13.3’’ Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor


Product Name: 13.3″ Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor
IP Classification: Front IP 65 / Back IP40
Display Size: 13.3″ / 33.7 cm
Viewable Area: 29.37 cm x 16.52 cm (11.56 in x 6.503 in)
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: 1920*1080 pixels
Screen Brightness: 350 cd/m²
Touch Type: PCAP Multi-touch (10 point)
Warranty: Standard Manufacturer Warranty
Data Sheet Download: EN_FT133TMCAPOB

This 13.3″ Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor comes with 10-point multitouch capability, 178° visual angle, and 1920×1080 resolution. The advanced technology delivers seamless interactivity, vibrant display, and compatibility with various operating systems such as Mac, Android, Linux, and Windows. The chemically reinforced glass and anti-reflective surface treatment ensure enhanced durability and clear visuals. Suitable for professional and home use, the monitor comes complete with necessary accessories and a desktop stand.

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With flat edge-to-edge glass front panels, the Capacitive Touch Monitor line from Faytech offers a contemporary, elegant appearance. The front panels of this device are IP65 water- and dust-proof thanks to an unique silicone rubberized seal.

This series is equipped with PCAP 10 points Multi-Touch, cover glass attaining 7H surface hardness, and a large variety of connectors including VGA, HDMI, audio inputs, DVI-D and DC-In which are all lockable. The glass screen is anti-reflective treated (chemical etched), giving the display a better luminosity throughout its lifetime. The A+ industrial LCD panel used in each capacitive Touch Monitor is guaranteed by Faytech's 100% no dead pixel guarantee. Each monitor from 13.3” and up comes with its monitor stand, and screw patterns on the back for VESA 100 mounting.

These Faytech touch devices are the ideal choice for a broad range of applications such as Point of Sales, control panels in industrial settings, kiosks, workplace automation, and many more areas thanks to their high-resolution capability (e.g. 768p, 1920~1200 pixels).

The 10-point capacitive touch panel that is displayed is precise and sensitive. When linked through a USB connection, the touch feature is rapidly created. Faytech includes touch drivers for well-used OS ( Win CE, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Linux, Mac, and Android. Normally, no touch driver is needed for Win 7, 8, and 10. The virtual keyboard and Windows gesture make Windows convenient to use. Besides, embedded systems, such as Raspberry Pi, are supported as well.


Potential Use Case Scenarios


Thanks to the wide range of sizes available and the high-resolution support of those devices (e.g. 768p, 1920~1200 pixels), Faytech’s capacitive touch monitors are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to POS systems, kiosk systems, for office/residence automation and as control panels in industrial fields.

All our Capacitive touch screens are made of an industrial A+ HD LCD capacitive multi-touch panel with energy-saving LED technology and a wide viewing angle. These characteristics make Faytech Capacitive touch displays perfect solutions when it comes to fashion shows, industrial 4.0 projects, dealerships, wayfinding, supermarkets, sports arenas, interactive visualizations, and digital signage.


The potential use cases of those units are almost infinite. For residencies, condominiums, or apartment lobbies, the Capacitive Touch Monitors could be used as interfaces or as part of a residential automation system. In hotels, these capacitive touch screen monitors could help enhance communications between staff and residents, as well as being part of a security automation system. Beyond residential and hosteling settings, Faytech capacitive touch displays would be a great addition to any educational system, being used to improve interactions between students and professors in classrooms, for personnel management, and as interfaces to plan and communicate about curricular and extracurricular events. Faytech Capacitive Touch Monitors are also a great option to make scheduling and inventory management easier, whether in a private company or a public/educational setting.

In retail environments like mall shops and department stores, the technologies provided by Faytech Capacitive Touch Monitors will be a great addition not only for customers, helping them to easily check inventory details without having to ask store personnel, but also for managers, being an easy way to cut back on operating costs. One of the multiple advantages of our capacitive touch screens is that they can be easily integrated with external software applications that, in turn, can allow customers to try demo versions of the products or services they contemplate purchasing. All in all, Faytech capacitive touch monitors can serve as a great interactive medium to facilitate the purchasing process and multiply your sales.

While Faytech Capacitive Touch Monitors can for sure be used for single-touch applications, these touch devices truly shine in more complex use scenarios. These include for instance directories or maps, when the user may have to use finger-scroll, pinch-zoom, and panning functions. Indeed, one of the main differences between Resistive touch monitors and capacitive touch monitors concerns touch technology. While resistive touch monitors are most of the time equipped with a single touch panel, the capacitive touch monitors are on the other side built to effectively register multi-touch, going as high as ten touches at the same time! It is now even possible to use Capacitive Touch Monitors when wearing heavy gloves, which is a significant upgrade given that this feature was formerly the preserve of Touch Monitors using Resistive-touch technology. Thanks to their patented IP65 front with silicone seal, Faytech Capacitive Touch Monitor also work under heavy rain, which makes them adapted to use in semi-outdoor environments.


Worth noting, Capacitive Touch screens can most of the time be divided into two sub-categories: Projected Capacitive Touch Screens (PCAP) and Surface Touch Screens.

Based on projected technology, Faytech Capacitive Touch Monitors are suitable for use in some highly specialized industries, including aerospace (including but not limited to avionic systems), medical, military, and industrial ones (serving for example as an automated equipment control). Particularly, the main advantages of Faytech Projected Capacitive Touch Monitors concerning these specific industries are the variety of layers stack-up options available, resulting in unparalleled durability and color perception. The Capacitive Touch Monitors manufactured by Faytech respond to all the obligations induced by such demanding industries, thanks to several outstanding features. Those include:

  • Multi-touch technology
  • Water and dust-proof
  • Operable in tough environments
  • Resistant to wear
  • Glass or plastic cover lens
  • High-resolution display
  • First-class optics
  • Bendy sensors
  • Stable, drift-free operation
  • Input using fingers, passive pen, or gloves


Along with these peculiar applications, Faytech Capacitive Touch Screens are also ideally fitted for high usage environments when based on surface technology.

Indeed, this technology stands out thanks to the high environmental robustness and increased resilience it offers. Monitors equipped with such a technology are vandal-proof and can be used in areas with high traffic, serving in museums as an interactive display for instance. For example, it is now common to find such devices in electronic voting machines, an application in which security is key. Whether they come with a curved or flat surface, these devices are a perfect fit for any graphic-driven applications, such as ATMs (automated teller machines), game consoles, entertainment (including smartphones, tablets, and personal computers), banking, kitchen appliances, automobiles, and automats.

Technically speaking, on top of the front surface is applied a conductive coating, itself composed of wires connected to every four corners where a small voltage is applied. The system relies on the “capacitance” of the human body, which is to say that when one touches the screen, a small current flows to the touchpoint, generating a voltage drop detected at the corners.

This functioning makes screen surface technology more fitted to use on larger size (i.e. over 12 inches) applications. Besides, the single glass layer structure allows these devices to have excellent optical clarity and high light transmission (from 88 up to 92 percent). Of all the available technologies, it has the fastest touch response time. These monitors can also withstand regular cleaning using harsh chemicals. All in all, these functionalities make the capacitive touch monitors using surface technology especially suitable for commercial uses, such as the ones that we mentioned before.


On top of the potential use cases presented in this section, our Capacitive Touch Monitors can easily be integrated into any conceivable application and setup. Faytech NA is specialized in custom-made solutions and we will be glad to help you find the best Capacitive Touch Monitor for your specific needs and applications. Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk with one of our Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor specialists.

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