The Importance of High Brightness LCD Displays For A Range of Industries

Liquid-crystal display, or better known as LCD, is a flat-panel display technology that primarily uses liquid crystals. Although liquid crystals do not directly emit light, experts use reflectors or backlights to produce colorful or monochromatic images.

Think of these liquid crystals and their light-modulating properties being sandwiched between thin glasses. A diversely wide range of applications benefits from LCD technology. Commonly known applications are televisions, smartphones, computer monitors, cockpit displays, digital signage, and touch screen displays. It is also applied to other electronic products such as DVD players, clocks, and video game devices.

Advancements in industrial touch screen flat-panel liquid-crystal displays

In nearly all fields and applications, LCD has replaced the older, bulkier display technology that is known as cathode ray tube or CRT. LCD offers more screen size options, which makes its flexibility more appealing to both consumer and provider. An LCD screen is thin and light and requires lower power consumption than a CRT display.

A high brightness LCD display can consume much lesser than a heavy CRT display screen. Due to its low power consumption, there is little heat emitted while it is used. LCD screens also display sharper images that cannot be smeared using a native resolution. It also has a masking effect – an LCD grid can create an illusion of higher image qualities. Compared again to a CRT display, the LCD is preferable as it emits almost no electromagnetic radiation.

The Industries That Benefit from LCD High Brightness Displays

Many people may think that tech industries utilize LCD technology more than any other public or private field/sector. That is true to an extent. However, it is also a fact that people nowadays depend on the efficient and affordable technologies constantly developed in the modern age; thus, any institution or organization also depending on commercial investments or services would normally need the advantages offered by LCD.

LCD high brightness monitors are inexpensive, making them a viable option for companies that manufacture smartphones and other electric or handheld gadgets. In the world of advertising, commercial services may make use of LED screens since they are better for large-scale outdoor displays. On the other hand, some companies may use LCDs if they want to provide displays for enclosed spaces.

LCD touchscreen technology versus LED

Although LCD and LED are significantly different, LCD is more commonly used in touchscreen technology. LEDs emit more light naturally, but a high brightness LCD display can still attract the attention of the viewer. Video display-developing businesses utilize LCDs more than commercial businesses in a way that they utilize the technology to develop laptops, desktops, and all-in-one touchscreen computers. Laptops have a growing demand because of its own capabilities and advantages, and several laptop brands have already started to conduct other technological integration into LCD.

Taking Care of High Brightness LCD Touch Screens

The LCD is still considered as one expensive component of a laptop, computer, or smartphone. Consumer LCD screens are fragile and can be easily damaged or scratched. A high brightness LCD display wouldn’t be too appealing then if it has damages. Our industrial LCD touch screens have less of a chance of being damaged if the following care considerations are kept in mind:

  1. Avoid using acetone, ammonia, methyl chloride, and ethyl alcohol or acid, as cleaners.
  2. Household items such as water, isopropyl alcohol, petroleum benzene, and vinegar mixed with water are acceptable.
  3. Clean an LCD screen with a soft cotton cloth.
  4. Buy computer wipes and make sure the packages specify their use for LCD laptop screens. These wipes can come in handy when you’re in a hurry or when you don’t want to create a water-isopropyl alcohol solution.
  5. Never spray liquids on the screen directly. Paper towels should also be avoided.

If you are looking for a high brightness touch screen display solution, then definitely contact our industrial touch screen experts. Faytech North America can answer your questions and assist in finding the perfect solution for your specific needs.