A high brightness monitor, also referred to as a sunlight visible display or VHB (very high brightness) screen, is a PC screen designed to be effectively readable in extremely bright locations.

Sunlight readable screens typically provide at least 1,000 nits of brightness, versus the 200-300 nits brightness for a normal home computer monitor. Sunshine readable monitors can also be optically bonded, and this process includes a protective external glass, that fills the air gap between the glass and the LCD panel with an optical-grade resin to remove internal reflections and condensation. This enhances the external glass and improves image contrast.


What is considered a high brightness environment?

Sunlight readable computers and display screens are utilized in areas where direct and indirect (reflected) sunshine or high ambient light conditions are present. Brightness levels ranging from 700-1500 nits (this range depends upon the LCD panel being used) which offers the clarity and radiance your application might require, but without causing glare or unnecessary washout on the screen. This high luminance results from the use of LED backlights, the LCD panel being optical bonded to the front glass (referred to as a VBOND), and enhanced light transmission technology.

High brightness displays are normally utilized commercially in kiosks, vending systems, pipeline examination systems, outdoor digital signage and marketing, in sports stadiums, in military vehicles, on ships for navigation systems, on bus and train platforms, and much more.


High brightness meets sunlight

Nowadays, we are seeing more outdoor applications appearing in both industrial and commercial usage scenarios. The requirements for outdoor applications are quite different from basic screens used in the majority of consumer devices.

For example, when we utilize a mobile phone which is normally 350 nits outdoors, the screen might appear invisible under strong sunlight. The reason is because the light in the local environment is too strong (typically around 10,000 nits). This tends to trigger strong reflections that lower the readability of a touch screen display.

Outdoor applications also tend to suffer from extreme temperature fluctuations which can cause a mist to form inside the touch screen in-between the LCD and touch sensor layers of glass. This results in an unclear image that is distracting and makes the image difficult to read. To address this concern, a high brightness solution is required.


Benefits of our high brightness solutions

  • Boosted sunlight readability
  • High brightness approximately 2000 nits
  • Consumes relative low power than market rivals (about 20% less).
  • Outstanding thermal control management: under 40 ° C surface area LCD operating temperature level.
  • Smart auto-dimming function for power conserving as much as 50%.
  • Qualified tidy space and environmental protections.


Suitable applications and markets

  • Transportation: Marine navigation, internal vehicle computer systems
  • Public Information Displays
  • HMI: ATMs, Outdoor kiosks, Vending machines
  • Outdoor digital signs

With countless setups worldwide, faytech displays are the tested solution for high ambient light applications. And, with brightness ratings as high as 7,000 nits, the faytech North America high brightness LCDs shine brilliant in direct sunshine. This makes them the perfect option for outside enclosures, semi-outdoor and in-window applications.


Commercial grade high brightness screen for 24/7 applications

Our LCD high brightness PC is produced with brightly lit environments in mind – even direct sunshine. They are ideally matched to a variety of applications consisting of bus/ train stations, airports, and retail store windows.

For example, our commercial high brightness monitors are designed for continual 24/7 usage, providing high contrast, exceptional colour reproduction and a backlight that produces a high brightness screen of 1,500 nits. This display uses a fantastic solution for applications to be displayed in high brightness environments and it ensures that not only is your content seen, but it is also memorably experienced. The High Brightness Display is perfect for services looking to shine brighter than the competition.


Sunlight-readable and high bright systems

faytech’s high brightness display solutions are perfect for usage in any high ambient light condition, providing the intensity, radiance and durability your application needs. faytech high brightness PC displays have brightness levels from 700 nits to 2200 nits; these direct sunlight readable systems. Our sunlight readable display solutions surpass commercial touch monitors which will washout in direct sunlight conditions. faytech high brightness readable systems are perfect for most industrial and commercial needs such as kiosks, transportation, security, marine, digitial signage, military, and automotive applications.

Integrated with high brightness, extended-life LED backlighting, the faytech high brightness monitors utilize additional proprietary technologies which helps improve the effectiveness of the backlight’s utilization and reduces the surface reflection of ambient light. This special combination of both active and transmissive enhancements produces brighter optical images, greater contrast and a larger range of vibrant colors, even in brilliant outdoor environments.

To learn more about our high brightness touch screen display solutions contact us today.