faytech NA’s manufacturing facility has moved to our new production facility in Shenzhen, China’s tech zone, an area known to many as “The Silicon Valley of Hardware.” With increased square footage amounting to 3,400 square meters, our larger factory is 60% larger than our previous one, and occupies two floors.

This new space now allows Faytech NA to work on a significantly larger production line, increasing output while decreasing manufacturing time. The larger line has also enabled us to expand our work force while staying organized and efficient.

The facility contains larger storage rooms and a more spacious cleaning room, allowing for a better air filtration.

This system ensures with extra precaution that Faytech NA products stay clean and dust free, particularly between glue and under screen surfaces. If there are any questions about our new production facilities, visit our YouTube Channel or email sales@www.faytech.us.

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