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faytech 17 inch Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor

Capacitive Touch Monitors

faytech North America’s Capacitive Touch Monitor , Resistive Touch Monitor Industrial Touch Monitor , rugged touch monitor are the perfect choice for numerous applications. POS systems, industrial field control panels, kiosks, commercial automation, residential automation, digital signage applications and in a variety of high traffic areas like hotels, shopping malls, classrooms, waiting rooms, event areas and more.

faytech’s Touch Monitor are designed with a sleek appearance utilizing IP65 waterproof and a dust proof flat edge-to-edge glass screen. This capacitive display ships with a capacitive 10-finger multitouch interface (84″ displays utilize 40-fingers), and a MosH 7 glass front. Additionally, the capacitive touch glass surface comes chemically etched with an anti-glare treatment.

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faytech 8 inch IP65 High Brightness Touchscreen Monitor

IP65 High Brightness Touch Monitors

faytech North America has developed 7” – 15” High Brightness Touch Monitor , sunlight readable touch monitor, open frame touch monitor  that are the perfect solutions for harsh environments, industrial applications and reliable outdoor use. The IP65 High Brightness display work well in environments that required increased brightness.

This monitor series has at least 1000 cd/m² brightness and the dust and waterproof protection necessary for demanding circumstances including sunlight readable scenarios. The IP65 display comes with an all-in-one cable solution that includes a VGA or HDMI video connection, a 8-36V power supply, and a USB for Touch connector.

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faytech 17 inch Resistive Touchscreen PC

Resistive Touch PCs

faytech North America’s Resistive Touch PC product line provides incredible stability for industrial applications and commercial scenarios. This resistive touch PC series is the perfect answer because of its silent, fanless operation and no moving parts. This unit ships with an Intel® Celeron™ DualCore or QuadCore CPU, 2GB or 4GB RAM, an Intel® HD graphics card, and a 64GB SSD drive. The system can be setup with a variety of operating systems: Win 7/ 8/10 (32 or 64 bit) or Linux.

With the Intel® I5-5200u CPU, a fay-003 mainboard can be installed to enhance performance. faytech’s subpixel free A+ LCD panels utilizing 5-wire resistive touch panels (4-wire for the 7” model) makes this one of the most cost-effective PC solutions available. The faytech North America Resistive Touch PC systems are a solid, economical solution to challenging work environments and applications including industrial automation, commercial settings, manufacturing facilities, POS systems, digital signage, and more.

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faytech 10.1 inch Capacitive Touchscreen PC 2

Capacitive Touch PCs

faytech’s Capacitive Touch PC stand out from the competition with its fanless operation, durability and excellent design. The Capacitive Touch PC is an excellent option for commercial and industrial applications. This PC utilizes a flat, IP65 waterproof and dust proof edge to edge glass screen. Additionally, the back of the PC utilizes a solid, continuous casting aluminum case with VESA-100 fixation bolts (for sizes 32″ and up VESA-400 fixation bolts).

The Capacitive Touch PC solution ships with a variety of industrial and standard consumer connectors (4 serial ports, 8 GPIOs and a USB 3.0 port). At the core of the Capacitive Touchscreen PC is faytech´s industrial fay-002 motherboard. This comes with an Intel® Celeron™ J1900 QuadCore processor with the option of up to 2.42GHz Core speed. To fully magnify the power of this system, the PC comes with 4GB of RAM, a 64GB SSD drive, and an Intel HD Graphic chipset that supports FullHD, OpenGL 4.0, and DirectX 11.1.

These Capacitive Touch PCs are an excellent option for POS systems, industrial control panels interfaces, as the PC powering kiosk systems, commercial and residential automation systems, digital signage management and much more.

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faytech 21.5 inch Embedded Touchscreen PC

Embedded Touch PCs

The faytech North America Embedded Touch PC & our industrial touch pc are powered by our Embedded V40 Mainboard. These Embedded Touch PC systems are excellent solutions for low profile device control, industrial automation, and a variety of commercial applications. This device ships with a Mali400MP2 graphics chipset, an Allwinner® V40 QuadCore CPU, and a variety of standard connectors.

2 versions for the V40 mainboards are currently available. The standard version ships with W-LAN and an OTG port. The full version of the Embedded Touch PC comes with an Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS technology. These are faytech North America’s most powerful, yet cost-effective Quadcore system to be used with Android based platforms.


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faytech 55 inch Capacitive Touchscreen PC Kiosk

Touch PC Kiosks

faytech North America kiosks are available in 21.5″, 32″, 42″ and 55″ display sizes. These Large Format Multi-Touch PC Kiosk systems are constructed with industrial 24/7 LCD panels in full HD with constant use in mind. Each unit comes with energy-saving LED backlight technology, and all the kiosk models are availabl with 10-finger multitouch Capacitive Touch screens.

Each touch screen PC kiosk has a slim, stylish appearance with extra wide viewing angle. The kiosks come with an industrial fay-002 mainboard series and a powerful, efficient QuadCore Celeron processor. faytech North America’s industrial grade 64GB SSD drive comes preinstalled with  Linux Operating System (Windows 7 or Windows 10 drivers available), W-Lan and additional PC ports. These are accessible via a lockable cover which makes this a secure kiosk solution for commercial and industrial use.

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open frame FT215HDKTMCAPOB 1

Open Frame Touch Monitors

faytech North America’s Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitors are an exceptional option for commercial and industrial applications. The open frame touch series utilizes capacitive 10-finger multitouch technology on the panel to create a user-friendly experience in a broad range of industrial or commercial applications. Every model in the Open Frame series is built with durability and reliability in mind as it uses an energy efficient LED A+ quality HD LCD panel. This model ships with standard connectors (DVI, HDMI, VGA, DC-In, Serial and  USB-Touch).

The open frame touch panel improves stability as it is optically bonded to the LCD panel to reduce reflection, increase viewing angles, and enhance perceived brightness. This design is resistant to dust particles and has great image quality. The open frame touch monitor series is a backless, lightweight model that can be integrated into an existing system or for mounting in a variety of locations. This is an excellent interactive display solution for classrooms, digital signage management, conference rooms, automating industrial applications, and commercial applications like malls, restaurants, hotels or other high usage areas.

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faytech 17 inch Resistive Touchscreen Monitor

Resistive Touch Monitors

faytech North America’s Resistive Touch Monitors will make a work process easier, more efficient and streamlined. These resisitive monitors come shipped with the features and connectors necessary for nearly all industrial or commercial applications. Each Resisitive Touch Monitor is designed with a back light industrial LCD panel (rated 20,000 – 30,000 hour lifespan), 4-wire or 5-wire resistive touch technology, and to enhance the user experience – anti-glare coating.

• The 7″ – 12″ Resistive Touch Monitors come with an extended current (8-36V), VGA and HDMI ports, 3 video inputs, and a broad temperature range
• The 15-22″ Resistive Touch Monitors ship with standard VGA and DVI-D connectors, and also the 22″ version has additional HDMI and S-Video connections.

Our Resistive Touch Monitor series is an excellent option for variety of commercial and industrial applications. They can be utilized in office settings, POS systems, industrial area control panels, in kiosks, and numerous other applications.

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