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Airport Efficiency

Touchscreen Systems for Airports

Streamline your airport operations and enhance the passenger experience with our specialized Touchscreen Systems for Airports. From real-time flight information to interactive terminal maps, these systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of a bustling airport environment. Take the next step in modernizing your facility by implementing our advanced touchscreen technology. Contact us now to find out how our solutions can make your airport more efficient and passenger-friendly.

Smart Travel


In today’s fast-paced airport environments, the need for real-time information and streamlined processes is more critical than ever. faytech’s touchscreen solutions for airports offer an advanced yet user-friendly way to provide essential information to travelers while optimizing operational efficiency. From interactive terminal maps to real-time flight status updates, our touchscreen systems are designed to be versatile and intuitive, meeting the diverse needs of passengers and airport personnel alike.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your airport into a modern, efficient, and traveler-friendly hub. We have prepared a comprehensive PDF guide detailing the various applications and benefits of our Touchscreen Solutions for Airports. Download it now to gain deeper insights into how our technology can serve your specific needs and improve overall airport functionality.

faytech flat touchscreen monitor

Transform your airport management with faytech’s touchscreen monitors, designed to streamline operations and optimize data-driven decision-making in aviation.

faytech embedded pc

Experience seamless airport management with faytech’s touchscreen PCs, specifically engineered to enhance productivity and facilitate data-driven aviation practices.


Harness the power of faytech’s touchscreen tablets to bring portability and real-time data management to your airport operations.


Explore faytech’s specialty touchscreen solutions, custom-designed to address unique airport challenges and improve aviation productivity.

The Clear-Bond Advantage

faytech is the #1 provider of large format optical bonding services globally, and has its own proprietary optical bonding formula, CLEAR-BOND. CLEAR-BOND uses a silicone-based liquid adhesive that has been specifically created to provide the best optical bonding performance on the market, even in the most extreme environment

Improved Readability

Optical bonding can significantly enhance the visibility of digital signage displays by reducing the amount of reflection and glare.

Increased Touch Accuracy

Touch sensors can be positioned closer to the display surface, which improves touch sensitivity and accuracy, and reduces the chance of errors.

Enhanced Durability

Optical bonding can make the display more resistant to physical impact, scratches, and other types of damage, increasing the longevity of the device.

Better Weather Resistance

Optical bonding can help to protect displays from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors, making them more suitable for outdoor use.

Improved Image Quality

The air gap between the display panel and the cover glass is eliminated. This reduces internal reflections for better color accuracy, contrast, and sharpness.

Improved Aesthetics

By eliminating the air gap between the display panel and the cover glass, optical bonding can give the display a sleek, seamless appearance.

SMART Aviation

SMART Solutions for Airports & Aviation

Upgrade your airport’s operational efficiency with faytech’s SMART Solutions for Airports & Aviation. Our technology offers data analytics, real-time monitoring, and automated controls that are specifically tailored for the aviation sector. These solutions provide an integrated approach to handling complex tasks like passenger flow, security screening, and flight scheduling. Contact us now to discover how our SMART Solutions can help make your airport more efficient and improve the overall passenger experience.

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device repair mask 01

Rugged Reliability

Industrial Touchscreen Displays for Airports

Unmatched Durability

Experience the resilience and reliability of our Industrial Touchscreen Displays, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of airport and aviation environments.

Why use commercial grade touchscreen monitors for aviation applications?

Superior Performance

Discover why commercial-grade touchscreen monitors are the go-to choice for airport and aviation applications, offering enhanced durability, functionality, and efficiency.

Robust Efficiency

Industrial Touchscreen PCs for Airports

Built for Toughness

Optimize your airport operations with faytech’s Industrial Touchscreen PCs, designed to withstand the challenging conditions of a busy aviation environment. These high-performance systems offer durability and efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted service for tasks like check-in, security screening, and flight monitoring.

Why use commercial grade touchscreen computers for aviation and airport applications?

Consistent Reliability

Understand why commercial-grade touchscreen computers are indispensable for aviation and airport applications, providing consistent performance, long-lasting durability, and the versatility to handle a range of tasks.

