During the Corona Pandemic, timely procurement in the health sector is vital. This is especially the case when governments push health care facilities to be equipped with ventilators. Within 4 weeks, faytech has succeeded in setting up a mass production for 5000pcs Panel PCs as Human Machine Interface (HMI) ventilators.

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A handful of companies followed to the Turkish government’s request to start the domestic mass production of ventilators within a few weeks.

Ventilator Using faytech’s 15″ Touch PC

Within the scope of setting up the project, faytech received the inquiry from Arçelik A.Ş. in mid-April for a high-performance panel PC with professional medical certification EN60601-1:2006/A1:2013, EN60601-1-2:2015 and EN55011:2009 for the control of ventilators with the total quantity of 5,000 units.

The Progress summary of the Panel PC (FT15I3CAPOB):

  • Shipment of the first sample (1 day after receipt of the request)
  • Shipment of the final sample according to customer’s specification (1 week after receipt of the request)
  • Shipping of the pilot production series- 5 units (2 weeks after receipt of the request)
  • Dispatch of first batch of serial production-100 units (4 weeks after receipt of request)

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Who is faytech?

faytech is the world market leader in optical bonding and is specialized in the development and production of touch devices. Flexibility and project experience make faytech a highly demanded and popular OEM producer for e.g. Dell and NEC. The production takes place in its two own factories in China.

faytech has a wide range of experiences in the field of medical certified HMI. For example, faytech has produced annually 500 pieces of the IBox Touch Compact for meso international GmbH since 2011. It is used to transfer image data from endoscopy and sonography devices into the electronic patient file.


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