Security System High Brightness Display Solutions

Highly Visible Security System Displays

LCD brought about the age of flat panel display and thus revolutionized product design of TVs, cell phones, as well as security system displays. Technology has evolved and there are better screens in the form of LED screens but the LCD screens are still popular in the market.

In spite of their popularity, the standard LCD monitors used in security stems need redesigning since they are impossible to view in high ambient light conditions as well as outdoors. The monitors have low brightness and are affected by both exterior and interior reflection. This has made them problematic and if you are part of the millions who need high brightness display for security systems, you have come to the right place. faytech North America also has sunlight readable touchscreen displays that are the perfect solution for outdoor security posts.

Common Problems Facing LCD Security Monitors

The common display monitors fitted on most security systems are the typical LCD screens and they have a myriad of problems that make them unsuitable for most people. If you thought that the problems stop with the low brightness in certain conditions, think again. Our experts have outlined the problems that face the typical LCD monitors:

  • Vertical lines
  • Flickering or stuttering
  • Dead pixels
  • Cracks, blotches, and spots
  • Buzzing
  • Incorrect resolutions
  • Unscheduled shutdowns

Some of these problems are hard to repair, and it is sometimes better to replace the monitor completely. However, today we will look at why you ought to consider switching to high brightness displays for security systems.

Security System Display Technology Solutions

This technology allows users to enjoy sharp, crisp, and clear images despite being in the outdoors or in areas with ambient light conditions such as some manufacturing, industrial or extreme environment locations. The high brightness is possible by incorporating high brightness LED backlights and advanced optical bonding.

The advanced optical boarding is a protective anti-reflective glass attached with optical grade glue at the front of the monitor. It enhances the screen’s readability no matter the lighting conditions. The technology removes air bubbles and gaps between the display and the cover class and thus significantly reduces the reflection. The reduction in the reflection increases the contrast ratio, thus increasing the readability of the screen.

Other than the use of advanced optical bonded technology, other technology used in making the high brightness displays include trans-reflective displays which are cheaper than optically bonded glass. You will also find protective glass coatings and film technology which protects your screen and reduces glare.

With the high brightness technology in place, there are several benefits that come with using high brightness displays for security systems. These displays range between 3000 and 7000 nits, the numerical value used for measuring screen brightness. The faytech North America displays are available with either resistive or capacitive touch monitor technology that also include sunlight readable, IP65 and rugged touchscreen options..

Benefits of Using Security System High Brightness Displays

Switching to high brightness displays for security systems has several benefits and they are the best for the modern age. The potential benefits include:

High Visibility

For security system personnel, they will move from place to place in the factory or residence to make inspections and will keep checking the CCTV footage from different areas. With the use of high brightness displays for security systems, you will get high visibility and you can tell what is happening at every corner of the property. They will maintain high visibility thanks to the high contrast ratio compared to the typical low brightness LCD screens. Such security systems can also be combined with faytech NA’s touch screen PC solutions which make it possible to control entire security networks from various locations.

Crisp, Clear Screen

No matter the lighting condition, the screen remains crisp and clear and so you will have the option of getting the clear images and footage from your CCTV cameras. The high brightness displays for security systems reduce the need for a viewing angle, which is referred to as the degrading quality of the image on an LCD screen. The same crisp, clear display technology is included in the capacitive, resistive and industrial touchscreen PC solutions in case multiple monitoring stations are a necessity.

Optimal Working Temperature

When it comes to display monitors, there is a set temperature that manufacturers set that the monitor will work optimally. The high brightness displays for security systems emit less heat and this makes them suitable for extreme temperature conditions on either side of the temperature scale.

Energy Efficient

With rising costs of living, the last thing you want is a high utility bill and typical LCD use up a lot of energy for power. In contrast, high brightness displays for security systems deliver more utility while using less power. This makes them more energy efficient and the better option in this age.

Faytech North America Has the Security System Monitor Solutions Your Organization Needs

faytech North America is a leading manufacturer of touchscreen display technology. Additionally we produce touchscreen kiosk solutions, embedded PC solutions, industrial motherboards and standard accessories such as monitor mounts and travel cases for our product lines.

If you want to replace the LCD screens that came with your security system, then consider an upgrade to faytech North America. Our high brightness displays for security systems will give you better oversight no matter the area of the property you are on. If you are looking for a high brightness displays for security systems, contact us today and we will help you select the best high brightness display for your needs. Our prices are competitive and we will you get an estimate in a matter of seconds.