faytech is continuously expanding its global presence. We are more than happy to inform you officially about the opening of our own office in South-Korea! The official name of the registered company in Korea is ‘Deutsche faytech Korea’.

Deutsche faytech Korea shall copy the success we have in Germany, and focus on providing Korean customers with the best quality solutions for the industrial and commercial touch device market, while providing local product availability and service.

We have already started several large-scale projects within the Korean market focused around large format optical bonding. Several of these projects are already in the mass production stage and many more are currently being developed for customers within this market.



Harry Kim, CEO of Deutsche faytech Korea

Harry-Kim-CEO-Deutsche-faytech-Korea“Deutsche faytech Korea will be a stepping stone for faytech to further increase presence in the global market and directly engage with top tier Korean customers. The Office is located in Pangyo area, also called ‘The Korean Silicon Valley’ and is right beside the capital city, Seoul, which is at the heart of the Korean IT industry. Deutsche faytech Korea is starting up with a handful of experts in the IT field, of which each employees having at least 30 years of technology driven experience while working for global organizations. The team is full of passion regarding the future of Information and Communications Technology, and is keen to further develop faytech within the Korean market.”



Arne Weber, Managing Founder of faytech AG

Arne Weber faytech AG“By opening Deutsche faytech Korea, we are further increasing our global reach. Korea is a very important market in Asia and I am extraordinary proud to win the experienced executive Harry Kim as our Korea Representative. We have known each other for years now and already worked on several large format optical bonding and touchscreen-front kit projects. I can’t wait to grow the new daughter company in Korea with him!”





Deutsche faytech Korea