21.5″ Flex Lite Kiosk

The Faytech FLEX lite is a streamlined, space-efficient kiosk designed for simple self-checkout and ordering, equipped with all necessary features in a compact design.

Space-Efficient Design: Ideal for locations with limited space, offering full functionality in a minimal footprint.
Integrated Features: Includes a 21.5″ touchscreen, payment module, and scanner for a complete service solution.
Eco-Friendly Receipts: Provides receipts via QR code on the screen, allowing customers to receive digital copies instantly and reducing paper waste.

Maximize your service efficiency with minimal space using the Faytech FLEX lite—contact Faytech North America today for more information!

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Faytech North America introduces the Flex lite, a compact and streamlined kiosk solution, ideal for environments with limited space but full functionality needs:

This slimmed-down kiosk is the perfect solution for straightforward self-checkout and self-ordering processes, providing essential components without taking up excess room. It comes equipped with a 21.5″ touchscreen, integrated payment module, and scanner.

Concerned about printing receipts? The Flex lite addresses this with a modern twist: instead of physical printouts, it displays a QR code on the screen. Customers can simply scan this with their mobile phones to receive a digital receipt instantly.

While the Flex lite technology might not fit in a vest pocket, its compact design is perfectly suited even for the smallest of spaces, such as a tiny grocery store.