27″ Passport Kiosk

The 27″ Passport from Faytech North America is a versatile, dual-display self-service terminal ideal for high-traffic environments.

  • Speed and Efficiency: Enhances ordering and payment processes in quick service restaurants and improves ticketing operations in the leisure sector.
  • Flexible Installation: Offered in both dual-display and single standalone or wall-mount variants, allowing seamless integration into existing store designs.
  • User-Friendly Design: Boasts a sleek, slim profile with an ultra-flat chassis and optional pole light to attract customer attention and facilitate interactions.

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Faytech North America presents the dual-display 27″ Passport, perfectly suited for bustling environments during peak hours:

In quick service and fast casual restaurants, the 27″ Passport greatly accelerates the ordering and payment processes, a benefit that extends to ticketing in the leisure industry.

For venues that require less complexity, this system is also available in a single standalone and wall mount variant. The 27″ Passport’s compact footprint makes it incredibly easy to integrate this self-service terminal into any existing store layout. Understanding that store space is a valuable asset, we designed the 27″ Passport with an ultra-flat chassis, only as wide as two hands.

With its clear contours, slim profile, and well-organized peripheral modules, the terminal is user-friendly and appealing, even for customers without technical expertise.

An optional pole light ensures the 27″ Passport captures attention in busy areas. When it’s less crowded, customers can activate the pole light with a simple button press to signal staff for assistance or advice.