Faytech Freestyle: Next Generation Digital Whiteboard


  • 4K Camera
  • High-Quality Display
  • Advanced Touch Technology
  • Durability and Visual Comfort
  • Versatile Connectivity Options
ft freestyle 3840x2160 blk
faytech interactive whiteboard

Faytech Freestyle: Next Generation Digital Whiteboard Solutions


  • 4K Camera
  • High-Quality Display
  • Advanced Touch Technology
  • Durability and Visual Comfort
  • Versatile Connectivity Options
ft freestyle 3840x2160 blk

Touch Screen Whiteboard Technology for Educational & Commercial Applications

Discover Faytech’s touch screen whiteboard technology solutions, designed to revolutionize education and commercial applications by facilitating interactive learning and collaborative work environments. Transform your presentations today—explore our range of digital whiteboards to see how we transform interactive experiences.

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  • 4K (3840x2160px) Quad-HD Display
  • AmLogic A311D2 Mainboard
  • 20-Point IR Touch
  • VESA Mounting Pattern – Wall mount of use included stand


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Smart Usability

  • Included SmartPen can be used as a stylus or presentation remote
  • Gesture-Based Functions allow you to use your hand as an eraser
  • Built-in screen recording allows you to capture your whiteboard session
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Google Play Store Certified

  • Browse over 2.6 Million apps on the Google Play Store
  • Sign-in with your Google Account to sync and manage your device settings and apps
  • Download and install the latest apps from your favorite developers
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Effortless Screen Sharing

  • Connect your mobile device with the Smartboard using a QR code (Airplay for Apple Devices or MiraCast for Android Devices)
  • Wirelessly cast photos, videos, music, documents and files to the Smartboard
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Ultimate Customization

  • Android 11 (Red Velvet Cake) – Upgradeable to Android 13
  • External Inputs – Use your Smartboard as a monitor (HDMI, DP, USB-C)
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Built for Business and Education

  • Google EDLA certified for security and privacy
  • Included removable 48MP camera with multi-array microphones
  • Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace Compatible
Camera Specs

Perfect for Meetings & Educational Experiences


  • IP65 Design
  • High-Brightness LCD
  • Anti-Vandal IK08 Glass
  • Ultra-Bright LED Lighting Strip
  • Recessed or Surface Mount


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Optimize presentations and education with faytech’s Interactive Digital Whiteboards, crafted from over a decade of manufacturing excellence. Designed for engaging data visualization and educational content, these high-quality displays simplify and enhance learning and communication, eliminating the need for internal development. Trust faytech for transformative and reliable interactive solutions.

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More Information

Digital Interactive Whiteboard Technologies by faytech North America

Integration of Multimedia Features

Digital whiteboard (IWB) technologies, projector, and touch surface have evolved significantly, integrating various multimedia features to enhance the learning and collaboration experience. The incorporation of multimedia elements such as videos, images, audio recordings, and projector has transformed traditional whiteboards into dynamic tools for interactive presentations and engaging lessons. These multimedia features, such as digital whiteboards and tablets, enable educators to create visually stimulating content that caters to diverse learning styles, making the teaching process more inclusive and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features to look for in an interactive digital whiteboard?

Key features to consider include touch sensitivity, resolution quality, compatibility with various devices and software, multi-user functionality, built-in tools such as annotation and screen capture, and ease of installation and maintenance.

How does an interactive digital whiteboard integrate with existing technology and software?

Interactive boards can integrate with existing technology and software through USB or wireless connections. They often support popular operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android. They are compatible with a wide range of educational or business applications for seamless integration.

What is the cost range for a quality interactive boards?

The cost of a quality interactive digital whiteboard typically ranges from $1500 to $5000 depending on factors such as size, brand reputation, additional features like multi-touch capability or bundled software packages.

How user-friendly is the interactive digital whiteboard?

Most modern interactive digital whiteboards are designed to be user-friendly. They offer intuitive interfaces that allow easy navigation through menus and settings. Many come with tutorials and customer support resources for users who may need assistance.

What are the warranty and support options?

Warranty periods for interactive digital whiteboards vary by manufacturer but commonly range from 1 to 5 years. It’s important to inquire about technical support services offered by the manufacturer or authorized dealers including troubleshooting assistance and repair options.

A Vibe Board Alternative: Faytech’s Freestyle Interactive Digital Whiteboard with Touch Screen Technology

Faytech’s Freestyle Digital Whiteboard emerges as a superior alternative to the Vibe Smart Whiteboard S1, offering unparalleled flexibility and interactivity for both educational and commercial settings. With its advanced touch screen technology, robust software compatibility, and seamless integration capabilities, Faytech provides a dynamic platform for collaboration, brainstorming, and presentation.

