faytech North America IP65 High Brightness Touch PCs

faytech North America’s IP65 High Brightness Touch PCs are sunlight readable and highly resistant aluminum computers designed to operate reliably in demanding indoor and outdoor industrial applications. The high-performance display LEDs are designed with extreme long life in mind and the devices are manufactured with specialty films and enhancing polarizers that allow for perfect resolution in direct sunlight. Our IP65 High Brightness Touch PCs are water resistant and dust resistant so that you can rest assured that your investment will be protected in the harshest of environments.

High Brightness Commercial Touchscreen PCs

The IP65 High Brightness Touch PCs are an excellent option for a broad spectrum of use cases: kiosk control systems, commercial POS systems, commercial automation systems, industrial control interfaces, digital signage controllers and in a variety of industries such as hospitality, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, bars, logistics, entertainment and much more.

What are the benefits of using a high brightness panel PC solution in your industry?

High brightness panel PCs have numerous benefits and most industries will benefit from displays that are highly readable from a broad range of angles in any lighting environment. Those most notable benefits of using the faytech North America high brightness PCs are:

  • High quality and exceptionally-well engineered sunlight readable computers
  • Powerful processor, graphics capabilities, enhanced memory and high visibility
  • Aluminum construction with harsh environments and industrial settings in mind
  • Quick installation
  • High brightness PCs from 1000nits – 1500nits

The faytech North America industrial, sunlight readable, high brightness PCs are reliable, durable, and engineer with industrial use in mind. Optical bonding TFT panels with tempered glass/touch panels allows for enhanced visualization in direct sunlight or high brightness environments. Our high brightness computers are the ideal solution for manufacturing facilities, harsh industrial environments, industrial automation, process management systems, commercial automation, access controls, and custom indoor, semi-outdoor, or outdoor use case scenarios.

More Information

What is an IP65 PC?

The Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are a standardized series of codes that are used to identify and rate the performance of enclosures to seal out liquids and solids. The first digit in an IP rating indicates the level of protection against solid objects, including everything from the fingers of operators to small particles of dust or other airborne contaminants. In the term “IP65”, the second number stands for the degree of liquid resistance of the enclosure.

In the case of the faytech North America High Brightness IP65 rated PCs, the 6 is the highest standard rating for solid objects, essentially, certifying that our PC enclosure is sealed against dust. In “IP65” the ‘5’ number represents that liquid rating. This ensures that the device will be protected from light liquid jets that are sprayed or splashed from any angle. In order to better understand the range of liquid IP ratings, the numbers extend to 9 which guarantees that a device is protected from liquids beyond 1 meter of depth.

Where are IP65 Computers Used?

The more that computer systems move out of climate controlled areas and into the field or intense industrial environments with extreme heat, cold and exposure to damaging elements, the greater the demands became for computing systems and devices such as our IP65 High Brightness PC series evolved. IP65 rated Panel PCs are often used in areas like food manufacturing plants or chemical plants because they can be cleaned by being sprayed with water or chemical solutions.

Are all High Brightness IP65 Computer Systems the Same?

There are certain important distinctions to consider in regards to IP ratings. In certain cases, only a part of the device might be rated against ingress instead of the entire enclosure. A fair portion of panel PCs, are IP rated only on the front bezel which means they are liquid resistant and dust proof to front-on exposure. A fully IP rated PC can be exposed to liquids or dust from all angles.

What is the difference between sunlight readable PCs and normal PCs?

The difference between normal PCs and sunlight readable PCs is the use of enhanced backlights along with passive enhancement films which generate less heat while creating a much higher degree of direct sunlight visibility. A person can be outdoors in direct sunlight or underneath the bright lights of a flood-lit room and our PCs with sunlight readable screens will have maximum visibility.

What are ideal use cases for sunlight readable computers?

The faytech North America sunlight readable computers are typically chosen for use cases such as outdoor kiosk systems, high ambient light control rooms, toll booth interfaces, or direct sunlight shipboard usage in which natural or unnatural high brightness causes high degrees of screen glare.

Sunlight readable PC systems are designed to function well in high ambient light or outdoor scenarios. Traditional PC displays are often difficult – if not impossible – to see in high brightness environments, but our IP65 high brightness computers function perfectly in all lighting levels. These devices are engineered using industrial-grade components to ensure they will function reliably in a broader temperature range than standard consumer PCs. They are also designed for fluctuations in temperature without gathering condensation.

faytech North America’s sunlight readable panel PC solutions are a game changer for high brightness work spaces

When comparing indoor lighting to direct sunlight, sunlight is much brighter and if a typical consumer grade PC monitor used in daylight, the display is nearly impossible to read. Even bright workspaces due to window positions or the intensity of lighting being used in a facility can make a screen difficult to read. In some cases it is an annoyance and in other cases it is a direct hazard or hindrance to productivity and performance. The faytech North America sunlight readable LCD monitors will deliver a reliably clear and viewable display – even in direct sunlight.

The quality engineering and functional designs of our sunlight readable panel PC solutions provide a reliable solutions in a broad range of commercial and industrial use cases. Contact us today regarding your use case scenario and our IP65 high brightness PC specialists can answer any question you might have.


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