have an All winner A20 Cortex® Dual Core Processor. The processor has enough power to deliver a high-end game without lagging. This specific technology of the processor being small yet powerful has been applauded by the customers who have already bought the Faytech Touch Screen Embedded Pushover the processor slightly varies according to the size of the PC.
  • All the Computers have an option of installing Microsoft 10 or Ubuntu OS which helps the customer choose accordingly. If you are confused, make a call to the customer service at Faytech. They’ll be more than happy to assist you to choose the right PC with the right software.
  • Faytech takes sees to it that the consumers are satisfied and happy when they buy a product. Hence, they also have an extra extending warranty of the PC wherein the customer can choose any warranty period he wants to choose by paying a minimal fee.
  • All the PCs have the same RAM of 1GB and have an 8GB storage.
  • These New PCs are slightly difficult to customize after purchase and so Faytech has looked in to the matter for their customers.
  • The highlight of these PCs is that they support Almost all major operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, Android and Linux. An additional feature provide by Faytech allows you to change your PC into a tablet anytime by shifting the operating system to Android.
  • Most PCs are heavy even though they are AIOs. But the Faytech computers are much lighter in comparison. They weigh a meagre 5 lbs. to 15 lbs. depending upon their size.
  • These PCs come with an optional Bluetooth and GPS. More power to file sharing and location based services!
  • These PCs have a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels no matter what their size is, so as to make your picture look clear and sharp.
  • These PCs have low input requirement that relieves you of your sky rocketing energy bills.
  • The Faytech Touchscreen computer has almost all kinds of ports including USB ports, HDMI port and so on so that you can always be connected. Well at least your wires have holes to connect. An Ethernet port which is provided also comes in handy when a Wi-Fi isn’t available.
  • You can always connect a mouse and a keyboard if you feel tired by the touch of the computer.

These PCs come with a manual explaining you how to operate the Touch Screen embedded PC and other cables, including the power cable.

Reasons to choose and industrial embedded computer or  industrial PC instead of a standard desktop PC

Cons of the standard desktop PC:

  • These PCs have a thicker back making them look a bit off style, but that’s where the trend is supposed to go right.
  • The PC tends to heat after a continuous use of around 10 to 12 hours, and needs a break of 10 mins to get back to the normal state.
  • Emergency Power supply option isn’t available like a laptop or tablet. So, if you get off the grid, it may be a bit troublesome.


Why should you buy the Faytech Touchscreen embedded industrial computer?

Computers are gadgets that we can’t live without. To replace them is out of the question since they don’t have any alternatives. Mobiles, tablets and laptops are really cool inventions but one needs a good PC for work. But as the problem of space persists, these computers kept shrinking and have resulted into an AIO PC. However, the Faytech Touchscreen PC is slightly different. It has a smaller screen and it does not have any high end performances, but can do regular basic work with more than ease. Almost every home might have a computer, but Faytech is helping these families save space from these bulky computers to smaller and more portable ones. An all-in-one PC is an entire computer system wherein the internal components of the tower are built into one main component, usually behind the LCD screen or on a base where the monitor is mounted. The Faytech PC has a small CPU which occupies just a bit of the space behind the bright screen. Buying this PC saves a lot of money as the costs required to buy a separate keyboard, mouse, CPU and Monitor doesn’t arise. Well those bucks could go for something special. It also saves extra space. Faytech PCs are so compact that when the need arises for a table with space, it can be easily kept in your cupboard or backpack. The Faytech PC has no cords except the power cable which is necessary, that means no extra hours are wasted setting things right and for untangling various chords

faytech’s embedded panel PC utilizes an embedded single board computer designed to blend perfectly with your surface

The Faytech Touch Screen Embedded PC has many features and a stunning display screen, there is also praise for the compactness of this PC as it is extremely small for a PC that is able to perform Heavy tasks and carry out intensive functions. Also, the faytech PC is less expensive than various other regular computers, laptops or even other all-in-one desktops for that matter.