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Not only do we design touchscreen device exteriors and internal configurations, but industrial mainboards also. Over the years, our accumulated experience and engineering has resulted in stable, cost-effective fanless industrial mainboard solutions. Andriod or Linux systems benefit from our powerful embedded V40 mainboard as a QuadCore solution and our A20 mainboard is another inexpensive solution. The FAY002 is manufactured with the Intel Celeron N2807 or the J1900. This is faytech North America’s most standard mainboard that comes installed in most of our PCs.

faytech North America is one of the Best Industrial Motherboard Manufacturers in the World

A motherboard can be defined as a central circuit board creating a complex electronic system from within a computer for example. A motherboard is vitally important as it provides the electrical links by which the other components of the system talk to each other and also contains the central processing unit, most commonly called CPU and other subsystems such as real-time clock for example, and some other secondary interfaces. They are produced in different sizes and shapes which can be specific to each manufacturer.

Motherboards are most of the time air cooled with heat sinks often installed on larger chips. Most have connectors for additional case fans just in case. More recent ones now have integrated ambient sensors to detect CPU temperatures in order to regulate the fan speed and lower the temperature faster and better. This being mainly due to the appearance of thermal management systems that can now cool down the circuit board and reduce the noise more efficiently for better performances.

Laptops would usually use a much different kind of motherboard. They usually are miniaturized and highly integrated specifically designed for laptops. The fact that they are almost unique is actually one of the reasons why laptops are so difficult to upgrade and repair.

As a matter of fact, Industrial PC motherboards need to be tougher than normal ones found in personal computers or laptops. Being used in tougher conditions than standard touch screen desktop industrial motherboards, like industrial LCD displays or Industrial LCD touch screen monitor need to be able to cope with higher temperatures, need to be tougher in case of a shock or a hit, and need to last much longer, simply because they are intended to provide stable platforms for industrial users who demand long production lifetimes in extreme conditions.

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How to install industrial PC mainboards

Installing the motherboard is not something difficult but if you have never done it before, here are some considerations:

1. Special attention for the jumpers.

Industrial motherboard manufacturers have a distinct design layout. If it is your first time installing a new motherboard, we recommend reading the manual.

2. Screw technology.

Before installing the motherboard, you’ll notice that the casing has a lot of screws. The motherboard can be installed in the casing but you’ll have to select the right screw size.

3. Use an I / O shield.

An I / O shield is an iron plate that works to close the rift there is between the input/output connectors of the motherboard. With the shield the computer also will be closed so as not be penetrated by dirt, dust or anything else that might cause problems.

4. Select the appropriate port.

The SSD, SATA or PATA drive will need to be connected to all for system booting. Some motherboards provide a RAID controller for SATA / PATA, but you must install the operating system.

5. Adjust the RAM.

Install RAM based upon the configuration necessary for the software you will utilize. If you do not get the right configuration for dual-channel memory, the system most likely experiences a decrease in performance that is quite significant.

How to replace an industrial motherboard ISA

When replacing a motherboard there are a few things that should be considered to reduce the risk of damage or generally getting it wrong. The first thing to consider is your existing system. If you are replacing your existing motherboard then you need to know what specification you have.

If building a new industrial touch screen PC it will be necessary to decide which processor you wish to use as this will directly affect which motherboard series you can buy and install. The motherboard contains a socket which holds the processor. The next consideration is the case size. Motherboard sizes are called their “Form Factor”, this determines the size of the board required. It is important to note the form factor of the PC case or chassis as the motherboard should be the same. The next important thing to note is the availability of ports and slots that hold other devices. These need to be considered carefully if you have existing devices to connect such as printers, digital cameras or external hard disk drives etc.

Make a list of all the hardware that you need to connect to the motherboard internally and externally. Once you have this list check each requirement off against the motherboard specifications to determine that it can support the devices you have. Pay particular attention to a number of USB devices you have. All the ports you see on the rear of your computer are part of the motherboard. Also, make sure there are enough internal connectors for your hard disk drives and CD/ DVD disk drives if these are going to be used.

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