21.5″ Digital Signage Sanitization Station (N4200)

Product Name: 21.5″ Digital Signage Sanitization Station (N4200)
SKU: FT215KN4200HS
IP Classification: Front IP 65 / Back IP40
Display Size: 21.5″ / 54.6 cm
Viewable Area: 47.70 cm x 26.80 cm (18.77 in x 10.55 in)
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: 1920×1080 px
Maximum Showable Resolution: 1920×1200 px
Screen Brightness: 250 cd/m²
Color Contrast: 1000:1
Touch Type: Projected Capacitive 10-Point Multitouch
Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty
Data Sheet Download: EN_faytech_Sanitization_Station

The 21.5″ Digital Signage Sanitization Station (N4200) is engineered to deliver both digital messaging and sanitization solutions. Equipped with a Pentium QuadCore N4200 processor, this device supports Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu platforms. The unit is built with a rugged aluminum IPC case, making it suitable for demanding environments. It features a 21.5″ display with a 1920×1080 pixel resolution, offering sharp visual clarity. The screen also comes with a touch interface, enabled by a Projected Capacitive 10-Point Multitouch technology.

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The "21.5″ Digital Signage Sanitization Station (N4200)" is a cutting-edge product that combines digital advertising, information dissemination, and public hygiene all in one sleek package. This multifaceted product can cater to a wide range of industries, and its versatility and innovative features are the key selling points that make it stand out.

Usage Cases:

The Digital Signage Sanitization Station serves as both a digital display panel and a sanitization station. The 21.5" display, with full HD resolution and 10-point multitouch functionality, is perfect for displaying advertisements, informational videos, announcements, and interactive applications. Meanwhile, the sanitization functionality can provide hand sanitizing solutions in high-traffic areas, enhancing hygiene practices within public spaces.

Industries that could benefit:

  1. Retail: This product can be used in shopping malls and stores to display promotions and advertisements while providing shoppers with easy access to hand sanitizers. The antimicrobial surface treatment ensures that the touch panel remains hygienic even after frequent use.
  2. Healthcare: In hospitals and healthcare facilities, it can provide vital information to visitors and patients, including health tips, navigation assistance, and queue management. The added benefit of the sanitization station encourages proper hand hygiene.
  3. Corporate: Within corporate buildings, the Digital Signage Sanitization Station can function as a modern reception tool, providing information about the company, its products or services, upcoming events, and directions, all while promoting hygiene.
  4. Education: In educational institutions, this station can be used to display schedules, notices, interactive learning content, and more. The sanitization feature adds a layer of safety during flu seasons or pandemics.
  5. Hospitality: Hotels, restaurants, and resorts can utilize this product to offer guests interactive menus, event information, booking services, and local guides.

Selling Points:

  • Versatility: It's more than just a digital signage system; it's a complete information and hygiene solution suitable for various environments.
  • High Performance: Powered by Intel® Pentium® QuadCore N4200 and up to 8GB RAM, it ensures a fluid experience.
  • Touch Functionality: The 10-point multitouch panel is chemically strengthened and comes with an anti-glare coating, enhancing user interaction.
  • Robustness: With IP65 front and IP40 back ratings, it's designed to withstand the rigors of daily public use.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Integrated W-LAN allows seamless network connectivity.
  • Ease of Use: Preinstalled with Android and supports Windows and Linux, making it adaptable to different applications.
  • Environmentally Conscious: The energy-efficient design minimizes power consumption.

Embrace the future with the "21.5″ Digital Signage Sanitization Station (N4200)" – a seamless integration of digital information and public health. Transform your space into an interactive hub that not only engages but also cares for the well-being of its users. Whether you are in retail, healthcare, corporate, education, or hospitality, this state-of-the-art product is designed to meet your unique needs.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us today to discover how the Digital Signage Sanitization Station can revolutionize your operation and create a safe, interactive environment for your customers and employees. Let's innovate together!

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