Faytech Freestyle: Digital Interactive Whiteboard Solution

The faytech Freestyle interactive digital whiteboard will transform the way you present and share information! This whiteboard features the following:

  • 4K Camera
  • High-Quality Display
  • Advanced Touch Technology
  • Durability and Visual Comfort
  • Versatile Connectivity Options
interactive whiteboard 65 inch model
ft freestyle 3840x2160 blk

Invest in Touch Screen Whiteboard Technology for Educational & Commercial Applications

Discover Faytech’s touch screen whiteboard technology solutions, designed to revolutionize education and commercial applications by facilitating interactive learning and collaborative work environments. Transform your presentations today—explore our range of digital whiteboards to see how we transform interactive experiences.

faytech smart board


  • 4K (3840x2160px) Quad-HD Display
  • AmLogic A311D2 Mainboard
  • 20-Point IR Touch
  • VESA Mounting Pattern – Wall mount of use included stand


touch whiteboard for meetings

Smart Usability

  • Included SmartPen can be used as a stylus or presentation remote
  • Gesture-Based Functions allow you to use your hand as an eraser
  • Built-in screen recording allows you to capture your whiteboard session
smart board for educators

Google Play Store Certified

  • Browse over 2.6 Million apps on the Google Play Store
  • Sign-in with your Google Account to sync and manage your device settings and apps
  • Download and install the latest apps from your favorite developers
interactive touch whiteboard

Effortless Screen Sharing

  • Connect your mobile device with the Smartboard using a QR code (Airplay for Apple Devices or MiraCast for Android Devices)
  • Wirelessly cast photos, videos, music, documents and files to the Smartboard
interactive whiteboard

Ultimate Customization

  • Android 11 (Red Velvet Cake) – Upgradeable to Android 13
  • External Inputs – Use your Smartboard as a monitor (HDMI, DP, USB-C)
whiteboard products

Built for Business and Education

  • Google EDLA certified for security and privacy
  • Included removable 48MP camera with multi-array microphones
  • Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace Compatible
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Touchscreen Whiteboards for Meetings & Educational Experiences

  • IP65 Design
  • High-Brightness LCD
  • Anti-Vandal IK08 Glass
  • Ultra-Bright LED Lighting Strip
  • Recessed or Surface Mount


faytech smart board
Interactive Digital Whiteboard
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More Information



Why Choose Faytech’s Interactive Whiteboards?

Many organizations are adding the faytech interactive whiteboard as a way to enhance collaboration, training, and teaching efforts. Compatible with Microsoft Whiteboard, a versatile whiteboard app, Faytech’s interactive whiteboards offer extensive features for collaboration and teaching. This whiteboard app supports integrations, advanced functionalities, customization, templates, and sharing options, making it an ideal tool for educational purposes and team projects across platforms like Windows 11, iOS, Surface Hub, and the web.

What is a digital whiteboard?

A digital whiteboard is a modern tool that replaces traditional whiteboards, allowing users to write and draw digitally using digital ink. This technology enhances collaboration and creativity in meetings and classrooms by enabling group members to interact with computer materials by writing with digital ink over anything and saving their notes to a single file for easy distribution.

Benefits of Using Interactive Digital Whiteboards

Enhanced collaboration and teamwork: Interactive digital whiteboards facilitate real-time collaboration among team members, allowing them to brainstorm ideas collectively. With features like screen sharing and online whiteboards that offer advanced features and collaboration tools, including dedicated digital whiteboard software with unlimited canvas, accessibility across devices, and integration with video conferencing platforms, teams can work seamlessly together, enhancing productivity, playing interactive games, and utilizing it in education for interactive lessons and group projects, regardless of their physical locations.

The use of an online whiteboard for remote collaboration brings forth advanced features and tools that significantly enhance teamwork and productivity. Additionally, the flexibility and interactive capabilities provided by virtual whiteboards further augment collaboration and productivity, transforming various surfaces into interactive workspaces.

Increased engagement in educational and corporate environments: Digital whiteboards capture attention through dynamic multimedia presentations and interactive activities. In classrooms, students are more engaged as they interact with visually stimulating content. Similarly, in corporate settings, employees remain focused during presentations due to the interactive nature of the whiteboard.

Streamlining of presentations and meetings: Digital whiteboards simplify the process of creating and delivering presentations. Users can easily import multimedia files, annotate content on-the-fly, and switch between different modes with a few taps. This streamlines the presentation process and ensures a smooth flow of information during meetings.


Key Features of Faytech’s SMART Boards

High-definition display and touch technology

Faytech’s interactive whiteboards boast high-definition displays that ensure crisp and clear visuals for presentations and collaborations. The touch technology allows users to interact seamlessly with the content displayed, enhancing engagement.

  • High-definition display for clear visuals
  • Touch technology for seamless interaction
  • Display resolution for vivid details
  • Touch sensitivity for smooth navigation

Durability and reliability

Our touchscreen company’s interactive whiteboards are built to withstand heavy daily use, ensuring long-term durability in diverse environments. The robust construction guarantees reliability, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs for uninterrupted usage.

  • Built to withstand heavy daily use

  • Durable materials for resistance to wear and tear

  • Reliable performance for consistent operation

  • Robust construction for long-term reliability

How Faytech’s Interactive Touch Screen Whiteboards Stand Out

When comparing them to other digital solutions like tablets or smart boards, Faytech’s interactive whiteboards boast larger display sizes and higher resolution, making them ideal for presentations in large classrooms or boardrooms. The multi-touch functionality of Faytech’s whiteboards sets them apart from single-user devices like tablets.

