Why Choose a Fanless Embedded PC For Your Business?

Faytech North America manufactures and embedded PC solution that will revolutionize your industry

When searching for a new computing system that will be bought by an organization, a desktop computer and a laptop are no longer the only options available. Technology continues to evolve to such an extent that there are now other types of machines which can be bought that have the same functionalities, such as an embedded computer system.

What is a fanless embedded box PC?

An embedded box PC with an LCD display, is a streamlined computing solution that is currently being chosen by scores of companies around the world because they can be installed and even hidden in a broad range of environments. When a portable computer is required, an embedded industrial computer is perfect to buy. As it isn’t connected to a wall socket because it has an in-built battery, it can be used for several hours at a time before it has to be recharged. This type of portable PC can be used by employees for completing reports and then sent wirelessly to other locations around the world. As many applications and programs can be installed onto a panel PC, it is similar to a desktop computer in terms of data sharing and productivity.

Businesses are choosing embedded industrial PC systems that are durable and streamlined

An embedded PC can also benefit a business, because they can be inconspicuously installed into compact locations that are great for both practical usage of space and security. All of the faytech North America embedded PCs come with a touch screen, so they can be placed in countless areas for multiple purposes. These systems use very little power so having several embedded PCs in a workspace or even a vehicle won’t be much of an energy expense. Compared to desktop computers, which have separate monitors connected to a computer case and a keyboard, they take up more space and potentially use more energy. The functionality of an embedded PC is tailor-made to a company’s specific requirements.

How to choose the best manufacturer of embedded mini PC systems

Choose a manufacturer that has a variety of panel sizes and embedded PCs to choose from. There will be plenty of options available which can be purchased by a business and certain panel sizes may be required in specific areas so the manufacturer must have a range of models.

Advantages of fanless embedded panel pc systems

Small Size: You can pretty much install it anywhere

Reduced cost: The embedded PC has lesser number of components when contrasted with a general purpose PC

Portability: Smaller size means versatility and the ability to make the most out of a work space

What are the disadvantages of fanless embedded box PC systems

A major disadvantages of embedded PCs is:

Not so easy to reconfigure or change: Once an embedded system is installed, it will be hard to change the design of the area.

Scalability issues with mini embedded PC or PC embedded into non-scalable areas

Since it is hard to change the arrangement, an embedded PC can’t be effortlessly scaled up as request/extension changes. If a work space, vehicle, boat, airplane, or any other area is designed with a specific embedded computer size, then that size will become the permanent requirement for future computers.

Differences between general purpose PCs and industrial embedded PCs

A general purpose PC comes with external monitors, cables, mouse and keyboard. An embedded computer is a single device with a touchscreen display. There are no other external devices required and this makes it possible to embed such a PC into any location that would be benefited with a computer system.

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