19″ Embedded Touch PC (ARM V40)


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Product Name: 19″ Embedded Touch PC (V40)


  • Allwinner® V40 Cortex A7 QuadCore Processor
  • 2GB RAM Memory & 8GB FLASH Storage
  • Pre-installed Android 6 operating system
  • Anti-glare surface treatment (chemical etching)
  • 10-Finger-Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Panel
  • 1.1mm cover glass with 7H surface hardness
  • Optically bonded Touch Panel to LCD Panel
  • Patented IP65 front with silicon seal
  • Integrated W-LAN module
  • 2 year guarantee (24/7 usage)

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Faytech offers a capacitive touch embedded PC using a V40 mainboard. The standard capacitive touch embedded PC system ships with W-LAN technology. These Quadcore solutions for Linux or Android based platforms are a cost effective and powerful contributions to the embedded touch PC marketplace by Faytech.

The Faytech 7 - 32" Capacitive Embedded Touch PCs are powered with an Embedded V40 Mainboard (also available is the cost-efficient Embedded A20 Mainboard) and ship with standard connectors (USB, serial, network, TTL/UART, Mini-PCIe, HDMI, GPIO, LVDS and extended DC-In), and a Mali400MP2 graphics chipset. These features make the Faytech Embedded series the perfect choice for many commercial and industrial applications. The Faytech Embedded Touch PC solutions are an excellent addition to commercial-use and  industrial processes, as device controls and streamlined digital signage solutions.


Potential Use Case Scenarios


Embedded touch PCs are nowadays found everywhere: in shopping centers, shops, commercial settings, and even residences. Here are the reasons why these Embedded Touch Screen PCs are being so popular, and where they can be used:

In retail stores, it is frequent to find wall-mounted Embedded PCs, or integrated into a kiosk. As such, these PCs will mainly help your customers check your inventory and explore your available products without having to ask a clerk. Doing so will help you increase your customers' loyalty and your own productivity. It will also boost your revenues, as these touch devices help increase a store’s attractivity to passers-by while helping you cut costs on staff expenses. Indeed, a lot of tasks that needed to be done by a clerk in the absence of touch screens can now be achieved by these interactive devices. What is more, Embedded PC devices will enhance customer interactions with your brand, as it may be seen as simpler for some of them to “interact” with a touch device than it is with an attendant. All in all, customer experience is also improved.

One use case that people may not necessarily think about is gymnasiums. To check into a gym or fitness center, people usually need to log in using a touch device located at the entrance. Most of the time, these touch devices turn out to be Embedded Touch PCs.

In shopping centers, Embedded Touch PCs are used in three different ways. The first one is as a support to show available or discounted products. The second is to launch advertising campaigns. The third one, finally, is to better track store inventory.

In the entertainment field, it is possible to use Embedded Touch PCs to power digital signage, turning them at the same time into interactive displays with the touch technology of our Embedded PCs. Faytech Embedded Touch PCs are available in a broad range of sizes (7”, 10”, 10.1”, 13.3”, 15”, 15.6”, 17”, 19”, 21.5”, 24”, 27”, and 32”), making it possible to integrate them in any kind of digital signage systems, from the smallest to the most massive ones.

When it comes to education, it is more and more frequent to find Embedded Touch Screen PCs in High Schools, colleges, and universities. In those educational settings, Embedded PC systems are used for activities such as room reservations, class registration, voting for students’ representatives, and much more.

In exhibitions and trade fairs, Embedded touch PCs are used to conduct marketing campaigns, display product features, and, more generally, enhance sales.

Embedded Touch PCs are also becoming more and more popular in fast food and restaurant chains. Instead of traditional menus, it is now possible to visualize and order dishes using an Embedded PC, which is beneficial not only for the customers but also for managers, as it allows attendants to focus on other tasks.

In short, Embedded Touch PCs are mainly popular in industries competing in the Business to Customers (B2C) sector. Such industries will benefit the most from the interactive features of Faytech Embedded PCs.


On top of these common commercial uses, Faytech Embedded Touchscreen PC can also be used in industrial and consumer vehicles, airplanes, jets, and even boats.

In home automation, it is possible to use such computers to control temperature and lights; and as part of a surveillance, security, or Audiovisual technology (A/V) system. Far from being inappropriate for industrial uses, these displays are more frequently found in factories, manufacturing plants, as well as in the medical and scientific fields.

Embedded PCs have been on the market for a long time already. They were first found in digital cameras, automats, copying and printing machines, calculating machines, game consoles, and electrical appliances such as fridges and microwave ovens. The unique difference brought by Faytech NA is the touch technology added to these Embedded PCs, which makes them suitable for industrial, commercial, and consumer-end applications.

Faytech Embedded Touch PCs come as a ready-to-use device to embed into your application. The touch screen, display panel, and mainboards are integrated, with the appropriate mechanical chassis, connectors, and electronic power. It is then up to the customer to pick the screen size which is the most appropriate for his intended use case. Worth noting, any customization is possible, such as adding a rugged enclosure for use in industrial automation, marine, or aerospace.


