10 Reasons Why You Need Extra Bright Screens in Your Workplace

Sun-readable touch screen displays are the ideal solution for covered outdoor areas, store windows and in high brightness areas. faytech NA manufactures commercial and industrial grade high brightness touch screen displays designed for 24/7 operations.

faytech NA’s high brightness touch screen displays are manufactured to function optimally in brightly lit work environments, and especially even in direct sunlight as many industries must work in open areas. Our IP65 sunlight readable touch screen displays are the ideal solution for a variety of commercial and industrial applications such as bus stations, train stations, airports, mining rigs, daytime digital signage, daytime interactive kiosks, retail store windows, and much more.

The commercial grade IP65 high brightness displays used in our products are designed for 24/7 use cases and they offer high contrast and high-quality color reproduction due to a backlighting configuration that produces 1,500 nits.

This IP65 touch screen is the perfect solution for all applications in high brightness environments and harsh use environments. Our displays will ensure that not only your organization’s content will be highly viewable; it will stand out even in direct sunlight.

The following are 10 reasons why your organization might want to transition to high brightness displays:

1. Prevent eye strain.
The brighter, the better. Making some adjustments to your monitor settings will often help prevent eye strain.

2. Offset bright work environments.
In areas that have high brightness, your display screen needs to be as bright as your environment.

3. Reduce headaches.
A brighter screen helps prevent your eyes from growing tired.

3. Enhance workspace safety.
The brighter, the safer. Many industries and workspaces require a high degree of accuracy.

4. Offset light pollution.
Some work areas are extremely bright and require precise attention to detail.

5. Reduce visual distractions.
Working on a dim screen makes everything in the periphery more distracting.

6. Eliminate screen glare.
There is nothing worse than the sun or bright lights preventing you from seeing your target.

7. Helps in harsh environments.
Bright screens with rugged IP65 characteristics will take a beating and still shine brightly.

8. Direct sunlight use.
Having to read a display underneath full sunlight can be nearly impossible without a high brightness display.

9. Enough nits to shine in the light.
A nit is a measure of luminescence. A high bright display needs to be a minimum of 1,000 nits.

10. Help your audience to see.
High brightness displays aren’t just for industrial use. Advertisers need them for their digital signage.

These insights into why an IP65 high brightness display might be necessary for your workspace should not be overlooked. There are numerous manufacturers of industrial use high brightness displays available in the USA. Not only are there practical reasons for getting high brightness displays, there are also revenue-boosting reasons.

faytech North America is a global manufacturer of touch screen technology. Our IP65 touchscreen high brightness displays are unparalleled for the price and quality. If you are considering using IP65 sunlight readable technology in your organization – or upgrading existing products – then contact us today. Our high brightness specialists can guide you to the best solution for your organization’s needs. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about your options.