The Benefits of Using High Brightness LCD Monitors in Outdoor LCD Display Areas

A revolutionary step forward in the world of display devices: high-brightness monitors use cutting-edge technology to provide an unprecedented level of functionality and quality. In essence, a high-brightness display has thousands of nits (units of measurement of luminance), whereas a regular display only has the capacity to emit light at about 500 nits. Nevertheless, you do not need to understand scientific terminology in order to use high brightness screens and know that they are relevant in a specific industry.

Benefits of using a sunlight readable LCD monitor

Sunlight Visibility

One of the most common problems people have with contemporary mobile phones is the inability to clearly see the contents of their screen outdoors. The root of this issue is low brightness – something which is directly tackled by this new type of sunlight readable displays.

Higher Contrast Ratio

Ultra high-brightness monitors allow you to experience crisp, vivid colors due to the increase in contrast, resulting in more nuance when it comes to shades.

Better Viewing Angles

A good viewing angle is imperative for convenient screen usage, and your viewing angle has a direct correlation with brightness. Therefore, the brighter your screen, the better it gets.


The aforementioned state-of-the-art tech needed to construct a high-brightness display also results in a substantially increased screen durability as only the best hardware is able to produce that high amount of light.

Some considerations about using a daylight monitor

The Price Tag

This new technology doesn’t come cheap — not by any means. These screens are valued highly; thus you can expect a significant bump in price if you wish to own a device that utilizes them.

Eye strain

TV screens, computer monitors, and their ilk cause a decent amount of medical issues to begin with. This is because they produce unnatural light that is detrimental to users’ eyes. Needless to say, that effect is dangerously exacerbated by displays which produce ten times more light, which is exactly what high-brightness displays do.

Advancements in high brightness LCD display technology

One of the primary entities that benefit from this technological advancement is undoubtedly the mobile industry. This economic behemoth has been exponentially growing in revenue ever since the advent of social media. However, its growth had recently slowed down because of bland and uninspiring products that do not offer anything new and, in some cases, are arguably inferior to their predecessors (case in point: iPhones and headphone jacks or lack thereof).

Developments in high brightness LCD solutions and outdoor LCD monitors

Thankfully, high-brightness screens are proving to be the breath of fresh air required to put the industry back on its track. The presence of this stellar feature provides a direct incentive for buyers to upgrade to a better phone. Suddenly, things that weren’t previously possible are now made simple and easy by phones which emit a colossal amount of light.

You can now enjoy e-books outdoors without a dimmed screen even when the sun is burning hot at noon. You can put your keen photographer eye to good use in broad daylight without having to frantically search for a shade in which you could actually see the shot you are taking.

The future of sunlight readable LCD display systems

Many companies are incorporating this hardware in their design. The prime example is Samsung, which has allocated an abundance of time and money into developing their Super AMOLED display that is three times brighter than all of its competitors. It has surely paid off, as the result is a stellar screen whose quality is unrivaled in the market.

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