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The faytech trade show travel case will protect your kiosk investment


The kiosk travel case is a step forward into the future and one of the best investments in

accessories for your kiosk. Gone are the days when businesses would just settle in one spot. You can’t just rely on your clients to go to you, not when you can go to them. Having a wider reach of your target market is a definite must, especially when you have a lot of competitors in this day and age. One of the modern inventions that most entrepreneurs incorporate in their daily business is the touch screen desktop computer. It can come in the form of a tablet, and even a wide screen. As we have already mentioned, mobility is highly important here. Aside from that, you also have to ensure the safety of your equipment, which is why you need to also have the best accessories that can help provide the most quality in protecting your equipment.


How to use the faytech travel case for kiosks


A kiosk travel case is highly useful, because not only can it help you put your business in the middle of a busy street, but it will also enable you to move it around and not worry about it acquiring any damages. It is made of quality and sturdy materials, which is why damages will be the farthest thing from your mind. It is as simple as setting up your touch screen in the kiosk, displaying it in a public place, and wait for your potential clients to experience direct contact with what you have to offer. It’s simple design make it accessible to anyone, therefore assuring you that people of all ages will have an easy time navigating themselves around it. See to it that you display it in such a way that is pleasing to the eyes. A well – mounted, and properly installed screen can gain plenty of attention. You can position it in any way you want by making the necessary adjustments – don’t worry because this won’t cause any unwanted damages or strain on your screen.


Why use a case for traveling with a kiosk


As mentioned earlier, it is simply inefficient to rely on just a resistive or capacitive touch screen monitor. You need to see to it that your gadgets are well protected. In addition to that, you should also take into account that these should be displayed in an attractive manner. Owning this travel case just does that. Not only can it provide optimum protection for your device, but it can also add a simple, but pleasing design to your entire display.


Kiosk travel cases were first used around the year of 2011, just around the time when everyone was realizing the full potential of touch screens. These are available in various sizes, which is why you will be certain of finding one that will fit your needs. The travel cases are available at Faytech in the following specifications:


· 21.5”, 160lbs, priced at $ 680.00


· 32”, 200lbs, priced at $ 700.00


· 42”, 225lbs, priced at $ 700.00


· 55”, 300lbs, priced at $700.00


We all know very well that times are changing, and at a fast pace at that. In order to keep up with these quick changes, you ought to move forward and incorporate modern advancements, especially the ones that will help maximize your business.


These modern cases are highly useful in almost every niche. If you are into the food industry, having these will help you maximize your resources and time. Just think about it, your hungry customers won’t have to wait in line for a few minutes, and have someone take their order, not when they can simply encode what they want in your touch screen monitors. This saves a lot of time, and payment can be made to the cashier. It’s as simple as having to go to a drive thru restaurant, encoding the order, and pulling up at the cashier to pay for it and getting your meal.


If you are into the retail business the same process can also be incorporated. You might also want to add in a delivery option in your menu window, so that your customers will have an easier time getting what they have ordered. It helps a lot to have options, because this will maximize your business, and customers are more likely to remember you. Remember, there are some shoppers that are very shy, and can’t articulate themselves well especially in face-to-face scenarios. Having such a technology will give them the ease of mind and comfort they often lack when doing their shopping. If you are able to make them feel comfortable and happy with how they have done business with you, then they are more likely to come back. Don’t just settle for having a shop in a mall or in a shopping strip, not when you can actually put yourself front and center with the help of these kiosks.


Of course, it is always better to incorporate human interaction into everything you do for your business. Although machines can provide a lot of convenience, there will come a time when your clientele won’t be able to understand everything that is presented in the options menu. Your device can’t adjust to the needs of your consumers, which is why having an employee nearby is a great asset. These individuals can help clarify matters for their customers, therefore increasing the chances of making a sale and allowing your clients to leave happy and satisfied.


We live in the age of self – service, but we are naturally social as human beings. It is highly important that we move forward and adapt to modernization, but it is also important not to forget the basic things such as human interaction, and great customer service. Although touch screens and kiosk travel cases can deliver ease and accessibility to what you have to offer, it is also a great idea to combine old marketing strategies, so that you can maximize everything that you can offer to your target market.


Maximum profits boils down to memorable interactions. You can definitely acquire this when you incorporate the kiosk travel cases and human interaction in your trade of choice. Don’t waste another second and go for the ideal choice, and that is Faytech accessories. Quality and durability will be served at your fingertips, therefore enabling you to maximize your investments in the accessories of your choice. You won’t have to worry about these being damaged easily, therefore allowing you to have the peace of mind you deserve when you install your touch screen in these kiosks. So don’t be idle. Go out there and figure out what you can do now to help you make a lasting and profitable business today!

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