Faytech’s interactive whiteboards excel in their high precision touch technology, ensuring accurate input recognition and smooth operation. The anti-glare surface reduces reflections, enhancing visibility even in brightly lit environments. Moreover, the durable build quality of Faytech’s products ensures longevity and reliability for continuous use.

  • Durable build quality

  • Anti-glare surface for enhanced visibility

  • High precision touch technology for accurate input recognition

Interactive Digital White Board: Quick Setup Guide

To set up Faytech’s Interactive Whiteboard, carefully unpack and connect it to power, securing it with the included mounts. Follow the user manual to install required software on your device, then connect to the whiteboard via USB or Bluetooth. Calibrate touch settings for precise interaction, testing its features and adjusting settings for optimal use, including multi-touch and stylus functionality.


Future of Digital Interactive Whiteboard Technologies

Digital whiteboard (IWB) technologies, projector, and touch surface have evolved significantly, integrating various multimedia features to enhance the learning and collaboration experience. The incorporation of multimedia elements such as videos, images, audio recordings, and projector has transformed traditional whiteboards into dynamic tools for interactive presentations and engaging lessons.


A Vibe Board Alternative: Faytech’s Freestyle Digital White Board with Touch Screen

Faytech’s Freestyle Digital Whiteboard emerges as a superior alternative to the Vibe Smart Whiteboard S1, offering unparalleled flexibility and interactivity for both educational and commercial settings. With its advanced touch screen technology, robust software compatibility, and seamless integration capabilities, Faytech provides a dynamic platform for collaboration, brainstorming, and presentation.

Transform Your Meetings and Lessons With Our Cutting-Edge Interactive Whiteboards

Want to maximize time spent? Here is how faytech smart boards will enhance interactions:

  • Boost teamwork and output with precise touchscreen control on our whiteboards. Experience enhanced productivity now with just one click.
  • Revitalize learning and meetings with engaging content that captivates audiences. Unlock a significant increase in teachers and students engagement.
  • Experience seamless transitions in your hybrid and remote meetings.

Ignite your team’s creativity by utilizing our interactive whiteboard tools that inspire innovation. With many users reporting enhanced creative output, the difference is clear. Make actions impactful with simple to deploy design features that truly transform any collaborative effort. Tap into a world where ideas flow effortlessly.

Interactive Touch Whiteboard: Enhancing Collaboration and Teamwork

Enhance team collaboration with advanced features like screen casting and voice chat on our interactive touchscreen whiteboards. These capabilities facilitate seamless sharing and real-time interaction, ideal for project teams and remote participants. Enhanced with smart board technology, Faytech’s whiteboards allow business leaders and teams to engage in dynamic, productive meetings from various locations.

Revolutionizing Meeting Dynamics with Digital Whiteboards

Faytech’s digital whiteboards transform traditional meetings by incorporating smart technologies that cater to the needs of modern businesses and educators. Our interactive whiteboards are essential tools for fostering collaboration and enhancing communication within any team.

Digital Whiteboard’s Impact on Education

Faytech’s digital whiteboards significantly improve student engagement by enabling interactive lessons. Teachers can use these tools to transform traditional classrooms into dynamic learning environments that cater to diverse learning styles. Integrating smart technologies, our boards provide a platform that supports a wide range of educational activities, facilitating both teaching and learning.

Interactive Learning with Smart Boards

Unlock the potential of interactive learning with Faytech’s smart boards. These tools are designed to increase student work engagement and foster a more interactive educational experience, making learning both fun and effective.

Transform your presentations and collaboration with Faytech’s Interactive Whiteboard—experience the future of smart, seamless interaction today!

Advanced Functionalities of Interactive Whiteboards

Explore the sophisticated functionalities of Faytech’s interactive whiteboards, including robust whiteboard software that enhances content creation, sharing, and management. Integration with online whiteboard platforms extends usability across diverse settings, supporting students and educators in achieving better educational outcomes.

Our tools are designed to ensure student data privacy, maintaining security and compliance with educational standards during all forms of collaboration and interaction.

Faytech’s Competitive Edge in Interactive Whiteboard Technology

Faytech stands out with superior technology and display quality. Our smart display technology enhances visibility and interactivity, distinguishing our products in a crowded market. We offer software options that integrate seamlessly with existing systems, supporting a variety of commonly used apps and tools in educational and business environments.

Smart Display and High-Resolution Technology

Experience unmatched clarity and detail with Faytech’s high-resolution smart displays. Whether you’re in a classroom or a boardroom, our interactive whiteboards deliver crisp visuals and responsive touch technology to enhance every presentation and discussion.

Implement Faytech’s Interactive Whiteboard Solutions

Explore the unique solutions and options Faytech offers by contacting us to schedule a demo or discuss your needs. See how our interactive whiteboards can transform your educational or business practices. Engage with us to learn more about our products, view testimonials, and explore case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of Faytech’s interactive whiteboards in real-world scenarios.

Why Choose Faytech for Interactive Electronic Whiteboards?

Choose Faytech for interactive whiteboards that are designed to elevate engagement and productivity. With cutting-edge technology, reliable customer support, and versatile applications, Faytech is the preferred choice for those who demand the best in digital collaborative technology.

Get your project started with Faytech today!