20 Industries That Require Industrial Mainboard Solutions

Technology is the motor of change for every industry.

Some new industries have appeared thanks to technology, while there are others that have disappeared, as they have been replaced by computers and technological innovations.

Nevertheless, some others have managed to use technological advances to adapt their businesses to the new era and keep their position in the market. Industrial PCs have become a must for many industries.

This PC is typically used for industrial purposes: services and goods production. These PCs are used to improve the customer’s experience and the production process to optimize them.

The top 20 work environments that need industrial mainboards

One major consideration regarding industrial mainboards is the activity time.

In many organizations and businesses, computers run 24/7 and eventually burn out.

faytech North America’s mainboard solutions can be installed in custom PC setups that are now becoming common in many industries.

Here are some example of industries that need industrial motherboards


1. Industrial Mainboards for Agriculture

There are numerous aspects of commercial agriculture that require sturdy industrial motherboards.


2. Industrial Mainboards for Mining

Most mining facilities are intense workspaces that demand resilient hardware.


3. Industrial Mainboards for Business Services

There are now plenty of platforms designed for businesses to operate in extreme environments.


4. Industrial Mainboards for Consumer Computer Manufacturers

Making computers requires high production facilities managed by industrial mainboards.


5. Industrial Mainboards for Retail Industry Management

Industrial mainboards are essential here to control business operations.


6. Industrial Mainboards for Commercial Printers

Printing newspapers and significant amounts of documents requires large-scale operations managed by industrial motherboards.


7. Industrial Mainboards for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Manufacturing semiconductors require mainboards that can operate in intense workspaces.


8. Industrial Mainboards for Gas and Electric Utilities Management

Industrial grade motherboards can be necessary for utility management facilities.


9. Industrial Mainboards for Sewage Treatment Facilities

These locations need solutions that can withstand potentially harsh environments.


10. Industrial Mainboards for Biotechnology Research Facilities

We now offer a variety of solutions that can be used in clean space areas.


11. Industrial Mainboards for Medical Device Manufacturers

This industry needs industrial PCs to program and manufacture their products.


12. Industrial Mainboards for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

This industry has evolved directly because of technological advances, so it absolutely needs industrial-grade solutions.


13. Industrial Mainboards for Aerospace Manufacturers

The industry manufacturers products in complex facilities that are combined whitespaces and large manufacturing facilities.


14. Industrial Mainboards for Petrochemical Plants

Petrochemical plants require industrial-strength computing solutions that can endure harsh environments.


15. Industrial Mainboards for Commercial Food Production Facilities

Food plants responsible for the production of massive amounts of food require resilient computer solutions.


16. Industrial Mainboards for Dairy Production Facilities

Being able to use computer systems in potential wet areas is extremely important for dairies.


17. Industrial Mainboards for Furniture Manufacturers

Furniture manufacturers can benefit from the stability of our motherboard solutions.


18. Industrial Mainboards for Metals Manufacturers

Computers are a vital part of metal production facilities.


19. Industrial Mainboards for Paper Plants

Paper plants use industrial mainboard solutions to control operations.


20. Industrial Mainboards for Textile Production Facilities

Textile production is becoming more automated and it requires computers designed for intense work conditions.


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