24″ Swift Kiosk

The Faytech SWIFT is your all-in-one solution for streamlined self-service in food and beverage ordering, boasting full hardware integration and advanced features.

  • Comprehensive Functionality: Comes equipped with a 23.8″ touchscreen, payment system, optional ADA compliance, status light, scanner, and printer.
  • Enhanced Interaction: Offers optional features such as a microphone, speaker, camera, and sensors, supporting alert tones, voice commands, and customer engagement through motion detection.
  • Customizable Peripherals: Includes a design rail that allows for the addition of smart peripherals to tailor the kiosk to specific business needs and enhance user interaction.

Transform your service delivery with the Faytech SWIFT Kiosk Terminal—contact Faytech North America today to optimize your ordering system efficiently and cost-effectively!

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Faytech North America is pleased to offer the Faytech SWIFT, a cost-efficient kiosk terminal designed for seamless self-ordering with complete hardware integration. This innovative kiosk is equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure a smooth ordering experience for food and beverages, featuring a user-friendly interface and robust functionality.