More Information

Airport Digital Signage Solutions by faytech North America

In today’s fast-paced travel industry, airports are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the passenger experience, from book flights to departure times and flight details, as well as amenities. One such solution that has gained significant traction is interactive displays at airports. These digital signs offer advertising spots and provide a convenient way for travelers to book flights. These dynamic displays, part of a digital signage system, serve as powerful communication tools, providing real-time information and engaging content to passengers throughout their journey. The digital signage solution utilizes digital signage software to create an effective digital signage network.

Airport interactive displays enhance communication and engagement by delivering important updates on flight schedules, gate changes, and security protocols. These signs make it easy for passengers to book flights and stay informed about their travel plans. Passengers can stay informed and make well-informed decisions based on the latest information displayed on these interactive displays, which are part of a digital signage system. This digital signage solution utilizes a digital signage player to provide up-to-date content for passengers to access. Moreover, with a digital signage network, airports can utilize digital signs and software to display targeted advertising opportunities. This not only allows airports to generate additional revenue streams, but also offers travelers relevant promotions.

Beyond passenger convenience, airport digital signage also improves overall efficiency and operations by providing clear and visible signs to display accurate and up-to-date time flight information. By streamlining information dissemination, it reduces reliance on traditional methods like PA announcements or static signs. This results in smoother operations and a more seamless travel experience for passengers, with accurate time flight information displayed on digital signs.

With its ability to provide real-time information and improve overall efficiency at airports, digital signage is revolutionizing the way airports communicate with their passengers. Additionally, digital signage increases revenue opportunities through targeted advertising, making it a valuable tool for airports.

Benefits of Airport Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage solutions in airports provide numerous benefits, including enhancing the overall experience for travelers, airlines, and businesses by displaying informative signs. Let’s explore some of the key advantages of implementing airport digital signage, which can provide clear and informative signs to enhance the overall passenger experience.

Reduces the need for manual updates and printing costs

One of the significant benefits of airport digital signage solutions is that they eliminate the need for manual updates and reduce printing costs. These signs are a game-changer for airports. Traditional static signs require frequent updates and replacements, which can be time-consuming and expensive. With digital signs, information can be easily updated remotely with just a few clicks, saving both time and money. This allows airports to efficiently communicate important messages such as flight schedules, gate changes, security announcements, and promotional offers in real-time using digital signs.

Allows for easy customization and flexibility in content display

Airport digital signage offers a wide range of signs, providing a high level of customization and flexibility. With digital signs, airports have the freedom to showcase a variety of information ranging from flight details to weather updates or even advertisements from local businesses. The ability to tailor content based on specific locations or target audiences ensures that passengers receive relevant information through digital signs while also creating opportunities for revenue generation through advertising partnerships.

Enhances brand visibility and recognition for airlines and businesses

Implementing digital signage solutions at airports offers an excellent opportunity for airlines and businesses to enhance their brand visibility and recognition. The signs are strategically placed throughout the airport to capture the attention of passengers and create a lasting impression. With these signs, airlines and businesses can effectively communicate important information, promotions, and advertisements to a large audience. This not only improves brand recognition but also increases the chances of attracting new customers and generating more revenue. Therefore, investing in digital signage is a smart move for any airline or business looking to make a strong impact in the airport environment. By utilizing eye-catching digital signs featuring their logos, colors, slogans, or even interactive elements like videos or games, airlines can create a memorable impression on passengers. This not only helps strengthen brand loyalty but also increases the chances of repeat business in the future, especially when utilizing digital signs.

Provides a modern and innovative image for airports

In today’s fast-paced world where technology plays a crucial role in our daily lives, airports need to keep up with modern trends, such as implementing digital signs. Digital signage solutions provide an innovative image by replacing traditional static signs with dynamic displays that capture attention more effectively. These visually appealing digital signs contribute to creating a modern and technologically advanced atmosphere in airports, making the overall airport experience more enjoyable for travelers.

Enhancing Passenger Safety with Emergency Messages

During times of emergencies, airport digital signage plays a crucial role in ensuring passenger safety. By delivering critical safety instructions and alerts, these digital displays enable quick dissemination of evacuation procedures and help passengers navigate potential hazards or security threats. With their ability to provide real-time notifications in multiple languages, airport digital signage ensures the well-being of passengers through timely communication.

