10″ Resistive Touch PC (N3350)


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Product Name: 10″ Resistive Touch PC (N3350)


  • Intel® Celeron® N3350 DualCore CPU
  • 4GB RAM memory, 128GB Industrial SSD
  • Supports Windows 10 & Linux (32Bit, 64Bit)
  • Anti-glare front with 3H surface hardness
  • 5-Wire Resistive touch technology
  • High-quality black aluminum housing
  • Standard power connector (screwable)
  • Integrated W-LAN
  • 2 year guarantee (24/7 usage)

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The Resistive Touch PC line from Faytech distinguishes out from the competition thanks to its fanless operation, sturdy aluminum casing, and reliable VESA 100 fixation bolts.

The touch PC is powered by the Apollo Lake mainboard from Faytech.
The Intel® Celeron® N3350 DualCore CPU, clocked at up to 2.40 GHz, powers it. This version has a 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and an HD Graphics chipset from Intel that supports Full HD, DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.0.

These Faytech PCs are ideal for a range of uses, including POS systems, industrial control panels, kiosk systems, office/residence automation, digital signs, and places like shopping centers, schools, hotels, and many more.


Potential Use Case Scenarios


Faytech Resistive Touch PCs are an ideal solution for tough work environments and complex scenarios, such as in Point of Sales (POS), operations rooms, industrialization, manufacturing facilities, digital signage displays, and much more.

As for Resistive Touch Monitors, the Faytech Resistive Touch PC series is a great solution to optimize workspaces in industrial setups such as factories and manufacturing centers. Our Resistive Touch PCs stand out among the competition with their sturdy aluminum housing and anti-glare front panel with 3H hardness. Thanks to these features, our Resistive Touch PCs can endure tough environments for a prolonged time. The Resistive PCs manufactured by Faytech come in six different sizes (8”, 10”, 12.1”, 15”, 17” and 19”), all of them quite small, which allows these devices to fit into tiny areas in a smooth way.

A potential use scenario could be for manufacturing centers using automatization systems and software. In such a configuration, multiple Resistive Touch PCs could be chained together to control a production line and provide monitoring options for the machinery and process involved. Such an application is very common in production plants that have automated their operations. Again, the small size of our Resistive Touch PCs, along with the fact that they are manufactured using aluminum housings with no moving parts, makes them even better for use in such industrial settings, where security is critical.


Faytech Industrial Resistive Touch PCs are designed for a wide variety of use case scenarios.

In the military space, the main advantage of those devices is that they can be used in a broad range of temperatures, from -10°C to +60°C. Military organizations will also greatly benefit from the fanless silent operation of these PCs.

In avionics, such Touch PCs are appreciated thanks to the Resistive technology used, which allows for precise interactions with the PC system and the touchscreen. Indeed, Resistive Touch Screen responds to pressure applied on the screen, while Capacitive Touch Monitors react to the capacitance of the human body. Resistive touch displays are made of a minimum of two flexible layers (usually made with polycarbonate) laid on top of a glass underlayer. A resistive substance covers these top sheets and they are then separated by mini dots between the sheets. When a resistive touch display is pressed, these layers are pushed towards each other and produce resistance on both a vertical and a horizontal axis. The resistance change induced is registered by the resistive sensors located at every corner of the touch screen as a touch signal. While it is true that Capacitive Touch Monitors have come a long way in preventing accidental taps, Resistive Touch Monitors remain more secure in that regard, in that they are less likely to trigger an accidental input on the screen.

In the mining industry, Resistive Touch PCs are commonly found thanks to their resilient and durable processing. All our Resistive touch PC are powered by the Apollo Lake mainboard from Faytech.
The Intel® Celeron® N3350 DualCore CPU, clocked at up to 2.40 GHz, powers them. This version has a 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and an HD Graphics chipset from Intel that supports Full HD, DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.0. All in all, these characteristics make for extremely sturdy and long-lasting devices.

The same goes for engineering applications, in which it is essential to possess an industrial-grade device that can withstand extreme environmental conditions during its whole lifetime.

Our Resistive Touch PCs can also be used in some nautical applications, as water-resistant customizations are available. In these use case scenarios, the advantage of a Resistive Touch PC is that it relies on Resistive Touch technology, where the touch inputs come from pressure on the front panel. It would be difficult to use a Capacitive Touch PC in such applications, given that water could hinder the screen’s ability to register touches.

Faytech Resistive Touch PCs are used in the medical field too, where it is common to use a stylus or gloved hands to interact with the touch screen. On a Capacitive Touch PC, it would be harder to use the screen with a pen or gloves, given that these screens mainly react to capacitance from the human body.

Food processing enterprises would greatly benefit from the liquid-resistant feature of our Resistive Touch PCs. Indeed, thanks to the Resistive technology used on these PCs, a drop of water, liquid, or grease will not trigger an accidental input.

Faytech Resistive Touch Screen PCs can also be used in the scientific, manufacturing, and logistics industries among others, where the precision allowed by the touch screen technology will prove very helpful.

