The Top 20 Benefits of Using a Commercial Grade Capacitive Touch Screen

In this competitive digital world, touch screens have easily flooded the market. Among them is the fast dominating Capacitive Touch Screen. This screen is one that responds to conductive touch only. This makes the human finger, due to the human body’s characteristic as a good conductor of electrical charge, the ideal tool for operating it.

Let us now look at 20 benefits of using a capacitive touch screen:

1. The capacitive touch screen is very responsive. It senses even the slightest touch making it a very convenient way of fast typing. This lack of need of applying pressure onto the surface also helps maintain the screen’s durability characteristics.

2. In contrast to its main competitor, the Resistive Touch Screen, it requires no effort to effect change since it responds to conductive matter e.g. the human finger.

3. Projected capacitive technology enables touch even through thin gloves due to its high sensitivity.

4. Unlike the resistive touch screen which uses flexible material which is prone to scratches, the capacitive touch screen uses glass paneling on the surface making it more durable.

5. It gives off sharper and clearer images due to its thin layering. This is in contrast to the Resistive Touch Screen which isn’t as clear because of its thick layering.

6. It has multi-touch sense allowing for zoom and pinch characteristics, ideal for any use while looking to focus on a specific point of an image.

7. Any damage on the screen e.g. cracking doesn’t hinder its ability to perform. The many cracked
smartphones which can be found in public and are still operational prove the accuracy of this this point.

8. This screen is consumer friendly hence the reason it is found in most touch screen gadgets e.g. phones, laptops and tablets.

9. It enables cutting edge technology e.g. the opera touch where you are enabled to browse using just one hand.

10. The use of a conductive stylus easily combats the disadvantage of limited elements use.

11. This touch screen keeps getting better as manufacturers keeps finding ways to improve it. Its vast advantages and popularity prompt the need to reduce its limitations.

12. It is easy to clean with a fabric since it doesn’t respond to anything that doesn’t conduct electricity.

13. It is resistant to scratches.

14. It is capable of fast typing speeds because of its high sensitivity.

15. Its sensitivity allows for use with a screen protector. This protector further enhances durability making it possible to replace the protector in case of damage all the while keeping the capacitive screen intact.

16. The screen isn’t in constant need of re-calibrating as it the case with the resistive touchscreen.

17. Difficult environments don’t wear out this screen because it continues to perform anyway e.g. prolonged touch of a particular area doesn’t wear it out.

18. Its main unique feature is that it is a thin layered glass screen unlike the resistive screen which is made up of three layers.

19. It is not affected by outside elements due to its conductive feature requirement.

20. Longevity assured; all advantages make this the screen of choice for many industries hence its future in the market is well secured.

The capacitive touch screen comes highly praised and demanded due to its many advantages which continually make gadget use easier.