As was announced in our previous newsletter, Faytech North America successfully attended CES 2016 in Las Vegas! Now we’d like to share a quick booth tour video from the fair itself.

Unlike our previous video from the Hong Kong’s Electronics show, this time our focus is on Custom Solutions, realized together with Faytech North America and their software developing partner Metroclick.

The star of the booth (and most likely of the whole expo) was the 84’’ capacitive touch monitor. With 4K resolution and 32 touch points, there is hardly a better solution for advertising, conference, or retail environments. The optically bonded screen not only provides a much clearer picture, but also allows a slimmer case and overall a much better feel of the device, as the picture is displayed right near the glass cover.

A custom 10.1’’ embedded touch PC with RFID card reader and fingerprint scanner together with 11.6’’ building entrance control solution (aluminum case, light sensor, webcam, RFID scanner) prove Faytech North America experience in automation sector.

An interactive shelf, developed together with Faytech North America and Metroclick, pushes the boundaries of retail and interactive sales. Using a kinect camera it creates interactive zones for different products, allowing for the device to react accordingly when a certain product gets picked up, e.g. playing an information video. Not only is the customer encouraged to participate in the process, but such technology allows a better insight into the sales and marketing process for the retailer – the device gathers data about which products draw most attention, for how long, etc., stores it in a cloud and is accessible for the retailer anytime for analysis.

As mentioned in the video, we are proud that our 55’’ Touch PC Kiosk can now be seen at Marriott Hotel in San Diego, California. It is just one of the hotel installations that we will have in 2016.

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