21.5″ Flex Healthcare Kiosk

The Faytech Flex21.5 Healthcare Kiosk, equipped with an anti-reflective protective screen, seamlessly integrates into healthcare systems to improve patient interactions and streamline administrative processes.

  • Comprehensive Connectivity: Integrates effortlessly with Telematics Infrastructure, Insurance Master Data Management, and Hospital Information Systems for a unified solution.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Features an easy-to-use touchscreen with both physical and virtual keyboard options, enhancing patient registration and data management.
  • Modern and Adaptable Design: Offers a modular design that fits beautifully into medical environments, facilitating quick deployment and flexibility for various healthcare needs.

Transform your healthcare facility’s reception and administrative efficiency with the Faytech Flex21.5 Healthcare kiosk—contact Faytech North America today to get started!

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Faytech North America is proud to offer the Faytech Flex21.5 Healthcare kiosk, designed with an anti-reflective protective screen to ensure successful interactions in healthcare settings.

This innovative kiosk is fully integrated with Telematics Infrastructure (TI), Insurance Master Data Management (IMDM), and Hospital Information Systems (HIS), making it a vital tool for hospitals, medical care centers, and doctor’s offices. The attractive design of the Faytech Flex21.5 Healthcare kiosk enhances any medical facility, streamlining processes such as admission, treatment, transfer, and discharge.

Patients can easily register by inserting their eGK healthcare card into the kiosk’s card reader, where they can also access and update their medical history in self-service mode. The form on the kiosk’s screen can be filled out using either a physical keyboard or a virtual one, similar to a cellphone’s interface.

With its modular design and easy integration into existing healthcare systems, the Faytech Flex21.5 Healthcare kiosk is quickly deployable and an excellent choice for enhancing the digitalization of healthcare facility receptions.