An Open Frame Monitor is a display that does not have an enclosure or bezel around a metal chassis containing the inner components. The advantages of having this type of screen in your application (whether it be kiosks, keypad or signs screens) is that it enables the option to develop a custom-made enclosure for custom requirements and requirements.

Open frame touch displays are frequently utilized in:

  • Marine applications
  • Point of Sale terminals
  • Kiosks
  • Ticketing booths
  • Outside digital signage
  • Heavy industrial applications
  • Gaming cubicles



Can’t I simply take apart a desktop monitor and utilize the display inside?

While it is certainly possible to take apart a desktop monitor and just utilize the Open Frame Monitor inside of it, we do not recommend it. Especially, if the application calls for a long life process.

Desktop screens are constantly going through upgrades and changes both to the internal elements and specifically the external assembly. Each new generation of monitors that are introduced tend to be slightly different from previous models.



Why choose faytech?

We have the technical experience and production capacity necessary for nearly all potential use scenarios. Throughout the last decade, our Open Frame Monitors have stood up to the testing of thousands of applications and custom projects.

faytech Open Frame Monitors have been used by Fortune 500 business around the globe, and as a result, faytech has developed a reputation for product durability, quality, and exceptional service. Our Open Frame display solutions are utilized by system integrators and OEMs alike to deliver cost-effective touch screen solutions.



Why use open frame technologies?

Open Frame Touch Screen Displays are designed to be used with applications that require custom enclosure integration. When a client’s usage scenario calls for a touchscreen monitor, the primary solution that comes to mind for some people might be to use a simple consumer desktop touch monitor, but we assure you that you won’t get the results you want over the long run.

Touch screen monitors designed for consumer use might seem like a great fit considering that the display should come with everything that the application might conceivably need. The unit comes completely enclosed and with touch functions that the application requires, and if the use-case scenario requires a non-enclosed system, then there is always a possibility of getting rid of the bezel and desktop housing to attempt and incorporate the entire unit into a custom enclosure.

Choosing to use a desktop touch screen monitor or event a touch tablet might seem like an excellent choice in the short run, but down the road, it can in fact be far more costly to fix, adapt or troubleshoot, and will likely require constant tinkering. Keep in mind that it isn’t uncommon for an Open Frame Touch Screen Display to be neglected or experience heavy, non-stop use until it must be replaced.

For complicated applications that need integration into bigger enclosures or distinct custom styles, or applications that will undergo extreme use scenarios, we highly suggest that you choose an Open Frame Touch Screen from faytech. Open Frame Touch Screen Monitors are designed with complex OEM functions in mind and our solution will remove the potential problems associated with attempting to use a standard desktop display.

One of the best features associated with using open frame touch screen is that it is a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” situation. When attempting to dissemble a desktop monitor, there are almost always surprises since revision modifications tend to happen when a new model is released. With faytech open frame touch screens, it makes it a lot easier for people to design a system that will be a perfect match for usage purposes and custom enclosure designs.

While some desktop touch displays might seem like a feasible solution, they are primarily created for customer use and are not recommended for industrial usage or routine commercial usage on a non-stop basis.

It is okay to utilze a desktop touch screen display for basic services that need a touch monitor, however when looking for custom solutions for commercial applications, almost all integrators and OEMs will want to use an Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor. Such a solution will ensure that your display functions at an optimal level and should a replacement need to be made, it can be replaced with minimal to zero complications.

For additional information, please get in touch with the Open Frame professionals at faytech today.