There are nowadays plenty of industries that can benefit from Embedded Touch technology. Following are some use case scenarios for which Faytech Embedded Touch PCs can be used:

Faytech Embedded PCs are a perfect choice for industrial applications. The devices are built for 24/7 operation, are IP65 waterproof patented with silicon seal, an optically bonded touch panel that provides resistance to dust particles, and a 1.1mm cover glass with 7H surface hardness, which allows them to handle vibrations and shocks. On top of that, all the computers have VESA 75 or VESA 100 screw patterns on the rear, while the bigger models (13.3” to 27”) feature a desktop stand. This makes them easy to mount on walls, onto cabinet doors, or on the production floor. Regarding operating temperature, Faytech Embedded Touch PCs can be used in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +60°C without overheating.

In taxis and high-end cars, these Embedded Touch PCs can be used for infotainment ends. They improve the passenger experience and can at the same time help enhance the driver’s concentration.

Another in-vehicle application can be found with farm and heavy machinery, for instance in the construction field, where Embedded Touch PCs are commonly used as these computers are designed to do one task repeatedly, for a long period of time, and reliably.

Faytech Embedded touch PCs would also be a great addition to any line of fitness training equipment. They can be used for infotainments while the user is exercising, allowing him to watch videos, browse the internet, or even social media. Added to a treadmill or a home trainer, these embedded touch PCs can project images of landscapes or sceneries to enhance the overall experience, as if the user was truly running or cycling outside! Of course, such Embedded Touch PCs can also be used to display more classic information about the training session, such as the user’s heart rate, average speed, and much more.

Weight 14.330 lbs
Dimensions 16.98 × 14.35 × 1.692 in

Product Specifications

Stock Keeping Unit FT19V40CAPOB
NAV number 3030506697
European model code 1010502157
EAN number 6920734019809

IP Classification

Front IP 65 / Back IP40

Computer System

Central Processing Unit Quad Core Allwinner® V40
Motherboard Chipset ARM Cortex-A7
Graphics Processing Units ARM® Mali-400 Mp2, Complies with Open Graphics Library for Embedded System 2.0/1.1
Audio Chip Embedded High-Fidelity 100 decibel Audio Codec Dual analog microphone, 2×6 Watts amplifier
Random Access Memory (RAM) 2GB Double Data Rate (DDR) 3
Flash Memory 8GigaBit Embedded Multi-Media Card Flash
Network Driver 10 | 100Mega bit Network; Wireless LAN
Supported Operating System Android 6 / 10
Preinstalled Operating System Android 6.0 (Android 10 only for projects)

Liquid Crystal Display

Display size 19″ / 48.2 cm
Viewable screen area 37.93 cm x 30.41 cm (14.93 in x 11.97 in)
Image Aspect-ratio 5:4
Native resolution 1280*1024px
Maximum resolution 1920*1080px
Screen Luminance 250 candela/m²
Color Contrast 1000:1
Average responsiveness Rise time/Fall time 1.5/3.5 ms
Viewing angle (horizontal to vertical) 170 | 160 °
Screen Backlighting LED
Backlighting lifespan 40 000 H

Touch Screen

Touch type PCAP Multi-touch (10 point)
Lifespan Unlimited
Screen hardness Mohs 7H
Surface coating Anti-reflective (industrial etching)
Glass reinforcement Chemically Reinforced


Temperature range 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)
Supported moisture 10 % ~ 90 % Relative Humidity
Weight (net) 5.50 kg / 12.125 lb
Weight (gross, including cartonage) 6.50 kg / 14.330 lb
Enclosure Plastic rear case, rubber frame
Housing sizes 431.5 mm * 364.5 mm * 43.0 mm (16.98 in * 14.35 in * 1.692 in)
Clamps supported Yes
Clamps cut-out (LXH) 407.5 mm x 340.5 mm (16.04 in x 13.40 in)
Number of clamps necessary 6
Mounts VESA 100×100

Power Specifications

Power light Green LED
Source ACDC Switching Power Adapter 100~240V; DC-Out 12 V
Power input 8-18 V
Energy usage 20 W
Idling current 1 W

Computer Internal Connectors

x1 Secure Digital-card
x1 Subscriber Identity Module-card
x2 Serial
x4 TTL Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
x2 Universal Serial Bus 2.0
18/24Bit Low-Voltage Differential Signaling
x6 General Purpose Input/Output
x1 Serial ATA-Port
x1 Line-In
x1 Line-Out
x1 Real Time Clock
x1 Controller Area Network Bus
x1 Amplifier for 2×6 Watts speaker

Computer External Connectors

x1 8~18V DC-In (screwable)
x1 Wireless-LAN antenna connector (RP-SMA male)
x2 Universal Serial Bus 2.0
x1 High Definition Multimedia Interface
x1 10/100Megabit RJ45 Port
x1 RJ10 (4P4C)
x1 Universal Serial Bus On-The-Go
x1 Audio-In
x1 Audio-Out
x1 Serial port
x1 Subscriber Identity Module-card slot
x1 Secure Digital-card slot

Expansion Ports

Mini-PCI Express

In the package

Power Source (cf. Power Specifications section)
Installation Guide
Computer Stand
Antenna WLAN RP-SMA female


Documents & Drivers

Acrobat Reader External website
3D design Download 3D design
Data-sheet Download Data-sheet
Short User Manual Short User Manual
Drivers for capacitive touch (Linux excluded) Capacitive Touch Drivers (RAR) | Rar conversion to ZIP online
Driver for WiFi WiFi driver (RAR) | Rar conversion to ZIP online


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