Delivers Critical Safety Instructions during Emergencies

Airport digital signage serves as a vital communication tool during emergencies by delivering critical safety instructions to passengers. In the event of a fire, natural disaster, or any other emergency situation, digital signs can quickly convey evacuation procedures and guide passengers to designated safe zones. By prominently displaying emergency messages in clear and concise formats, digital signage helps ensure that passengers receive essential information promptly.

Enables Quick Dissemination of Evacuation Procedures

In emergency situations where time is of the essence, airport digital signage enables swift dissemination of evacuation procedures. These digital signs, also known as dynamic displays, can be strategically placed throughout the airport premises to ensure maximum visibility for all passengers. By utilizing eye-catching visuals and attention-grabbing animations, digital signage captures the attention of individuals in crowded areas and effectively communicates important evacuation routes and assembly points.

Alerts Passengers about Potential Hazards or Security Threats

One of the key features of airport digital signage is its ability to alert passengers about potential hazards or security threats. Whether it’s notifying individuals about a suspicious package or warning them about an ongoing security incident, these digital signs serve as an immediate source of information for all those present at the airport. By displaying real-time updates on security situations, digital signage helps keep passengers informed and aware of their surroundings.

Ensures Passenger Well-Being through Timely Communication

Timely communication is paramount. Airport digital signage excels in this aspect by providing instant notifications that can reach a large number of people simultaneously. This ensures that passengers receive crucial information promptly through digital signs and can take appropriate actions to safeguard themselves. Whether it’s informing individuals about a temporary closure of certain areas or providing updates on the status of an ongoing emergency, digital signage plays a vital role in keeping passengers informed and safe.

Streamlining Operations with Real-Time Flight Information

Real-time flight information displayed on airport digital signage plays a crucial role in streamlining airport operations and enhancing the overall passenger experience. By providing up-to-date flight schedules, delays, and gate changes, these digital displays keep travelers well-informed and minimize confusion. Let’s delve into how digital signs facilitate efficient boarding processes, optimize staff allocation, and ensure accurate arrival and departure details.

Displays up-to-date flight schedules, delays, and gate changes

Airport digital signage keeps passengers informed about the latest flight information such as schedules, delays, and gate changes. With digital signs displaying real-time updates prominently throughout the terminal, travelers can easily access essential details without relying on outdated paper schedules or announcements. This feature is especially beneficial for those rushing to catch connecting flights or needing to adjust their plans due to unforeseen circumstances, as they can easily access information through digital signs.


  • Passengers have easy access to accurate and timely information.

  • Reduces reliance on manual announcements that may be missed or misunderstood by utilizing digital signs.

  • Minimizes confusion by providing consistent updates across multiple screens.

Facilitates efficient boarding processes by informing passengers

One of the significant advantages of airport digital signage is its ability to streamline boarding processes. Instead of relying solely on verbal announcements that can be easily missed in a bustling terminal, these digital signs provide clear instructions regarding boarding times, zones, and any last-minute changes. By using digital signs to ensure passengers are well-informed about their specific flights’ requirements and procedures, it helps reduce congestion at gates and enhances overall efficiency.


  • Passengers are promptly notified of any changes or updates related to their flights.

  • Enables travelers to plan their time effectively based on accurate boarding information.

  • Reduces stress levels by providing clear instructions for seamless boarding experiences.

Minimizes confusion by providing accurate arrival and departure details

Departure times are subject to change due to various factors like weather conditions or technical issues. Airport digital signage eliminates the confusion caused by such changes by displaying accurate and up-to-date arrival and departure details. Passengers can quickly check their flight status, ensuring they are aware of any delays or cancellations that may impact their travel plans.


  • Enhances passenger satisfaction by providing transparent and reliable information.

  • Reduces customer complaints resulting from misinformation or lack of updates.

  • Enables passengers to make informed decisions about their travel arrangements.

