15.6″ Capacitive Touch PC (i5-7300U)


Product Name: 15.6″ Capacitive Touch PC (i5-7300U, OB)
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-7300U
RAM: 8GB RAM memory
Storage: 128GB Industrial SSD
Operating System: Supports Windows 10 & Linux (32Bit, 64Bit)
Screen: 10-Finger-Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Panel, 1.1mm cover glass with 7H surface hardness, Anti-glare surface treatment (chemical etching)
Touch Panel: Optically bonded Touch Panel to LCD Panel
Construction: Patented IP65 front with silicon seal
Connectivity: Integrated W-LAN
Warranty: 2 year guarantee
Optional: i3-7100U / i7-7600U Core CPU
Data Sheet Download: EN_FT156I5CAPOB

The 15.6″ Capacitive Touch PC (i5-7300U, OB) features an Intel® Core™ i5-7300U CPU and offers 8GB RAM memory with a 128GB Industrial SSD. It supports both Windows 10 and Linux (32Bit, 64Bit). The 10-Finger-Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Panel and anti-glare surface treatment ensure an enhanced user experience. With optically bonded technology and patented IP65 front protection, this product promises robustness and reliability. Integrated W-LAN adds to the versatility, and a 2-year guarantee provides added peace of mind.

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Faytech NA 15.6″ Capacitive Touch PC (i5-7300U) are manufactured with fanless technology, a high standard of reliability and excellent craftsmanship. The Faytech touch screen products separate themselves from the competition in terms of quality and functionality.

Faytech NA 15.6″ Capacitive Touch PC series is the best choice for commercial and industrial use that requires maximizing available space. These small capacitive touch PC units have stylish flat edge-to-edge glass faces. They come with IP65-rated dust and waterproof front panels to ensure that the units will continue to function in a variety of environments.

The 15.6″ Faytech capacitive PCs can be used as point of sale interfaces, industrial controls, as kiosks, automation system controls, and even digital signage in stores, classrooms, hospitality, entertainment and dining industries.


Potential Use Case Scenarios


What's special about Faytech 15.6" capacitive touch PCs (i5-7300U) is that the touch screen and touch PC have been integrated into a single device, which makes these PCs a great choice for many occasions: kiosk systems; Point of Sale (POS) systems in the retail, hospitality, entertainment or restaurants industries; control panels in industrial environments; digital signage in classrooms or stores; and industries such as manufacturing and logistics.

Faytech capacitive touch computers come with VESA mounts, allowing them to be wall-mounted or integrated into other surfaces/machines. Such versatility makes these devices ideal for use in industrial environments where workspaces need to be optimized. Thanks to the touch technology used in these monitors, there is no need to use a keyboard or mouse, which can help ensure that the workspace is not too cluttered. All in all, these devices can help you make your workspace, whether it's a control center or a production site, much safer and more spacious.


Today, these capacitive touch PCs are commonly found in 3D TVs, mobile phones, consoles, ATMs, and interactive kiosks. The capacitive touch technology used in these displays is much more user-friendly and interactive than resistive technology, making Faytech capacitive touch PCs the ideal choice for many commercial and industrial applications.

When it comes to commercial environments, touch screen PCs are increasingly popular in transportation (airports, train stations, metro stations, bus stations), in the food service industry, in vending machines and in CBL (computer learning). In restaurants that use touch PCs, such as fast food chains, customers can use touch screens to order and pay without having to ask the waiter for help. In CBL, the absence of a keyboard makes it easier for learners to use touch PCs. On top of that, it's easier to make sure students focus on the screen.


Faytech capacitive touch computers can be found in many use cases:
In restaurants, bars, or other retail stores, our touch PCs can be used as point-of-sale systems, making it easy for employees to process orders using a touch-based interface. Likewise, retail stores will greatly benefit from Faytech Capacitive Touch PCs, as they can more easily guide your customers and help them scroll through your inventory. For example, a capacitive touch PC can be used to show your customers what products are currently in stock, if there are any special offers and more.

Our capacitive touch computers can be used as industrial control interfaces, to control production lines and streamline production processes.

As for in-kiosk system, the main advantage of Faytech capacitive touch computers is that these devices greatly improve the interaction with customers. They can be used to educate, inform or even sell products to your customer base.

In the logistics and transportation fields, the use of Faytech touch screen PCs can help you perform tracking and after-sales services. In the transportation sector, these touch PCs can also be used to display purchase options and facilitate the purchase of tickets by passengers.

Faytech capacitive touch screen computers would also be a great addition to any commercial or residential automation system where they can be used as an interactive interface. Likewise, handling customer service requests in hostels and hotels can be greatly simplified by using a touchscreen PC.

The potential use cases don't stop there. It is also very common to find capacitive touch computers in offices, laboratories or as digital signage controllers. These PCs are an inexpensive and proven solution to increase your sales and reduce your operating costs, whatever your industry.


One of the main advantages of Faytech 15.6" Touch PC (i5-7300U) is its accessibility and minimal risk of errors. These devices can easily be found in a corporate or office setting, as employees require almost no training before they can use them. Over time, these displays will be extremely profitable for your business.

Our capacitive touch computers are also known for their durability thanks to their high-quality material. Our 15.6" touchscreen PC (i5-7300U) is designed for 24/7 operation, features a rugged aluminum case and 1.1mm protective glass with a surface hardness of 7H. These aspects make Faytech touch PCs suitable for outdoor applications and for use in harsh environments such as factories. Furthermore, Faytech capacitive touch computers have an IP65 front panel design which makes them resistant to dust, rain, grease, or any other liquid and dirt. This allows these PCs to be used in restaurants, bars, hospitals, and crowded public spaces. VESA 100 or 75 stabilizing bolts are also included in the package, allowing you to securely mount your device without worrying about it falling to the floor.

Even more than our touch monitors, Faytech touch computers will help you save valuable space in your business. These devices are an all-in-one solution, as touchscreens go hand in hand with PCs. As mentioned earlier, a mouse or keyboard is not required when using a touch PC. In general, using touch computers instead of non-touch devices will give you more space for machines or employees. This feature makes the Faytech 15.6" capacitive touch computer (i5-7300U) particularly suitable for use in a factory.


Capacitive touch computers sold by Faytech NA are available in the following standard versions:

  • Intel® Pentium® N4200 QuadCore processor, base speed 2.50 GHz
  • Intel® Core™ i5-7300U dual-core processor, base speed 2.60 GHz

While the i5-7300U CPU is much more powerful and would be ideal for performance-demanding usage scenarios, the N4200 CPU can also deliver power-efficient performance and is perfect for simpler applications.


If you're considering adding a capacitive touch PC to your organization, don't hesitate to contact our experts today. We are the global market leader in capacitive touch screen devices. It would be a pleasure to assess your use cases and advise you on the best touchscreen device for your specific applications.

Additional information

Weight 13.89 lbs
Dimensions 15.32 × 9.716 × 2.334 in


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