15″ Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitor


Product Details

Product Name: 15” Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitor


  • 1.1mm cover glass with 7H surface hardness
  • Optically bonded Touch Panel to LCD Panel
  • Anti-glare surface treatment (chemical etching)
  • 10-Finger-Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Panel
  • A+ quality LED backlight panels with 100k hours lifetime
  • 1000+ cd/m² brightness
  • Integrated audio speakers (2x2w)
  • 2 year guarantee (24/7 usage)

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Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitors from Faytech are the ideal solution for commercial and industrial applications. Each model in this series is constructed with an A+ grade HD LCD screen and energy-efficient LED technology for dependable and prolonged use. It has several common ports, including HDMI, DP, VGA, USB-Touch, serial (for remote control), and DC-In.

The LCD panel and touch panel are optically bonded, which will expand the viewing angle, decrease reflection, improve stability, and perceived brightness. Additionally, it offers resistance to dust particles and displays an overall better image. This open frame version is a lightweight device without a rear casing, making it ideal for mounting in various places or integrating into your own system. In addition, because fewer components are required, the pricing will be more reasonable. For digital signage, schools, conference rooms, industrial automation, retail spaces, hotels, and many more applications, it is the ideal interactive solution.


Potential Use Case Scenarios


Faytech North America Open Frame Touch Screen Monitors come in eight different sizes (7”, 11.6”, 15”, 15.6”, 21.5”, 32”, 43”, and 55”), all equipped with a 10-Finger-Multi touch capacitive touch panel. These devices are a perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including control panels in a factory, in-kiosk systems, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) applications, and much more. These open frame capacitive touch monitors can also be used in conference rooms, industrial and manufacturing spaces, shopping centers, the catering and hospitality industries, and busy transit hubs among others.


The open frame series manufactured by Faytech NA is specially designed for industrial application and can withstand prolonged use in tough environments. Thanks to the wide range of video inputs available (DC-In, Serial, USB-Touch, VGA, HDMI, and DP) plus the possibility to use different operating systems (Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 7 to 11), these displays can be used in a variety of different use case scenarios.

On top of that, Faytech Capacitive Open Frame touch monitors can stand a broad range of temperatures, from -10°C to +60°C. High brightness technology (up to 1000 cd/m2) is also used to ensure that these displays can be used in outdoor or semi-outdoor environments. This makes our open frame touch monitors a perfect solution for kiosks, manufacturers, mechanization controllers, digital signage, and much more.


Faytech Open Frame Touch displays are perfectly fitted for a lot of use cases. For instance, Open Frame touch monitors can be embedded into kiosks according to their specific design. Along the same lines, using open frame touch monitors in gaming machines can prove extremely beneficial. Indeed, such machines are often designed with a specific theme in mind, making it essential to be able to replace components instead of the entire machine.

All around the world, it is more and more frequent to find Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) using touch technology. Most of the time, such machines are used around the clock, which makes Capacitive Touch Monitors all the more adapted given that those can supposedly withstand an infinite number of touches before having to be replaced. Besides, these machines always come with a specific design, which makes it essential to have a touchscreen that can be easily scaled such as Faytech Open Frame Capacitive Touch monitors.

In an industrial setting, it is frequent to find Open Frame displays scaled into unique application usage.

Vending machines, such as the ones that can be found in malls, train stations, or airports often come with a specific brand or theme. As for ATMs, most of these devices nowadays use touch screens that have been integrated into the automat beforehand.

Faytech Open Frame touch monitors can also be used in more specialized setups, such as in avionics equipment. The apparatus used in planes are known to be extremely complex and high-priced. In this context, the advantage of Faytech open frames devices is that each component of the touch monitor can be replaced, without having to return an entire unit. The same goes for medical equipment, whether it is to access patients' data or to handle complex medical instruments. Last but not least, such touch monitors are also commonly found embedded in high-end scientific equipment.


The particularities of Faytech Industrial open frame touch monitors are twice. First of all, the components used inside the device are certified for industrial-grade usage. Moreover, each component can be replaced if a breakdown happens, without having to change the whole monitor. Over the long run, being able to replace worn-out parts will greatly reduce your operating costs. Faytech open-frame LCD touch monitors come with a variety of different enclosures and touch screen configurations, offering our customers a high degree of flexibility.

