The faytech North America smart shopping cart, the “EASY Shopper”, was recently featured on (source). Smart shopping cart technology can help with common challenges that everyday shoppers experience, such as:

Grocery shopping is one of life’s necessary evils. Who hasn’t circled a store several times trying to locate that one ingredient—or find an employee who can direct you to it? And then there are the long checkout lines. Self-serve kiosks speed things up a bit, but they can be glitchy, not recognizing the item you’ve already put into the bag.


And overall traditional systems are not hugely efficient. Shoppers need to put goods from the cart onto the self-checkout counter, from there on a scale, and then back into the cart again before leaving the store.


Fortunately, all those frustrations may soon be a thing of the past. Innovative technologies can provide the ultimate in self-checkout with smart carts that let customers shop, scan, and go.

The faytech smart shopping cart streamlines the shopping experience, as described in the article:

Smart retail carts like the EASY Shopper, created through a partnership between faytech AG and Pentland Firth Software GmbH, deliver a unique, streamlined experience. Before entering the store, customers have the option to make a shopping list with the solution app. Once inside, they activate their cart by scanning their smartphone QR code.


If the customer made a list, it would appear on a touchscreen on the cart. The screen will also display a map of the store to help customers find the items they want and give shoppers the shortest route for gathering their items. It also shares personalized promotions or special offers.


As shoppers move through the store, they scan their groceries using the barcode scanner and put them into the cart, starting the checkout process cashier-free. When they’re ready to leave, the shopper scans their QR customer code again at a cashier station, where the transaction is verified and completed. The shopper can pay directly within the app using preloaded banking information, or they can provide a credit or debit card or cash.

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