N4200 Industrial PC


Product Name: N4200 Industrial PC
CPU: Intel® Pentium® QuadCore N4200
Memory: 8GB non-parity Double Data Rate (DDR) 4 (maximum 16GB)
Storage: Industrial faytech SSD 128GB
Operating System: Linux Ubuntu + Windows 10 (32Bit, 64Bit supported)
IP Classification: IP40
Wireless: W-LAN integrated; x2 Realtek PCIe GB LAN 8111G
Warranty: 2 years (24/7 use)
Data Sheet Download: EN_IPCN4200

Explore the robust and efficient N4200 Industrial PC. Powered by the Intel® Pentium® QuadCore N4200 and equipped with 8GB non-parity Double Data Rate (DDR) 4 RAM, this PC ensures a smooth performance. It features a 128GB industrial-grade SSD and supports both Linux Ubuntu and Windows 10. The IP40 classification and integrated W-LAN offer robustness and connectivity, respectively. The 2-year warranty provides peace of mind for 24/7 usage.

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Any of faytech's touch displays work well with the company's industrial PCs. The trustworthy industrial PCs work well with open frames, kiosks, and regular touch screens.

The Apollo Lake mainboard powers this compact industrial PC. It is powered by a powerful Intel® Pentium® N4200 QuadCore processor with a maximum clock frequency of 2.5 GHz. The computer has a 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and an HD Graphics chipset from Intel that supports Full HD, DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.0.

These Faytech PCs are ideal for a range of uses, including POS systems, industrial control panels, kiosk systems, office/residence automation, digital signage, and places like shopping centers, schools, hotels, and many more.


Potential Use Case Scenarios


Rugged Industrial PCs manufactured by Faytech stand out from the competition thanks to their small size, low-power consumption, and ability to operate under very tough conditions. Thanks to the VESA 100 stand and screwhead holes on the devices, these systems can be wall-mounted in a seamless manner, saving a lot of space in your workspace. A touch panel can also be integrated for fast and interactive input.

All in all, these reasons explain the popularity of Faytech Industrial PCs in heavy industries, the automotive sector, hospitals, medical clinics, military facilities, and commercial setups. It is also frequent for the aerospace, transportation, mining, surveillance, scientific, communication, and electrics industries to use Faytech Industrial computers due to their high performance, durability, and broad connectivity support.


There are many industrial operations for which an AIO (All-in-one) fanless Industrial PC is a must-have. These include distribution, food production and processing, farm management, and automatic packaging systems. In most of these industrial operations, it is crucial for the Industrial computers used to be resistant to hazardous parts and the ingress of solid foreign objects. Faytech Industrial PCs are all IP 40 rated, which means that they are effective against most wires, screws, and any solid objects with a size of more than 1mm.


Following are some examples of common applications for Faytech Industrial PCs:

In factory automation, it is necessary to have rugged computers that can withstand harsh operating environments. 

Food processing and packaging plants are both very intense environments that will highly benefit from the resistance of our Industrial computers.

Distribution systems will also make use of Faytech Industrial computing solutions. Most of the time, the Industrial PCs used in such an application will be embedded, due to the relatively small number of tasks to be performed.

In an industrial setting, our Industrial PCs can be used as a control interface to manage plant operations and control the machinery. In this use case, Faytech Industrial computer can also be used as power control systems, giving an overview of how much and where power is being used.

Not only Industrial computer solutions can be used in an industrial setup, but they are found in business and commercial spheres too. They can be used as part of an industrial cooling system and can help manage the temperature within a plant, building, or even within labs and workspaces. 

It is not uncommon to find Industrial PCs in the aerospace and nautical industry, where they can be used as part of a vessel management system to monitor and manage the vehicular traffic in the oceanic and sea waters among others.

In farm management systems, Industrial PCs can be used to control agricultural processes and machinery, including but not limited to auto-guided driving management of the engines employed.

Greenhouses will also greatly benefit from adding an Industrial PC to their control system. An industrial computing system can help monitor a wide array of environmental variables, such as temperature, humidity, sunlight, soil moisture, irrigation, pH level, and Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration. With the help of Industrial PCs, you can constantly monitor these levels and get alerts when they are not in the required interval. In the long term, integrating an Industrial PC into your greenhouse system will help you obtain better crop yield and profits.

Faytech Industrial PCs can help manage the connection between devices and humans in HMI (Human Machine Interfaces), as part of a wider industrial process.

In the printing industry, Industrial computers are frequently used to manage 3D printers and large-scale operations.

Industrial computing solutions are now more and more popular within hospitals and medical clinics, where they can be used to control high-end devices, such as X-Ray Scanning systems. In the same vein, Faytech Industrial PCs can be found in research facilities.

Being industrial grade, our Industrial PCs can be used in food processing plants, where all the devices used need to conform to a variety of sanitary conditions and regulations.

In the waste processing industry, Industrially rated PC can be found managing recycling and waste disposal operations.

Fanless Industrial PCs are also popular in the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to their long product life cycle and low power usage (14 W for our N4200 Box PC and 20 W for the i5-7300U model).

In the logistics industry, the dust-proof quality of Industrial fanless PC makes them very appreciated as they lower these PCs' breakdown probabilities. 

As said before, Faytech Industrial PCs can endure harsh weather conditions, which will prove extremely beneficial when used on a construction site. Thanks to their long lifespan, our Industrial computers can be used throughout various construction projects.

One of the many attractive features of our Industrial computers is their high network speeds which will let you get your tasks done faster. Our Industrial PCs come with two Realtek PCIe GB LAN 811G network interface controllers, with a maximum rate of 1000Mbps to transfer data. This explains why our PCs are so popular in corporate accounting, banking, finance, advertising, and media industries. 


One of the main advantages of Faytech’s Industrial computers is that these devices are designed to work around the clock under intense conditions. Thanks to their wide temperature operating range, from -10°C to +60°C, these products can be used in a variety of different environments.

Used in an industrial setting and integrated into a wider control system, Faytech NA’s Industrial PCs are used to monitor automatic operations of the machinery on the production line. It is then possible to reduce human labor and improve production output at the same time. For example, when controlled by an Industrial PC, robot arms can perform repetitive tasks in a manufacturing plant, faster and more precisely than any human could do.

      Harsh work environments and 24/7 processing will make a consumer-centric computer out of use in a short time. Due to this reason, automatized systems that can be found in manufacturing, mining, and industrial facilities need the durability of an Industrial computer system such as the one provided by Faytech. 

Additional information

Weight 7.0547 lbs
Dimensions 8.503 × 7.677 × 1.614 in