High Brightness Entertainment System Displays

If you have a business with a waiting room or an environment with high light levels or outdoor seating, then faytech North America’s high brightness entertainment system displays could be the perfect solution. Whether you operate a bar, restaurant or have a venue with outdoor seating or a well light area such as a waiting room, people often appreciate the option of having an entertainment display.

A waiting room in a clinic might have high levels of natural light that make it difficult to see a screen or monitor that has news, informational programming or normal TV programming being displayed. Bars and restaurants can display entertainment, sports programming or other information on displays that are highly visible even in direct sunlight. And, other venues can benefit from high brightness displays and being able to display information and proprietary programming during special events during the day without having to worry about guests being able to see what is on the screens.

Quality of high brightness entertainment displays

The quality of screens has greatly improved over the years. The current monitors are standard LCD screens with LED backlighting. These can indeed flicker invisibly when the brightness is dimmed.

Displays and (invisible) flicker have been known for a long time. With CRT screens it was inherent to the technology, but modern flat screens are also not flicker free. The Standard LCD monitors are controlled by backlight or backlight. The LCD screens with LED backlight are a lot thinner, more energy-efficient, contain less toxic materials and give a better quality.

The backlight can be adjusted via the buttons on the front of the screen. In a bright environment perhaps even with a lot of natural light from the sun, a high brightness of the screen is preferred. In a dark space, such as eg. a studio, the brightness is best dimmed. Some screens adjust this brightness automatically. The important aspect here is the method by which the brightness is reduced on a screen with our high brightness displays for entertainment systems. High brightness display solution technique offers the most possibilities and is qualitatively the best, but there are relatively few screens on the market with this technique.

Entertainment system high brightness technology

There are actually no disadvantages associated with high brightness display solution technology. The technique is a pure improvement in the field of display technology. In principle, full LED  is the best LED backlight technology as the back lighting is very evenly distributed over the screen, and by adding more LEDs this is only better, while relatively little energy is used.

What does a high brightness entertainment display solution offer?

The first benefit could be much lower energy consumption (up to 50%). LED lights use much less energy than the normal LCD backlights. The high brightness display solution lights in dark areas of the image can also be turned off completely or almost completely. This can mean up to 50% less energy consumption compared to an LCD screen.

Higher contrast ratio and deeper black values

There are a very large number of high brightness display lights behind the screen and each can be switched off separately. Also the response speed for switching off or switching on such lights is much shorter than with normal LCD screens. This allows certain groups of high brightness display lights to be completely switched off. This takes very deep black values in certain parts of the screen when needed.

This technique is known as Local Dimming. This technique is also being refined: by not using white high brightness display s but a combination of colors, the background lighting can even be adjusted in terms of color on the image. The brightness of high brightness display lighting is also greater than that of CCFL lamps and because of this the contrast ratio (ratio between the most bright and darkest image) clearly increases.

Technical features

Also the technical characteristics mainly establish the quality of the image that you have to expect from a panel. This category includes all the considerations that can be played on the resolution.

Faster response time (no smudging effect with fast images)

Because high brightness display lights can be switched so fast, the “wipe” effect, which can be seen on an LCD screen, is significantly reduced. High brightness displays are therefore even more suitable for fast moving elements in the picture, for example in sports competitions. Most venues that are frequented for sporting events – especially outdoor venues – would greatly benefit from using faytech North America’s high brightness displays over standard flat screen televisions.

faytech North America manufactures cutting edge high brightness entertainment monitors

We pride ourselves in manufacturing not only high brightness monitors, but also capacitive touchscreen displays, resistive touchscreen displays, touch screen PCs, industrial PCs, embedded PCs, motherboards and much more.

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