faytech manufactures the best rugged panel PC for industrial use

Rugged Panel PCs are the embedded technology that allows you for proper use and handling in harsh business industries. Modern industrial PC requirements are causing businesses to turn to the systems that can perform robustly even in hazardous business locations. Rugged PCs are the major players in the industries allied to electronics, manufacturing, defense, automotive, oil and gas, etc.

What businesses need to have rugged industrial PC systems?

As industrial PC manufacturers, we realize that businesses or industries who have rugged workspaces are adopting rugged systems so as they can improve the work efficiency and can increase production without any system downtime that could affect work flows. Rugged panel PCs enable an industry to produce more with fewer interruptions in order to push a business’s performance to the next level.

Why use a rugged all in one PC solution in your workplace?

No matter how harsh the workplace, employees are incumbent on the systems to keep your business productive. Making a system secure, reliable, and most manageable in all harsh conditions is possible simply through the use of rugged panel PCs. Here are few reasons to use a rugged panel PC to boost your business revenues:

Durability: Rugged Panel PCs are more durable rather than regular PCs. It does not solely protect your workplace from system damage and even provides continues work environment without any work interruption.

Productivity: Since, your business is ready for continues workplace with the assistance of rugged PCs. In a result, you can see that it increases your business workflow for better work productivity.

High Performance: Who do not want their business perform in the fast and smooth way so that they can grow high after a sufficient work period? Thus, rugged panel PCs offer you high performance in your rugged workplace area.

Oil & Gas Proof: The industries related to oil, gas, and petroleum cannot perform rapidly until they allow the rugged PCs in their workplace. This is basically the work environment that can harm your systems anytime and can become an obstacle in your work efficiency.

Moisture Proof: Moisture enabled areas needed a crucial requirement of rugged panel PCs because these industries cannot survive without the use of water resistant or moisture proof systems.

Dust & Sand Proof: You can not handle your work with regular PCs in dusty and sand allied business work cultures. All you need to allow the dust and sand proof systems in order to secure your work data and systems from the damages caused by the dust and sand. Rugged PCs easily handle your workplace and enhance your work production.

Learn more about faytech’s manufacturing of rugged PC and rugged mini PC solutions for your specific industry

If your business deals with extreme conditions or hazardous workplaces, then rugged panel PCs are imperative for your business or else you have to bear the cost system damages very shortly. This will interrupt your work and of course, you can lose your vital data. So, reduce your maintenance costs and give a continues workflow to your production in order to obtain the best results.

What does faytech specialize in?

faytech North America is the New York distribution center for all faytech products. faytech specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of specific computing solutions such as: Touch Screen Desktops, Touch Screen Computers, Embedded Computers, Industrial PCs, Industrial Computers, Resistive Touch PCs, and Computer Kiosks. In addition we offer touch screen display solutions: Touch Screen Monitors, Capacitive Touch Screens, IP65 Displays, High Brightness Displays, Sunlight Readable Displays, Industrial Monitors, Resistive Monitors, and Rugged Monitors. faytech also customizes projects for our clients throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

faytech currently manufactures 7–22” Touchscreen Monitors, 8–19” Touchscreen PCs, and the 32–42–55” Touchscreen PC LFT Series. Additionally, we have developed our own proprietary PC motherboard, which is manufactured exclusively by ASUS.

Whether it is finding the ideal product for your business, to the installation of the products or to technical support, our entire team works hard to always provide our customers with the best products and service on the market. At faytech North America, we guarantee customer satisfaction. Our staff is fully trained and knowledgeable about every product we offer, ready to assist you with whatever information is needed. Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions, or to learn more about a faytech high quality display solutions for your unique company.

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