Optimizes staff allocation based on real-time flight updates

Airport operators can optimize staff allocation based on real-time flight updates displayed on digital signage. By monitoring fluctuations in flight schedules, they can allocate resources efficiently, ensuring adequate staffing at security checkpoints, boarding gates, and other critical areas. This proactive approach helps maintain smooth operations throughout the airport, minimizing wait times for passengers and enhancing overall efficiency.


  • Enables airport operators to deploy staff strategically based on current demand.

  • Improves operational efficiency by aligning resources with fluctuating flight schedules.

  • Enhances the overall passenger experience by reducing congestion and wait times.

Improving Customer Experience through Baggage Updates and Announcements

Keeping passengers informed about their baggage is crucial for a smooth airport experience. Airport digital signage plays a vital role in enhancing customer satisfaction by providing real-time updates and announcements related to baggage handling. Here are some key ways in which this technology improves the overall passenger experience:

Notifies passengers about baggage claim carousel assignments

Airport digital signage helps travelers quickly locate their baggage claim carousel by displaying up-to-date information on carousel assignments. This eliminates confusion and saves time, as passengers can easily navigate to the correct area upon arrival. By reducing the hassle of searching for the right carousel, airports can enhance efficiency and ensure a seamless transition from the plane to the baggage claim area.

Informs travelers about lost or delayed luggage status

Lost or delayed luggage can be a major source of frustration for travelers. Digital signage provides an effective platform for airports to communicate with passengers regarding the status of their missing bags. By displaying relevant information such as tracking numbers, expected delivery times, and contact details for reporting missing items, airports can keep customers informed and minimize anxiety.

Assists in locating misplaced items or reporting missing bags

Misplacing personal belongings at airports is not uncommon. With digital signage strategically placed throughout the terminal, passengers can easily access information on how to locate misplaced items or report missing bags. This feature adds convenience and peace of mind for travelers who may have accidentally left behind their belongings during security checks or while waiting at boarding gates.

Offers convenience by providing baggage-related announcements

Digital signage enables airports to deliver important announcements related to baggage services directly to passengers. Whether it’s informing customers about changes in baggage policies, reminding them to remove liquids from carry-on bags, or promoting additional services like luggage wrapping or storage facilities, these displays act as valuable touchpoints for delivering timely information.

Increasing Revenue with Non-Aviation Business Opportunities

Digital signage at airports goes beyond just displaying flight information. It can be a powerful tool to boost revenue by tapping into non-aviation business opportunities. With targeted advertising, retail promotions, and dining options showcased on airport digital signage, airports have the potential to drive foot traffic and increase revenue streams.

Showcasing Retail Promotions, Dining Options, and Duty-Free Deals

Airport digital signage provides an ideal platform for advertising various retail promotions, dining options, and duty-free deals. By featuring enticing visuals and compelling content, airports can capture the attention of passengers and encourage them to make impulse purchases. For example:

  • A clothing store may advertise a limited-time discount on designer items.

  • A restaurant might showcase its daily specials or happy hour deals.

  • The duty-free shop could highlight exclusive offers on luxury goods.

These promotions not only attract passengers but also provide an opportunity for vendors to increase their sales within the airport environment.

Encouraging Impulse Purchases through Targeted Advertisements

One of the key advantages of airport digital signage is the ability to deliver targeted advertisements based on passenger demographics or travel itineraries. By analyzing data such as age group, gender, or destination preferences, airports can tailor advertisements that are more likely to resonate with specific passenger segments. This targeted approach increases the chances of impulse purchases by capturing passengers’ interest in products or services they may not have considered otherwise.

For instance:

  • An advertisement for a local attraction near the destination city could entice passengers to visit during their layover.

  • A rewards program promotion could encourage passengers to sign up for exclusive benefits while waiting for their flights.

By strategically placing these targeted ads throughout the airport terminal using digital signage displays, airports can effectively drive engagement and generate additional revenue.

Driving Foot Traffic to Airport Shops, Restaurants, and Services

Airport digital signage serves as a virtual guide for passengers by highlighting the various shops, restaurants, and services available within the airport. By showcasing these options on digital displays strategically placed throughout the terminal, airports can drive foot traffic to these establishments.

