faytech North America Open Frame Monitors

faytech North America’s Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitors make a great addition to commercial and industrial applications. The 10-finger open frame capacitive multi-touch display creates an extremely user-friendly experience in a broad range of use cases. Each open frame monitor in this series is designed for reliability. This series utilizes energy-efficient LED technology with an A+ quality HD LCD display panel genarating a high brightness rating of 1000 cd/m2. Additionally standard commercial connectors (HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB-Touch, Serial and DC-In are shipped with the device.

faytech North America now offers a new line of Open Frame Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors. All six of the models (15”, 21.5”, 32”, 43”, 55” and 65” Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitors) feature 10 points of touch, which gives the user the ability to utilize the device a variety of applications, such as: OEM applications, kiosks, control panels, equipment and other enclosures. The Open Frame configuration features a standard VESA pattern to give the user a variety of mounting options to implement the device into an existing enclosure, direct to any secure surface and beyond.


The Open Frame series is lightweight but stable, utilizing the metal housing to aid in the protection of the device while giving the customer all the necessary integration options. faytech implements a top-quality LCD panel that is secure, reliable and intended for constant use applications. All of the units feature a variety of standard connections, including: HDMI, VGA, USB Touch, DVI, Serial and DC-In. Also available with DisplayPort upon request.


Additionally, the entire Open Frame series features faytech’s Industry Leading optical bonding technology. This process creates a seamless and airless bond between the LCD panel and touch panel resulting in enhanced image quality, increased viewing angle and greater overall panel stability. The bonding process also helps mitigate any issues with dust particles. The most significant benefits to optical bonding include, but are not limited to:


1. Protection

a. The optical bonding process helps increase overall stability, leaving it less susceptible to damage from any impact.


2. Clarity

a. Overall picture quality is tremendously improved. As a result of the airless gap, any condensation or fogging concerns are immediately addressed. Additionally, the refraction of light is reduced to increase contrast and clarity.

3. Shock Resistance

a. Significant reduction in vibration impact, susceptibility to glass breaking or splintering.


faytech Open Frame Monitor Specifications:


  • Optically bonded touch panels to the LCD panel
  • 10-Point Capacitive Touch
  • Top quality industrial grade LDC panels
  • Water Resistance
  • Can be configured to work in an environment where gloves are required.
  • Connectors: HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB-Touch, Serial (remote control) and DC-In
  • DisplayPort Configuration Upon Request


The Benefits of Using Open Frame Displays


The faytech North America touch panel is designed to be optically bonded to the open frame LCD panel. This improves the stability and durability of the monitor, reduces reflections and glare, increases viewing angles, and enhances the open frame display’s perceived brightness. The technology and design utilized by faytech North America makes the monitor dust resistant and maximizes image quality.


The open frame monitor series is comprised of light weight displays that do not have a back case. Our open frame displays are the perfect solution to integrate into an existing system and they can also be effortlessly mounted at a variety of locations. In addition, the open frame monitor prices are more accessible due to lower production overhead since fewer parts are needed to create the display. These open frame monitor solutions are perfect for classrooms, small or large manufacturing spaces, meeting rooms, locations with wall-mount display needs, industrial automation interfaces, malls, high foot traffic areas, the hospitality and restaurant industries and much more.


Industrial Open Frame Wall Mount Monitors Maximize Efficiency and Work Space


faytech North America is one of the USA’s leading open frame industrial monitors manufaturers. We offer a range of industrial open frame sizes within this monitor series. The open frame displays manufactured by faytech North America can be used in harsh environments and are designed for industrial application. For this reason, our monitors can withstand a broad range of temperatures and high brightness technology is used to ensure optimal visibility. The open frame monitor is an ideal solution for manufacturers, automation controllers, digital signage management, self-service kiosk integration and more.


If you have any questions or need more information about our open frame displays, then reach out to us today. Our open frame specialists can answer any question you might have.

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