32″ Outdoor Kiosk

The Faytech Outdoor Kiosk Terminal is your versatile partner for improving service delivery in public transport, logistics, and food service sectors with its durable, user-friendly interface.

  • Public Transport Efficiency: Facilitates seamless, cashless ticket sales and provides essential passenger information such as departure times, route maps, and current traffic updates.
  • Logistics Optimization: Streamlines goods management with features for self-service check-in for truck drivers and suppliers, enhancing the control and efficiency of delivery operations.
  • Enhanced Food Service: Offers vivid display capabilities that enhance customer engagement and support effective cross-selling and upselling, even under adverse weather conditions.

Elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your service operations with the Faytech Outdoor Kiosk Terminal—contact Faytech North America today for a smarter way to connect and serve!

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Faytech North America introduces the Faytech Outdoor Kiosk Terminal, an all-encompassing solution designed to enhance public transport systems, streamline logistics, and optimize food service operations. This robust terminal operates 24/7 and features a 32″ touch screen that simplifies interactions—from cashless ticket purchases at transit locations to self-service check-ins for truck drivers and enticing food and beverage displays.