21.5″ Neo Wayfinder Kiosk

The Neo21.5 by Faytech North America elevates user interaction through its modern design and advanced digital display technology.

  • Elegant Design: Features a sleek, modern look with a slim profile that complements any sophisticated environment.
  • Engaging Display: Boasts a 21.5-inch high-definition touch screen that captivates with stunning visuals and interactive content, perfect for displaying information and promotions.
  • Versatile Self-Service: Enhances visitor independence with powerful self-service options, such as wayfinding, ticket purchases, and hotel check-ins, streamlining operations and improving the overall user experience.

Transform how your guests interact with your space with the Faytech Neo21.5—contact Faytech North America today to discover more about our innovative solutions!

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Faytech North America proudly introduces the Neo21.5, a state-of-the-art user interface system combining modern design with cutting-edge technology. This compact 21.5-inch full HD touch display is the epitome of convenience and style, making it an ideal addition to any setting, including museums, hotels, and retail spaces.

With its sleek, contemporary design, the Neo21.5 effortlessly integrates into any environment, while its slim profile and clean lines add a sophisticated touch. It offers vibrant visuals and interactive content capabilities that enhance user engagement, from showcasing exhibits to promoting hotel amenities and informing guests about activities.