43″ Capacitive Touch Monitor Kiosk

Product Name: 43″ Touch Monitor Kiosk
Model Number / EAN Number: FT43TMKCAPOB
IP Rating: IP65 Front / IP40 Back
Display Size: 42.5″ / 107.95 cm
Viewable Area: 94.09 cm x 52.92 cm
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: 1920×1080 px
Maximum Showable Resolution: 1920×1200 px
Colors Displayed: 16.7M
Screen Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Color Contrast: 3000:1
Reaction Time: 4/4 ms (Tr/Tf)
Visual Angle: 179/179 (horizontal/vertical)
Backlighting: LED, 60,000 hours lifetime
Touch Type: Projected Capacitive 10-point Multitouch
Operating System Compatibility: Windows; Linux; Mac; Android
Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty
Data Sheet Download: EN_FT43TMKCAPOB

Elevate your interactive experience with the 43″ Touch Monitor Kiosk, model FT43TMKCAPOB. Designed for durability and precision, this unit features a high-resolution display and Projected Capacitive 10-point Multitouch technology. With a 2-Year Limited Warranty and an easily accessible data sheet, we provide you all the information you need to make the most informed decision.

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The 32 - 55" Capacitive Touch Monitor Kiosks are designed featuring high-definition industrial LCD panels that are built for constant 24/7 use. All faytech kiosks ship with energy-saving LED backlight technology, 10-finger multitouch capacitive touch interfaces,  and a streamlined, modern appearance. Each faytech kiosk is built with extra wide viewing angles and comes with various connectors, including VGA, USB, and DVD-D. W-Lan and additional PC ports are accessible behind a locking cover. The faytech capacitive touch Monitor kiosk offers a comprehensive and secure kiosk solution ready for immediate use.


Potential Use Case Scenarios


Faytech Capacitive Touch Kiosks can be used in a wide range of different applications and environments, such as maps, directories, and reservations interfaces, for interactive marketing and to display information. One of the most common uses of Faytech kiosks is in academic settings such as high schools, colleges, and universities, where these devices can be used for activities such as room reservations, event scheduling, class registration, voting for students’ representatives, and much more.

In commercial setups, the main advantage of Faytech Touch Kiosks is that those devices simplify customer interactions, guiding the user toward the right information or wanted result. It is frequent to use Touch Kiosks to conduct marketing campaigns or provide customers with important information regarding products, discounts, and services. Touch Kiosks can even be used as POS interfaces, helping customers manage their purchases or reservations. For instance, it is frequent for an electronics store to place a Touch Screen Kiosks at the entrance or lobby of their shop. This way, customers can explore by themselves all the features and characteristics of the products on sale using the touch screen at their disposal. Even more common, in hospitals, airports, and large shopping malls, such Touch Kiosks are often used as maps to help visitors find their way. In this use scenario, adding the touch technology to a Kiosk adds an interactive touch to it and allows for a broader range of information to be displayed. For that matter, one of the first times Touch Kiosk technology was ever used was as maps systems in thirty-one of Virginia's State Parks, providing visitors with locations, emergency numbers, virtual tours, printable plans, and an overview of landscapes and points of interests. 


In a professional setting, Kiosk solutions can be used to better manage job assignments, rotations, and reservation systems if any. It can also be used to improve team management among other use cases. 

In a consumer-centric setup, it is possible to use Faytech Touch Kiosks as polling booths, directories, photo vending machines, and as a marketing medium to conduct advertising campaigns. 


Faytech Touch Kiosks can help you multiply your sales, enhance your brand’s communication, or add an entertaining touch to the outlet where it is placed. These devices are extremely popular in drive-in restaurants, commercial stores, and public buildings, where they can be used to get an appointment, request a service, and find specific information related to this specific public department/office.

On top of cutting back on operating costs, a Touch Kiosks can also help busy stores by reducing waiting times for customers. While it remains crucial to have in-store staff to help customers with requests that may not be answered by a Touch device, technologically savvy customers can at the same time use a Touch Kiosks to complete transactions without having to queue up for a long time. 

Another advantage of Touch Kiosks is that they are an ideal medium to publicize and communicate about your brand. If Touch Kiosks are connected to a network, a store owner will be able to make fast updates on the product database, regarding for example prices, availability, or promotions. While it is extremely time-saving, it will also cut down on expenses associated with the use of paper-based methods such as printing company presentations and catalogs. 

In an ideal configuration, Faytech Touch Kiosks can even allow you to sell products outside business operating hours. Our Interactive Touch Kiosks feature A+ quality industrial 24/7 LCD panels for continuous use and reinforced front glass reaching MosH 7, making them entirely vandal-proof. These devices can then be operated around the clock when placed outside your store or company building. Based on the service or products your business offer, you can use these kiosks as information interfaces or even let passers-by buy items for later pick up. Consumer experience will also prove to be better, as customers will then be able to shop “in” your time at their convenience, without having to check the store opening and closing hours beforehand.

Faytech Touch Kiosks stand out thanks to their flexibility. Our kiosks can be installed in nearly any conceivable place, walls-mounted, embedded into custom-made structures, and even put on top of tables. This can for example let store owners try different configurations before choosing where and how to place the touch kiosk, based on its attractivity and measured performances in those different settings.


Following are some of the applications in which it is possible to use your Faytech Touch Kiosks:

For local governments, it is frequent to install kiosks all-around their wards, providing inhabitants with job offers, important information about local life and manifestations, and more.

In the banking industry, Touch Kiosks are commonly found as they help clients proceed with transactions, deposits, bank drafts, remittances, and bill payments among others.

In the advertising industry, as stated before, Touch Kiosks are an interactive and modern way to conduct marketing campaigns. It can help save money over paper-based methods, while also attracting more customers thanks to the touch technology employed.

Touch Kiosks are also frequently used in photobooths, where customers can access instant services thanks to them, such as photo printing and payment.

Another conceivable use scenario is as public internet access provider. Faytech Touch Kiosks can be placed in hotel lobbies, airports, and waiting rooms to provide internet access to the public.

In the transportation area, Faytech Touch Kiosks would be a great addition to parks, bus stops, and train and metro stations where they can be used as ticketing interfaces. The same goes in movie theaters.

In fast-food and restaurant chains, Interactive Kiosks are used for ordering. Customers can select the food and menus they want by touching the interactive screen. Most of the time, such kiosks come with built-in payment gateways so that customers can complete the transaction at the kiosk.

Faytech NA Touch Kiosks are highly customizable and can include a camera and barcode scanner upon request. Equipped with such peripherals, Touch Kiosks can be used as security checks to screen and track visitors.

In hospitals and medical clinics, patients can navigate Touch Kiosks to schedule an appointment with available doctors.

Additional information

Weight 299.82 lbs
Dimensions 28.72 × 2.362 × 73.38 in