faytech AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pyramid AG, has announced a collaboration with Avionic Design GmbH, a subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG, to jointly develop advanced touchscreen display solutions for the aviation industry. The partnership aims to create high-tech display technologies for digitalized aircraft cabins, offering significant prospects for both companies to tap into the globally expanding aviation market. This development marks a significant milestone for Pyramid AG, which is renowned for its IT solutions in automation and digitization across various sectors like retail, finance, and industry.

The collaboration between faytech and Avionic Design has already produced tangible results in terms of product development. One of the key achievements is that the touchscreens developed by faytech have successfully passed rigorous temperature tests as part of the product qualification process. Using a specialized optical bonding process, faytech ensured that these displays met the stringent technical requirements of the aviation sector. Importantly, the displays demonstrated resilience under extreme temperature conditions, ranging from freezing cold at -55 °C to high heat at +85 °C.

The success of these tests provides a promising signal for the future use of these displays in aircraft. With the temperature tests cleared, the stage is now set for the first flight featuring these jointly developed displays, planned for the year 2024. This timeline indicates how close the companies are to introducing their innovative product into the market.

This partnership serves as a testament to the expertise of both faytech AG and Avionic Design GmbH in their respective fields. It represents an intersection between cutting-edge display technology and aviation, two sectors that are increasingly looking towards digitization and automation as part of their future growth strategies.

The joint venture has strategic importance for all parties involved, and especially for Pyramid AG, as it offers a pathway into the growing aviation market. It expands the reach of Pyramid AG’s technology solutions into a new vertical, enhancing the company’s overall market presence. Moreover, the collaboration stands as a significant leap towards modernizing aircraft cabins through digitalization, setting the pace for the future of in-flight experience.

For more details on this groundbreaking collaboration and its implications for the future of aviation technology, read the official press release.