32″ Curve Card Dispenser Kiosk

The Faytech Curve Card Dispenser offers an innovative retail solution that streamlines card dispensing and enhances customer engagement through its modern, integrated design.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provides a fast, queue-free method for purchasing gift cards, improving service speed and satisfaction.
  • Integrated Modern Design: Features a unique dual-curved pedestal design that houses all peripherals elegantly, maintaining a compact and attractive appearance.
  • Diverse Product Offering: Supports immediate sales and printing of a wide range of digital products and services, from vouchers to event tickets, directly at the point of sale.

Transform your retail space with the Faytech Curve Card Dispenser—contact Faytech North America today to see how our solutions can drive your business forward!

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Faytech North America proudly introduces the Faytech Curve Card Dispenser, a modular virtual shelf kiosk that enhances retail experiences by providing a seamless and efficient solution for dispensing cards. This advanced kiosk is designed to increase revenue, distinguish your business from competitors, and attract more customers through its unique and engaging capabilities. The Curve Card Dispenser allows for the quick purchase of gift cards without the need to wait in line.

Its distinctive design features two elegantly curved pedestals, integrating all necessary peripherals without altering its stylish form. Additionally, the accompanying VR eKiosk opens up new avenues for selling non-banking products and services, including vouchers for apps, games, shopping, music, and tickets for events, with instant printing capabilities.