This innovative solution is designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s fast-paced environments, making it an ideal choice for users seeking a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to enhance their interactive experiences. Explore the possibilities with Faytech’s Freestyle SMART board and discover how it can elevate your collaborative efforts to new heights.


Moreover, the ability to annotate over multimedia content directly on the interactive SMART board surface empowers educators to emphasize key points or provide additional explanations in real time during presentations or lectures. This feature allows for seamless interaction between instructors and their audience while reinforcing important concepts through visual aids in real time.

Advancements in Touch and Gesture Recognition

Another notable aspect of the evolution of whiteboard (IWB) technologies is the advancements in touch and gesture recognition. Modern whiteboards are designed with highly responsive touch surfaces that support intuitive gestures such as swiping, pinching, dragging, and tapping. This enhanced touch functionality enables users—whether they are educators leading a lesson or professionals conducting a team meeting—to navigate through content effortlessly while maintaining an uninterrupted flow of communication.

Furthermore, advanced touch and gesture recognition capabilities of digital whiteboards contributes to a more natural user experience by mimicking familiar interactions with digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. By leveraging these intuitive gestures on an whiteboard’s surface, users can easily manipulate content, switch between different modes (e.g., pen mode for writing/drawing), or interact with various software applications without encountering cumbersome navigation challenges.

Types of Interactive Digital Whiteboards

Infrared Whiteboards

Infrared whiteboards utilize infrared technology to detect touch and pen movements on the surface. These SMART boards consist of a grid of infrared light beams that are emitted across the surface, creating an interactive area. When a user touches the surface or writes with a stylus, it interrupts the infrared light beams, allowing the system to pinpoint the exact location of the touch or pen input.

An interactive board offer several advantages. An interactive board can support multiple touch points simultaneously, enabling collaborative work among users on the surface. Additionally, a whiteboard is compatible with various types of styluses and do not require special pens for interaction. This makes interactive board solutions versatile and cost-effective for educational institutions and businesses.

One key limitation of infrared whiteboard hardware is that they may be susceptible to interference from ambient light sources such as sunlight or bright indoor lighting. However, advancements in technology have led to improved sensitivity and accuracy even in well-lit environments.

Capacitive Whiteboard Hardware

Capacitive digital board systems leverage capacitive touch technology similar to that used in smartphones and tablets. These SMART boards feature a glass surface embedded with a capacitive sensor grid that responds to touch inputs by detecting changes in electrical charge when fingertips make contact with the surface.

The precise touch control offered by capacitive whiteboard systems allows for smooth navigation, pinch-to-zoom gestures, and accurate drawing capabilities on a flat panel without any pressure sensitivity issues commonly associated with other technologies. This makes them ideal for applications requiring detailed input accuracy such as graphic design or architectural planning.

Moreover, these whiteboards typically provide seamless integration with mobile devices due to their similarity in touchscreen technology. Users can easily mirror content from their smartphones or tablets onto the SMART board for enhanced collaboration during presentations or meetings.

Electromagnetic Resonance Whiteboard Solutions

Electromagnetic resonance whiteboard systems function through electromagnetic induction between the SMART board’s surface and an active stylus equipped with a transmitter coil. As users write on the board using the stylus, signals are transmitted back to sensors within the board which track both position and pressure levels applied by the stylus tip.

One notable benefit of electromagnetic resonance whiteboard hardware is their exceptional precision in capturing handwriting details including stroke thickness variations based on pressure levels exerted by users’ hands while writing or drawing on screen. Additionally, these SMART boards often come bundled with specialized software tailored towards enhancing teaching methods through digital ink annotations over existing materials like documents or images.


Key Takeaways

  • Interactive whiteboards offer numerous benefits in education and business settings, including increased engagement, collaboration, and interactivity.

  • When choosing an interactive whiteboard, consider the different types available and the specific needs of the classroom or workspace to ensure the best fit.

  • Research and studies support the effectiveness of interactive whiteboards in enhancing learning outcomes and improving productivity in business environments.

  • Despite their advantages, it’s important to be aware of criticisms and limitations of interactive whiteboards, such as cost and potential technical issues.

  • Touch technology and remote management features are key considerations when evaluating interactive whiteboards for educational or business use.

  • The integration of IFPDs (Interactive Flat Panel Displays) is transforming traditional learning and work environments, offering enhanced functionality and flexibility.

Discover the transformative power of digital boards, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance collaboration, creativity, and engagement in diverse settings. Whether in educational institutions, corporate boardrooms, or creative studios, these state-of-the-art whiteboards elevate the experience of learning, teaching, and brainstorming.

Embrace the future of interactive presentations and meetings with our digital interactive boards. Contact us now to revolutionize the way you communicate, collaborate, and educate. Experience the synergy of technology and interactivity with a tool that’s built for the modern age.

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