IP65 High Brightness Monitors

The Importance of High Brightness Monitors

In the digital age, it is necessary to advertise your brand outdoors. When we show out are brands on the touch screens out there, it really helps us to increase the turnover of our company and promote increase our professional work. Hence these high brightness monitors are in high demand. You see them almost everywhere in the malls, on road, near airports and where not!

The Faytech high brightness LCD stand out as the obvious choice among the customers who’ve already experienced the rich quality of the displays.

While this may come as a surprise to the readers, the Faytech monitors are even of better quality than the Premium ones available in the market. Our smaller displays are equipped with IP65 technology and are engineered in a unique way to provide maximum readability to the customer along with comfort and low stress.


Why use a High Brightness Display


High brightness displays have a strong backlight which has the power to overtake the brightness in the environment to enable a sunlight readable display. Due to this, it is common to find High Brightness monitors in places such as:

• Shop windows for Points of Sale, advertising and information displays

• Estate Agent windows

• Transport areas – train, bus and airport terminals for advertising and passenger information

• Exhibition centers, outdoor events and football stadiums / sports stadiums

• Restaurants and bars for advertising food and entertainment

These monitors basically work on the principle of adding extra light to support the main light. However, these monitors have a particular drawback that they get heated up quickly than the standard ones. Hence, they also cost high energy bills to the company. However, at Faytech, we have engineered these displays to minimize the heating and also have countered the high-energy requirement with a special engineered exclusive algorithm that matches the benefits of the normal high brightness but also covers the drawbacks of the same.

If the image on the display is of paramount importance to you and it is to be used outdoors then a High Bright version is better for you. Specially a faytech one. R


Why use Faytech monitors with their high brightness LCD displays?

The team at Faytech works hard behind every project and its details. One of their best projects is the Faytech High brightness version that are used used with industrial PCs / industrial computers.

These displays have high grade and well equipped quality components all together in one pack. To add to this all the monitors are completely touchscreen which gives additional user comfort and combability taking the user experience to a whole new level.

Provided that these monitors are touchscreen, they are extremely durable and are lighter on the pocket,and not very expensive making them the best ones in the market. Some of the best faytech touchscreen versions equipped with IP65 technology are available in sizes of 7 inches, 8 inches,10 inches, 10.4 inches, 12.1 inches and a maximum size of 15 inches. Such a diverse type of sizes helps in customer satisfaction.

If you compare a normal standard monitor with the High brightness one then the standard one is a RAM Quad cab whereas the high brightness is a BMW X1 or BMW X3, the better version.

All these display are one step ahead of each other where the Faytech High Brightness Monitors are among the most valuable ones.


When was a high brightness screen first used?

High-brightness displays can output up to three times as much light as a standard digital sign. Taking this main concept into consideration , High brightness monitors are in use since the 2000s and has been in the limelight ever since. These displays are an effective way of advertising. Some even usd them at cash counters. The touchscreen feature speeds up the work as you don’t need to use the mouse.

Thee ones built by Faytech are built to last. i.e. that they are extremely durable. The standard ones that you see outdoors have an extra casing as a protective covering.

These monitors have very low maintenance due to which they are preferred over the normal one. They help the customer advertise the products. Also the consumers are informed with an interesting explanation video created by the company. As for size, the highest-brightness screen lines start out small and range up into the “standard large sizes.” Hence it is more advisable to choose the smaller ones I you need a clearer picture.

How can higher brightness monitors help you in promoting your business.?


To date, all these touch screen displays have been largely used in the US and Europe. Faytech monitors are extremely well known in the States, they have a very long life and service capacity which made them the standout option.

Offering quality like no other, the High Brightness models are definitely promoting your business as millions of people pass by these monitors every day and observe the ads being shown. Accordingly those ads work which catch the attention of the people .The advertisements play on these displays continuously and are controlled from a remote location.

When we compare the standard normal version with the high brightness screen counterparts, the high brightness models stand out as the top product. Going further if you compare the Faytech monitors with other brand high brightness screens then ours are the best choice owing to their excellent features and innovative setup. Though these high brightness resistive and capacitive displays have a higher energy consumption and are heated slightly more, they are worth the billing . We ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Also, faytech offers an amazing customer service which offers pre-and post-buy assistance. This makes faytech as one of the top brands in ultra high brightness monitors and sunlight readable technology.