faytech North America Kiosk Travel Case and Kiosk Hard Cases

The faytech North America trade show travel case will protect your kiosk investment


A kiosk travel case is one of the best investments in accessories for your kiosk. A portable kiosk solutions means having a wider reach of your target market. This is important especially when most markets have a lot of competitors. One of the modern inventions that most businesses use on a daily basis is a computer. And, when a computer is transformed into a touchscreen kiosk, it provides mobility that many businesses can greatly benefit from… What must be done is ensuring the safety of your equipment and this is why a quality kiosk travel case can help you protect your investment.


How to use our travel case for kiosks

A kiosk travel case is highly useful, because not only can it help you put your business in the middle of a busy street, but it will also enable you to move it around and not worry about it being damaged. It is made from quality materials and comes with the faytech guarantee.


A travel kiosk makes it simple to setup a touch screen kiosk in a public place, and engage with your potential clients or customers. It’s simple design make it very portable. A well–positioned kiosk can gain plenty of attention and it is a worthwhile investment.


Why use a case for traveling with a kiosk?


 As mentioned earlier, it is simply inefficient to rely on just a resistive or capacitive touch screen monitor in a workspace. Our kiosk travel cases allow you to bring your business to your potential clients and customers. And, it does so in a way that ensures that your investment is well protected.


Kiosk travel cases were first used around the year of 2011, just around the time when everyone was realizing the full potential of touch screen technology. The travel cases are available in a variety of sizes that fit all faytech kiosks, and can be used with many 3rd party kiosk designs as well.


These sturdy cases are highly useful and can help transport a kiosk to nearly any location. In the events industry for example, having a travel case will help you move a kiosk to an event space where it might be used for processing dining orders. Just think about it, your hungry attendees won’t have to wait for someone take their order, they can simply use the touch screen kiosk to select what they would like to eat and the order is processed instantly. Once the special event is over, the kiosk can be safely packed up and returned to your storage location.


If you are into the retail business the same process can also be incorporated. You might see an opportunity to place your kiosk at a trade show or an outdoor event and our travel case solution will ensure that it is not damaged. There are numerous events, occasions and locations that can benefit from kiosk technologies being staged locally.

Protect your investment with a kiosk hard case


The major concern most of our customers have is how to protect their kiosks from being damaged during transport. We have the perfect solution and our durable hard cases will protect your kiosk investment. You won’t have to worry about your kiosks being damaged while being transported or stored with our kiosk hard cases. Contact faytech North America with any questions about our kiosk travel cases or other touch solutions.


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