For example:

  • A digital display near a coffee shop could showcase its menu and special offers.

  • A signage board near a spa could promote relaxation packages for passengers looking to unwind before their flights.

By attracting passengers’ attention and guiding them towards different attractions, airports can increase revenue streams by encouraging them to explore and utilize the non-aviation services available.

Optimizing Space Utilization for Efficiency

To maximize the use of available space in airports, airport digital signage has become a game-changer. By displaying multiple messages on digital screens, it eliminates the need for physical signage cluttering various areas of the airport. This technology utilizes digital screens to convey various information simultaneously, creating a visually appealing environment while conserving valuable space.

Maximizes Use of Available Space

Airport digital signage tools and technology offer innovative ways to optimize space utilization. Instead of relying on traditional physical signs that take up significant room, these solutions allow airports to make the most out of their limited space. With just a few strategically placed digital screens, airports can display multiple messages and provide access to important information without overcrowding areas.

Eliminates the Need for Physical Signage Cluttering Airport Areas

Gone are the days when airports were filled with an overwhelming number of signs directing passengers to different services and facilities. With airport digital signage, all this information can be consolidated into one sleek and efficient system. By eliminating physical signage clutter, airports can create a more organized and aesthetically pleasing environment for travelers.

Utilizes Digital Screens to Convey Various Information Simultaneously

Airport digital signage takes advantage of modern technology by utilizing digital screens throughout the airport premises. These screens can display a wide range of information simultaneously, including flight schedules, gate changes, baggage claim locations, security procedures, and more. Passengers can easily access all this vital information at a glance without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

Creates a Visually Appealing Environment While Conserving Space

One major advantage of using airport digital signage is its ability to create a visually appealing atmosphere while conserving precious space. These sleek and modern displays not only provide necessary information but also add an element of sophistication to the overall airport ambiance. By utilizing these screens effectively, airports can strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

The Future of Airport Digital Signage

In conclusion, airport digital signage solutions offer numerous benefits for airports and passengers alike. By enhancing passenger safety with emergency messages, streamlining operations with real-time flight information, improving customer experience through baggage updates and announcements, increasing revenue with non-aviation business opportunities, and optimizing space utilization for efficiency, airports can create a more seamless and enjoyable travel experience. With the ability to deliver targeted messages in a visually engaging manner, digital signage has the potential to revolutionize how airports communicate with their passengers.

To stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape, airports should consider investing in advanced digital signage technologies that provide dynamic content management systems and integration capabilities. By partnering with reputable vendors who specialize in airport digital signage solutions, airports can ensure they have access to cutting-edge technology and expertise. This will enable them to effectively engage passengers throughout their journey while also maximizing revenue-generating opportunities.


How can airport digital signage enhance passenger safety?

Digital signage allows airports to quickly disseminate emergency messages during critical situations such as natural disasters or security threats. By displaying real-time alerts and instructions across various locations within the airport, passengers can be promptly informed about any potential dangers or necessary actions to take.

Can airport digital signage help improve operational efficiency?

Yes, by providing real-time flight information such as gate changes or delays, digital signage helps streamline operations by reducing confusion among passengers and staff. This ensures a smoother flow of traffic within the airport terminals and enables airlines to efficiently manage their operations.

What non-aviation business opportunities can be explored through airport digital signage?

Airports can leverage digital signage to promote retail stores, restaurants, car rental services, or other amenities available within the terminal. By showcasing enticing offers or highlighting new products/services through visually appealing content on digital displays, airports can generate additional revenue from these non-aviation businesses.

How does airport digital signage optimize space utilization?

Digital signage allows airports to display information in a compact and visually appealing manner, reducing the need for traditional static signs and bulletin boards. This frees up valuable space within the terminal, which can be utilized for other purposes such as passenger seating areas or additional retail spaces.

What factors should airports consider when choosing a digital signage vendor?

Airports should prioritize vendors with extensive experience in designing and implementing digital signage solutions specifically tailored for airports. It is crucial to assess their track record, technological capabilities, content management systems, integration options with existing airport systems, and ongoing support services to ensure a successful implementation and long-term partnership.

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