It is also extremely frequent to find such Resistive Touch PCs on ATMs given that these devices are easy to integrate into other systems. More noticeable even is the introduction of Resistive Touch PCs into check-in kiosks in airports, allowing passengers to check-in by themselves, saving a considerable amount of time for themselves and the working staff. Not only these Resistive Touch PCs can be used in airports, but it is also possible to install them in other transport areas, such as train or subway stations, or even bus stops.


As said earlier, Resistive Touch PCs can be used with pens or gloves, or nearly any object. This is necessary for certain industries where it could be dangerous to operate a device without wearing gloves, or also in sealed settings. This makes Resistive Touch PCs most advantageous in automatization and industrial settings, which would benefit the most from the Resistive technology features.

Worth noting, capacitive touch screens usually suffer more from interaction with surface contaminants, cleaning chemicals, and extreme heat, while Resistive Touch PCs can withstand such outputs more easily. This also explains why it is frequent to use Resistive devices on the industrial floor.


If you consider adding all-in-one Resistive Touch PC solutions to your organization, contact us today. Our experts will be glad to help you select the best Resistive Touch PCs based on your specific requirements and intended use case scenarios.

Weight 6.6138 lbs
Dimensions 10.19 × 8.110 × 2.106 in

Product Specifications

Stock Keeping Unit FT10N3350
NAV number 3030509537
European model number 1010502296
European Article Numbering 6920734009718

Ingress Protection Classification


Computer System

Central Processing Unit Intel® Pentium® QuadCore N3350
Graphics Processing Units High Definition Graphics Intel®
Audio Chip Realtek ALC3251 Audio CODEC
Random Access Memory (RAM) 4GB non-parity Double Data Rate (DDR) 4 (maximum 8Gigabit)
Solid-State Drive Industrial faytech SSD 128GB
Network Driver x2 Realtek Peripheral Component Interconnect Express Gigabit Local Area Network 8111G (x1 optional with Power over Ethernet); Wireless-LAN
Supported Operating System Linux Ubuntu + Windows 10
Preinstalled Operating System Linux Ubuntu

Liquid Crystal Display

Display size 9.7″ / 24.6cm
Viewable screen area 7.755in * 5.787in (19.70cm * 14.70cm)
Image Aspect-ratio 4:3
Native resolution 1024 * 768 pixels
Maximum resolution 1920 * 1200 pixels
Screen Luminance 350 candela/m²
Color Contrast 800:1
Average responsiveness Rise time/Fall time 10 | 15 milliseconds
Viewing angle (horizontal to vertical) 170 | 170 °
Screen Backlighting LED
Backlighting lifespan 20 000 H

Touch Screen

Touch type Analog Five Wire Resistive
Lifespan Ten million in one location
Screen hardness Mohs 3H
Surface coating Anti-reflective


Temperature range 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)
Supported moisture 10 % ~ 90 % Relative Humidity
Weight (net) 5.0706lb | 2.30kg
Weight (gross, including packaging) 6.6138lb | 3.00kg
Enclosure Aluminum
Housing sizes 10.19in * 8.110in * 2.106in (259.0mm * 206.0mm * 53.5mm)

Power Specifications

Power light Green LED
Source ACDC Switching Power Adapter 100~240V; DC-Out 12 V
Power input 12 V
Energy usage 14 W
Idling current 1 W

Computer Internal Connectors

x1 DDR3L max. 8Go SODIMM,  1333/1600/1867 non-parity, Single channel RAM
x3 COM Rs-232/485 Bios
x2 Complete LCD Backlighting Interface/LCD voltage tester
x1 5V/12V USB to IDE Serial ATA power connector
x1 12V DC connector plug (2-pole)
x1 4-pin Serial ATA power cable adapter
x1 S/PDIF header pin-outs
x1 8-bit Mid-Range Digital IO
x1 Header Mic-In / Line out
x1 USB Front Panel header
x1 SATA 6gb s
x1 Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Camera Serial Interface (CSI)
1x Box header for LVDS
2x Box header for Universal Serial Bus 3.0

Computer External Connectors

x1 12 Volt DC-In Power Supply (screwable)
x1 Reverse Polarity-SubMiniature version A male WLAN antenna connector
x2 Universal Serial Bus 2.0 port
x2 Universal Serial Bus 3.0 port
x1 High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port
x1 DisplayPort
x1 EAR-Out and MIC-In
x2 Communication port Full-PIN – Recommended Standard 232/485; 5Volts / 12Volts
x2 Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ports
x1 2.5″ module slot, replaceable Solid-State Drive included

Expansion Ports

x1 full size mSerial ATA Solid-State Drive (SSD)
x1 M.2 Wifi E-Key Socket
x1 SATA-IO connector
x1 External Peripheral Component Interconnect Express x1 Straddle-mount connector

In the package

Power Source (cf. Power Specifications section)
Installation Guide
Wireless-LAN antenna (Reverse Polarity-SubMiniature version A female)


Documents & Drivers

Acrobat Reader External website
3D design Download 3D design
Data-sheet Download Data-sheet
Short User Manual Short User Manual
Drivers for resistive touch Resistive Touch Drivers (RAR) | Rar conversion to ZIP online
Driver for WiFi WiFi driver (RAR) | Rar Conversion to ZIP online
Apollo Lake Drivers for Windows Apollo Lake Drivers for Windows (RAR) | Rar Conversion to ZIP online


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