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faytech North America is your tech device specialist.

Your Touchscreen Specialist.

faytech North America specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of touchscreen monitors and integrated touchscreen PCs.

With our background in high-caliber German engineering, coupled with efficient production and design in Shenzhen, China, has made faytech a world-renowned player in the touch device marketplace. faytech also specializes in developing customized products and project-based applications, creating loyal customers on six continents across the globe. faytech North America is based in New York City, with offices and distribution centers around the US, Canada and Mexico.

faytech is a global leader in resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, industrial touch screen and IP65 touch screen design and manufacturing.




faytech’s 7-12”
Monitor Series

Touchscreen Industry Applications

Use an Industrial Touchscreen for Automation or a Flat edge-to-edge Capacitive touchscreen monitor in Retail. No environment is too big or small.

faytech products are used in an array of industries, from consumer products and POS systems to ruggedized industrial solutions. Our engineering, design and production teams create the opportunity for our customers to discover the right solution and product for their respective application. Due to our wide range of manufacturing capabilities, experience with product customization, and our trained professionals, faytech can accomodate for a wide range of industries, businesses, and technologies.

We are global leaders in industrial pc solutions and computer kiosks for a broad range of applications.