10.1″ Body Temperature Screening Computer

The Body Temperature Screening Computer from Faytech is an excellent addition for businesses in the retail, restaurant, hotel, healthcare, educational, governmental, and public sectors.

It’s simple to hang it on a wall, incorporate it into a cutout, or set it up as a standalone device on a pedestal.

A Radio Frequency Identification reader, heat detector, thermal imager, and full High Definition camera are all included into this tablet PC. The touchscreen is interactive with up to 10 touch points and anti-glare covered. In addition, the protection glass has an IK08 protection certification and a 7H hardness rating.

  • 64bit Rockchip RK3399 6 Core CPU
  • 2GigaBit Low Power Double Data Rate 4 Random-Access Memory & 16GigaBit Embedded MultiMediaCard module (Micro Secure Digital)
  • Preinstalled Android 7.1 OS
  • Interactive PCAP with up to 10 touch points
  • 1.1 mm protection glass with Mohs 7H screen hardness
  • Touch screen and LCD screen optically bonded
  • Heat detector, thermal imager and Full High Definition Camera integrated
  • Included Radio Frequency Identification reader
  • Included Wireless Local Area Network module
  • 2 year warranty (24/7 operation)
SKU: FT101RK3399TIS Category:
Weight 5.5115 lbs
Dimensions 7.472 × 11.62 × 1.586 in

Product Specifications

Stock Keeping Unit FT101RK3399TIS
NAV number 3030504964
European model number 1010501962
European Article Numbering 6920734010820

Ingress Protection Classification

Front IP 65 / Back IP40

Computer System

Central Processing Unit 64bit Rockchip RK3399 6 Core CPU Dual Cortex-A72, Quad Cortex-A53
Graphics Processing Units ARM® Mali-T860 MP4, compatible with Open Graphics Library ES1.1 | 2.0 | 3.0
Random Access Memory (RAM) <2GB DDR3
Switchable Storage 16 Gigabit Embedded MultiMediaCard Flash
Network Driver Gigabit Ethernet
Supported Operating System Android 7.1.2
Preconfigured Operating System Android 7.1.2

Liquid Crystal Display

Display size 10.1″ / 25.6cm
Viewable screen area 8.543in * 5.354in (21.70cm * 13.60cm)
Image Aspect-ratio 16:10
Native resolution 1280*800 pixels
Maximum resolution 1920*1200 pixels
Screen Luminance 350 candela/m²
Color Contrast 800:1
Average responsiveness Rise time/Fall time 10/15 milliseconds
Viewing angle (horizontal to vertical) 170 ° | 170 °
Screen Backlighting LED
Backlighting lifespan 20 000 H

Touch Screen

Touch type PCAP Multi-touch (10 point)
Available operating systems Mac
Lifespan Unlimited
Screen hardness Mohs 7H
Surface coating Anti-reflective (industrial etching), Antimicrobial (optional)

Body Temperature Screening Computer Accessories

Radio Frequency Identification Reader

Dimensions 19.68in * 13.77in * 3.149in (50.0cm * 35.0cm * 8.0cm)
Signal Bell
Compatible cards EM4100
Near Field Communication
Proximity Cards 26
Proximity Cards 35
Proximity Cards 37
Distance for reading cards 5 cm
Output format for cards 8H10D Peer-to-peer 16D

Heat Detector

Detector category Thermopile far-infrared detector
Line Heimann
Model number HTPA32x32
Operating distance Maximum one Meter
Working spectrum 8 to 14 micrometres
Resolution 32 * 32 pixels
Px size 1920 pixels * 1080 pixels / 1280 pixels * 720 pixels / 640 pixels * 480 pixels / 320 pixels * 240 pixels
Maximum refresh rate 7~9 Hertz
Standard target temperature -10 °C to 150 °C
Maximum target temperature -20 °C to 500 °C
Object temperature 40 °C to 1000 °C
Precision ± 0.5 °C
Results Red, Green and Blue / Temperature Array
Field of View 33°

Twin-lens reflex camera

Detector AR0230 (Wide Dynamic Color)
Lens diameter 1 / 2.7″
Effective pixels 1928 * 1088 pixels
Color format Motion Joint Photographic Experts Group / YUY2
Pixel size 1920 pixels * 1080 pixels
1280 pixels * 720 pixels
640 pixels * 480 pixels
320 pixels * 240 pixels
Dynamic range Maximum 105 decibels
Focus Panfocus lens
FPS 30 Frames per second
Field of View 65 °

Thermal imager

Detector RXSX2719
Lens diameter 1 / 2.7″
Effective pixels 1920 * 1080 pixels
Color format Motion Joint Photographic Experts Group / YUY2
Pixel size 3.0 * 3.0 pixels
Dynamic range 76 decibels
Focus Panfocus lens
FPS 1080P 30 Frame per seconds Maximum Frame per seconds
Field of view 65 °


Temperature range 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)
Supported moisture 10 % ~ 90 % Relative Humidity
Weight (net) 2.7557lb / 1.25kg
Weight (gross, including packaging) 5.5115lb / 2.5kg
Enclosure IPC Aluminum case
Housing sizes 7.472in * 11.62in * 1.586 in  (189.8mm * 295.3mm * 40.3mm)

Power Specifications

Source ACDC Switching Power Adapter 100~240V; DC-Out 12 V
Power input 12 V
Energy usage 18 W
Idling current 1 W

Computer External Connectors

x1 12Volts DC-In (screwable)
x2 Universal Serial Bus 3.0
x1 High Definition Media Interface
x1 Audio Output

In the package

  1. Power Source (cf. Power Specifications section)
  2. Installation Guide
  3. x5 Phoenix Connector 3-Pin

Documents & Drivers

Acrobat Reader External website
3D design Download 3D design
Data-sheet Download Data-sheet
Drivers for capacitive touch (Linux excluded) Capacitive Touch Drivers (RAR) | Rar Conversion to ZIP online
Drivers Linux for capacitive touch Capacitive Touch Drivers for Linux (deb)
Driver for WiFi WiFi driver (RAR) | Rar Conversion to ZIP online


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