20 Facts about Industrial Mainboards

A mainboard, also commonly known as a Motherboard, is a complex board with a set of printed circuits upon it.

This is the integral part of any microcomputer, PC, Laptop or such devices. It is the key to bring together all the different components of a system like the memory unit, CPU or the peripherals.

And any mainboard created with the purpose of being used in Industrial processes can be termed as an Industrial Mainboard. These may be used in industries like Flight Systems, Manufacturing, Goods Production, etc.

Let’s see 20 facts about industrial motherboards which can help with our understanding of these circuit boards

1. Higher Durability –
Since these mainboards are produced with the intention of being used in Industrial processes, they are created with increased toughness for higher durability.

2. Higher Precision –
The usual mainboards are designed for precision within a particular error range. However, industrial grade mainboards don’t have the luxury of affording too many errors. Hence, higher precision standards are used to ensure best performance.

3. Low power consumption –
It is generally believed that industrial motherboards will consume much more power than the average motherboard. But quite contrary to this belief, they use up around 100 Watts only in their functioning.

4. Small size, high performance –
These mainboards come in various sizes, ranging from a 300 mm length and breadth to as low as 116 mm length and breadth. But even the smallest of these mainboards generate incredible performance.

5. High range of operating temperature –
The operating temperature of a general mainboard has a safe range of up to 42 degree Celsius.

However, since the industrial mainboards need to work for higher amounts of time, and at a higher pace, the temperature may rise above 42 degree Celsius.

Hence, the maximum safe operating temperature for industrial mainboards is around 75 degree Celsius.

6. Manufactured in lower volumes –
In comparison to the standard mainboards, industrial mainboards are manufactured on a relatively smaller volume.

7. Higher Cost –
Although there are many advantages of an industrial grade mainboard, but they also come at a cost. The price is dreary to say the least.

8. Best for COTS Products –
These kind of mainboards are best suitable for customers using COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf. products such as the 19-inch Rackmount PC.

9. Better Environmental Protection –
These mainboards come with a more protection like being dust-proof and higher water resistance due to the harsh environment they’re exposed to in the industries out there.

10. Greater expansion support –
There is always a need to expand the memory size of industrial grade PCs. So, the mainboards come equipped with better expansion support to meet the industrial needs.

11. Better Conduction –
Since there is a requirement of higher performance standards, the materials used in the construction of these mainboards support better conduction of electricity.

12. Small Footprint –
The footprint left by these mainboards is also negligible.

13. High slot range –
Based on the requirements, the industrial mainboards can have a huge amount of slots, and also as low as only 4 slots.

14. Multiple communication ports –
There might be a need to connect to multiple devices or machines in an industrial environment. Hence, these come with multiple communication ports.

15. Ease of deployment –
To help in the deployment, standard level I/O connectors are present at the rear and front I/O.

16. Easily integrated –
These mainboards can be integrated into the current frameworks with ease.

17. Minimum maintenance –
Since industries don’t want to spend too much time in the maintenance of mainboards, they are made in such a way that they require minimum maintenance.

18. Smallest industrial mainboard –
Some of the smaller mainbairds measure only 116 x 111 mm in size.

19. Major players in the market –
There are many leading names in industrial grade mainboards and faytech NA is proud to be in th top.

20. Applications –
They are ideal for Vending Machines, Gaming Industries, Processing industries, Panel PCs and kiosks.

faytech NA is a leading manufacturer of industrial mainboard solutions and touch screen technology.

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