Such characteristics make it possible to use Faytech Open Frame Touch Screen Monitors in a broad range of industries. For instance, our Open Frame displays are widely used in the manufacturing industry thanks to their flexibility, as it is possible to adjust cable lengths and the number and type of connectors among other characteristics.

In the technology industry, the main advantages of Faytech Open Frame Touch Monitors are its outstanding price-quality ratio and the room for customization. Regarding value for money, as sensors and LEDs are sealed behind the panel’s bezel the monitor requires almost no cleaning. Maintenance fees can also be cut off thanks to this. Concerning customization, it is possible to adjust the screen size among other features, which proves extremely beneficial in the technology field.

Faytech Open Frame Capacitive Touch displays can also be found in the construction industry. On top of the benefits previously mentioned, this industry benefits from the vandal-proof feature of our open frame monitors. The front panel on these units is indeed covered by a 3mm thick tempered glass, making them suitable for use in tough conditions. Thanks to this feature, our open frame monitors can also be used in the mining industry.

In an educational setting, another advantage of Faytech Open Frame monitors is their durability: these devices can withstand more than a million clicks before having to be replaced, and would not break even after falling to the ground, which can prove particularly useful if the monitor is to be placed within pupils’ easy reach. Moreover, educational institutions can make great use of these monitors' high response time (from 9ms to 30ms Tr/Tf).

Worth noting, it is also very common to find those monitors in the finance, investment, trade, and banking spaces. Open frame touch monitors are extremely time-saving as they require almost no maintenance and cleaning, and controls can be easily accessed, which proves very beneficial for these specific industries.

Besides those use case scenarios, Faytech Open Frame Touch Monitors would be a great addition for the sales, healthcare, advertising, research, food, media, insurance, engineering, computers, and marketing industries among others.

Weight 11.684 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 × 11.25 × 1.944 in

Product Specifications

Stock Keeping Unit FT15TMCAPOFHBOB
NAV number 3030510556
European model code 1010502420
EAN number 6920734015016

IP Classification

Front IP 65 / Back IP40

Liquid Crystal Display

Display size 15″ / 38.1 cm
Viewable screen area 30.4 cm x 22.8 cm (11.96 in x 8.976 in)
Image Aspect-ratio 4:3
Native resolution 1024*768 pixels
Maximum modes 1920*1080 pixels
Screen Brightness 1000 cd/m²
Color Contrast 700:1
Average responsiveness Rise time/Fall time 8/12 ms
Viewing angle (horizontal to vertical) 160 | 160 °
Screen Backlighting LED
Backlighting lifespan 100 000 H

Touch Screen

Touch type PCAP Multi-touch (10 point)
Available operating systems Mac
Lifespan Unlimited
Screen hardness Mohs 7H
Surface coating Anti-reflective (industrial etching)
Glass reinforcement Chemically Reinforced


Temperature range 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)
Supported moisture 10 % ~ 90 % Relative Humidity
Weight (net) 3.00 kg / 6.6138 lb
Weight (gross, including cartonage) 5.30 kg /11.684 lb
Enclosure Aluminum
Housing sizes 362.0 mm x 286.0 mm x 49.4 mm (14.25 in x 11.25 in x 1.944 in)
Clamps supported Yes
Clamps cut-out (LXH) 346.0 mm x 264.0 mm (13.62 in x 10.39 in)
Number of clamps necessary 8
Mounting VESA 100×100

Power Specifications

Power light Green LED
Source ACDC Switching Power Adapter 100~240V; DC-Out 12 V
Power input 12 V
Energy usage 27 W
Idling current 1 W


External Connectors

Video 1x HDMI 1.3 (incl. HDCP)
1x VGA
1x DP
Audio 1x PC-Audio
Touch Connectors 1x USB
Other Connectors 1x 12V DC-In (screwable)

Included in the package

Power Source (cf. Power Specifications section)
Installation Guide
Cables – HDMI, USB Touch


Documents & Drivers

Acrobat Reader External website
3D design Download 3D design
Data-sheet Download Data-sheet
Short User Manual Short User Manual
Drivers for capacitive touch (Linux excluded) Capacitive Touch Drivers (RAR) | Rar conversion to ZIP online
Linux Touch Drivers Capacitive Touch Drivers for Linux (deb)