Why High Brightness TFT Displays Are Becoming More Popular

The use of high brightness displays has risen in popularity over the years. Thanks to their high-resolution image and use in nearly any type of device, they have become versatile and useful in many industries. Thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT) displays are perfect for TVs, tablets, video game devices, phones, touch screens displays, and other similar devices.

Combined with high brightness tech, these types of screens have become commonplace. High brightness monitors ensure that sunlight and other sources of light do not affect the screen’s visibility. They remain clear and crisp in all environments. Any business interested in utilizing devices with a sunlight readable screen can benefit from this display. It offers complete and clear visibility that most other screens cannot. The displays continue to work over long periods without any dulling or issues damaging the screen. This allows for regular, even heavy use of any type of device that has this display type.

High Brightness TFT Monitors Create Quality Images

TFT displays are for flat panel displays, like those on handheld devices and televisions. TFT offers a higher quality resolution. This type of display has better contrast and resolution than alternatives, creating a crisp and clean image.

Thanks to their higher quality images, these have become a standard in many industries, including computing, manufacturing and low-light environments. Beyond the better resolution, TFT also offers better reaction and speed. Everything appears fluid without causing lag or viewing difficulties. When you add high brightness to the mix, it becomes far more valuable.

High brightness screens have become a necessity for most touch screen computer systems, especially those used in outdoor environments. High brightness screens remain visible in brighter conditions. Sunlight and powerful indoor lights can cause a lower brightness screen to lose visibility, removing the ability to use or interact with the screen effectively. Switching to high brightness takes away that problem. High brightness screens can remain visible without any added work or hassle required. This allows for full control and usability in all conditions.

Industries That Use Thin-Film-Transistor Liquid-Crystal Displays

Industries that currently use or would benefit from the use of TFT displays include:

  • Agricultural
  • Mining
  • Drilling
  • Heavy Construction
  • Electrical Work
  • Textile
  • Mills
  • Commercial Printing
  • Biological or Chemical Research
  • Transportation
  • Communication

Because of competitive pricing and short production cycles, most consumer displays do not offer the durability or reliability required in industrial environments. The consumer display life cycles tend to be much shorter when compared to industrial applications. Displays manufactured for consumer usage generally are designed to last for a couple of years with moderate usage.

On the other hand, industrial thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal displays demand longer life cycles. Additionally, when an industrial display is not continued by a manufacturer, the replacement product has to be reverse-compatible and work within the existing environment. A high brightness TFT display can give any device a boost in performance and appeal. These displays are available in a variety of sizes and are ready to go. If your industry requires a high brightness display contact Faytech North America today to speak with one of our specialists today.